Monday, March 30, 2009

An Artist

credit { fashion-ation }

" I am an artist. I must learn that as an artist my credibility lies with me, God and my work. If I have a poem to write, I need to write that poem - whether it will sell or not. I need to create what wants to be created. I cannot plan a career to unfold in a sensible direction dictated by cash flow and marketing strategies. Those things are fine; but too much attention to them can stifle the artist within.

As an artist I do not need to be rich but I do need to be richly supported. If I don't create I get crabby. When we are not creating, artists are not always very normal or very nice - to ourselves or to others. Creativity is oxygen to our souls. Cutting off our creativity makes us savage and we react like we are being choked.

When well meaning parents and friends push marriage or nine-to-five or anything on us that doesn't evolve in a way that allows for our art to continue, we will react as if we are fighting for our lives - we are. To kill your dreams because they are "irresponsible" is to be irresponsible to yourself. Credibility lies with you and God - not with the vote of your friends and acquaintances.

Creativity is a spiritual practice. It is not something that can be perfected, finished and set aside. It is an ongoing process. Sometimes I will write badly, draw badly, paint badly, preform badly. I have the right to do that to get to the other side. Creativity is its own reward.

To be an artist is to recognize the particular. To appreciate the peculiar. To ask the question 'why'? To be an artist is to acknowledge the astonishing. It is to allow the wrong piece in a room if we like it. It is to hand on to a weird coat that makes us happy. It is to not keep trying to be something that we aren't.

If you are happier writing that not writing, painting than not painting, singing than not singing, acting than not acting, designing than not designing, for God's sake let yourself do it. "

-The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Above is an excerpt from one of the books I am reading right now. If you are an artist or want to bring out and develop your creativity this book will prove be a very valuable treasure. I received the extended version as a gift on my birthday and I havent even gotten thru half of it yet. It's not exactly a book you want to finish reading quickly. It's a book you grow with and live out daily. I savor every bit of it. After each chapter there are exersises you can do and questions to get your creativity going. Check it out or go flip through it at your local bookstore. She also has a website.

Design Exercise
I need to practice sketching more and exercise my creativity so here's where your help comes in. Give me topics or things I can use as inspiration (Ex: Flowers, the color yellow, birds of paradise, ballerinas, something from architecture, a country, a certain culture a fairytale, fairies....the list goes on). Then I will pick a few and come up with a few designs based on that, sketch it, and then post it up. =)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Invisible ppl pls make yourself visible

credit { Laura Su }
I have to agree with Becks at camerafilmroll. It dampens my spirit when i barely get any feedback on my posts when I can clearly see how many ppl visit me each day. I really enjoy posting and expressing my creativity so that alone makes me happy. I do take quite some time putting my entries together but I am definitely not looking for compliments or for you to applaud me in anyway. Nor do I want to force you to comment bcos its your choice. Im just saying that its nice to know who you are out there that read my blog. =) It's nice to make new friends that share the same interests but at the same time might have a different perspective of things. It helps me grow =) When it all boils down to it, one of the reasons for a blog is to connect with ppl. It's not fun when it's only a one sided relationship.

Friday, March 27, 2009

March: Fairytale Friday - Princess and the Pea

Once upon a time there was a Prince who wanted a Princess... a real Princess... an authentic one not like those fake imitation LV handbags some girls carry around. He traveled near and far hoping to find his one true Princess but had great difficulty. The ones he came across were selfish and only wanted to be with the Prince because of his title. They only cared about their looks and material possessions so the Prince was left disheartened.

One stormy night, feeling discouraged, he sat infront of his fireplace. While pouring himself a glass of whiskey on the rocks he heard a knock at his door. When he opened it, he was surprised to see a young lady standing there wet from the rain and shivering from head to toe. He immediately let her in and got her a towel and some of his warm clothes to change into. She told him that she was a real Princess. But his heart had been tainted by his encounters with golddiggers that he just didn't believe her.

Maybe he will test her. The Queen will know how. So as she showered he got on his blackberry to call the Queen. "Real Princesses have delicate and sensitive skin," she advised him. So the Prince piled layer upon layer of mattresses on the guest bed and went into the kitchen to look for a pea. A pea? He thought to himself. I dont think that would do the trick. So instead he placed a 2 carat diamond underneath all the mattresses. If she feels this through all those layers he will know she is a real Princess.

He woke up early in the morning to make some breakfast. When the Princess woke up he asked her how her sleep was. She replied, "It was horrible. I tossed and turned all night trying to get comfy but it felt like I was sleeping on a big pebble. It had bothered me so. I was curious as to why. My curiosity lead me to discover THIS diamond at the bottom of all the mattresses." She handed the diamond to the Prince.

The Prince was overcome with happiness. "No, Princess. It belongs to you."

Princess & Her GF's Throw a Slumber Party

Me: So, Princess, what do you like to wear to bed?
Princess: I love being comfortable so I love wearing cotton camisoles and cute little boy shorts. If Im feeling sexy I'll slip on a silk robe or something with pretty lace (She smiles with her big bright eyes)
Me: So what is your nightly routine before jumping into bed? I sure hope your Prince got rid of that big diamond under your mattress
Princess: (laughs) oh I dont have to worry about that anymore. (she winks and gracefully flashes her ring finger) As for my nightly routine I have to brush my hair 100 times. Yes, I know I'm a little old fashioned but I've been doing it ever since I was a little girl. Before bed I'll do a bit of yoga to relax me.
Me: Oh that's wonderful (i smiled) I love doing yoga as well. Are you into the spiritual teachings of yoga?
Princess: Of course. What's yoga without it? Just plain stretches. It's definitely more than just that. You see I have this curious side to me. I love learning about new things that's why I have so many interests.

Princess Goes to the Beach

Me: I have to say Im rather impressed. You are very down to earth
Princess: (chuckles with a twinkle in her eye) I think that's what Prince likes about me. Being a Princess and all ppl assume I am a brat....that Im spoiled and everything is handed to me on a silver platter. That's what it was like when I was living in my parent's castle. I couldnt stand the way I was babied. I needed my independance so one night I just packed my bags and left to explore the world. That night I got caught in a storm with no cellphone and barely any money. Luckily I came across some shelter... and that's the night I met Prince
Me: I guess it goes to say that things happen for a reason.
Princess: (looking delighted, she nods as she picks up her glass of white wine and sips it between her heart-shaped lips)
Me: So tell me about one of your many favorite pastimes
Princess: I love going to the beach. Some days I will people watch, some days read, other times I'll daydream and write poems in my journal.
Me: Do you have any favorite designers?
Princess: If you're talking about shopping no. I'd rather not buy any designer items. Sometimes I will buy a handbag or shoes because they are very good quality but besides that I'd rather spend my money enjoying life....travelling, taking classes... (she pauses and looks at me) my, i must be boring you (she grins)
Me: Not at all Princess. Pls go on.
Princess: (smiles and twirls her glass of Chardonnay) ....designers... that's what we were talking about right? I love the classic ones.... Valentino, Coco Chanel, Dior, Madame Gres, Vionette....they were all true to their craft.

A Movie Date With The Prince

Me: So what kind of movies do you like to watch?
Princess: More so films... foreign films. I find that most mainstream movies are missing some kind of essence. I like historical fiction and romance films. Me and Prince are getting married in Paris and then we are planning to tour Europe. I'm so delighted. Europe has so much history... so many secrets to uncover
Me: Do you have any style advice?
Princess: Clothing is a way to show the world who you are visually so always wear things you are comfortable in. Piling on a whole bunch of brand name things can look like you're screaming for acceptance. Things like that should be accents to your clothing.... not the voice speaking for you. What you show on the outside shouldn't define should reflect who you are. (pauses dramatically)...there's a difference, you see.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

{ kinda bothered by how lifeless the models look. but i love the styling in these photos }

Spring is so refreshing. Well maybe not in Canada cos its still pretty cold outside and there's still snow on the ground =( But nonetheless it is here... time to sweep out the dusty emotional residue, clear out your mind...replenish and give new life to your soul. Here's a lil list to help you on your way...

Get a new haircut or a trim to get rid of dry ends caused by winter
Clean out your closet and get rid of anything that you no longer wear. You'll be surprised how good this will feel. Our closet is full of emotional baggage. Just let go.
Plan a swap party where you and your gfs get together and swap the clothes you decided to get rid of from your closet clean-up. Someone else trash is another's treasure.
Paint your toes a bright color! I'm going to paint mine either pink or yellow tomorrow. What do you guys think?
Try a new lipstick shade. I think I'll sit this one out =P

Look for a four leaf clover
Spray on a refreshing scent. I usually wear "D&G Light Blue" during spring/summer and "Gucci Rush" during fall/winter. I know they're not new scents but I love them.
Wear a flower in your hair
Buy new bed sheets and pillow cases. Urban Outfitters have some pretty cool ones. And these His and Her pillow cases by Human Touch are adorable ( I like this one).

Take a dance class
Plan a road trip with your girlfriends
Make a list of the ppl you've been holding a grudge against or resentful towards. Give the reasons why you feel that way towards them. Ask yourself is it worth holding onto these negative emotions? What good does it do for you? Learn the art of forgiveness
Buy some fresh flowers. If you can try to buy local flowers because the ones that are imported usually have been sprayed by pesticides that are banned in North America. Not good for us and definitely not good for the environment

Curl your hair and feel them bounce around when you walk in your new spring shoes =)
Share with someone one of your secrets
Be a camera whore and devote an hour to taking pictures of yourself in your most favorite outfits. Make pouty faces, practice ur sexy face, find ur best angle, be silly, have fun and make love to the camera.
Experiment and get creative with the clothes you have. Play around with accessories, match things you wouldn't normally put together bcos sometimes great outfits happen by accident. Remember to document them with a photograph
Make out with your bf in the backseat of his car
Buy a nice journal and start writing in it
Take out your pencil and sketch pad and draw yourself
Read about fairies. They look after nature and what better time to learn about them

Change your wallpaper. This is mine. I got it from Kindred
Give yourself a flirty look by trying a pair of fake eyelashes on. Use individual ones and place them at the corners of your eyes
Make a scrapbook of your best memories
Freshen up your complexion by going for a facial or giving yourself one

Do you have anything to add to this list? I'd love to know so send me some of your sweet loving =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Art of Dressing Oneself

{ credit }

Let's start from the beginning. In order to have clothing there has to be someone to design it. So why can clothing design sometimes be considered an art? What does a great couturier have in common with a talented artist...a fine painter...a skilled craftsman? They each must select from available materials & must arrange and combine them into something harmonious and beautiful to the eye.

A great designer is one who creates a unique expression not by chance or luck but with a plan. A plan that organizes the use of design principles.... line, proportion, color, form, texture as a guide to create something pleasing and satisfying. The body is the canvas and so the shape and curves of the form must also be considered. So where do you come into all this?

Well, anyone that is interested and has a passion for improving her taste in clothing should start with a foundation built on the knowledge of art/design principles. Believe it or not, being well dressed is an art just like designing. First you need to realize that you must develop a basis for judgment more reliable than an untrained personal preference, a fashion magazine or what the celebrities are wearing. To do this you gotta train yourself to see clothing by judging it the same way you would judge art. The goal is to achieve harmony and unity.

Design principles can be used as a guide when it comes to dressing and fashion. You can add it to your knowledge, play around with it, love it, hate it... They are not exact rules you have to follow so just have fun. =)

So now I will touch on a few principles, starting with Line.

♥ Line ♥

Most basic line of a garment is the silhouette. This is the shape or outline of the garment as a whole. Some words to describe silhouettes would be: bell-shaped, boufant, A-line, tubular

Line can also be in the details and structural part of the garment: zippers, pockets, pleats, collars, darts, seams, style lines...

Straight angular lines increase a dramatic feeling while curved lines add movement into a garment. Diagonal and zigzag lines are more dynamic and add activity

Lines have the power to suggest movement, mood and personality which means if you use too many different kinds of lines in an outfit it can turn out looking unpleasant. Remember, the goal is to achieve harmony. Un-necessary lines will only clutter

Take this as an example. Pairing this dress with this blazer will create an un-balanced look. Why? Because you've got too many different lines combined. First you've got the diagonal line of the dress with a curved neckline. Then the blazer has got everything going on... vertical lines, horizonal ones, zigzag ones at the lapel and curved ones at the hem.

Here is another example. Which dress looks more balanced and why?

♥ Rhythm ♥

Rhythm is a pleasing sense of motion giving continuity to a design in the use of the repetition of lines, shapes, colors....etc

Gradual changes of hue, value or intensity in color can produce good rhythm as well as repeating shapes while the spaces in between vary. It gives more interest that way

Rhythm is more successful when it can be sensed rather than when the movement is too obvious

♥ Proportion ♥

Laws of Proportion: ratio of 2 to 3 called "the golden section" Click here to read about it

Avoid creating equal divisions. It can become boring

Next time yu go shopping or when you are deciding what to wear for the day, take into consideration the length of the piece of clothing in relation to your body's proportion

So the first dress is divided into half. The second dress on the right is divided into 1/3.
Which looks more attractive?

♥ Emphasis ♥

Every design or garment should have one major idea, form, silhouette, color or fabric....something that calls attention to one area.

Know what NOT to emphasis. When there are too many centers of interest the design can look scattered because we wouldn't know what to focus on

Keep in mind that if we emphasize everything we are emphasizing nothing.

"A good design is one to which no more can be added and at the same time, one from which nothing can be subtracted without causing an emptiness or feeling of incompletion."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lipstick Indicator

Lipstick Indicator is based on a theory that women tend to turn to less expensive indulgence during times of recession. Life's little luxuries =P

And for fun, here is a little quiz you can do to determine ur personality traits from the shape of your used lipstick

Some of these shades I have posted before on my old blog but I've added a few new shades to my collection. Yes I have a mild obsession with pink lipstick.

My favorite shade is "Meltdown". It goes so perfectly with my skin tones esp when I wear bronzer. It has an orange tint to it and that's why i chose "Lady Danger" as well. It is an Orange-Red

What are your favorite shades? Or what are your little indulgences that make you feel giddy all over?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Links of the Week

{ credit }

Beauty is in the Brain of the Beholder. An interesting article on how men and women's brain work differently when processing beauty
How to speak Fashionese
♥ An article by Steve Pavlina on Overcoming Jealousy. I really enjoying reading his blog. It's filled with self-help topics
♥ Check out these lovely lovely spring wallpapers
My Skins: This line of lingerie comes in 20 different shades of nude to match you and comes in a variety of styles as well. Great cuts, invisible lines and are made with very comfortable fabrics. It even has an online measurement guide to help you figure out your size.
♥ Workout in style. Designer yoga mats: Gucci and LV
♥ Lovely dresses by Sarah Seven

Maybe she's born with it...maybe it's photoshop. Photoshop works wonders.
Checkout these links to see what i mean:




sex lies and photoshop

Sunday, March 22, 2009

80's Flashback? or Flash Forward?

Although every period has its own characteristic art forms, past styles sometimes reappear in adapted form. I find that a lot of 80's trends have re-appeared over the past few years. Today let's take a look at some and see how it has been interpreted presently.

♥ Hypercolor Tees♥

{ 80's version }

Guess what's back? Hypercolor T-shirts. K, maybe Im a tad behind bcos American Apparel re-introuduced them last year.But do you guys remember these? I remember asking a few friends but they don't quite remember. The reason why I remember them clearly is because I had thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would make hand prints all over my shirt and have them magically vanish a few seconds later.

If you dont know what a hypercolor shirt is you were probly not born in the 80's huh? Or too young to remember? hehe. or it can also be because the trend didn't last long at all. So what exactly is a hypercolor tee, you ask? It's a shirt that changes between 2 color. One when cold, the other when warm. Not a great idea if you have sweaty armpits... or if you don't like the thought of ppl breathing on you & touching you to test out the shirt. Maybe that's why this trend didn't last long =P

{ modern version }

♥ MC Hammer pants♥

"...too legit, too legit to quit, hey hey!" lol* ok the proper name for these pants are Harem pants. I actually like the modernized silhouette. It can look classy depending on how you style it. So how would you style it to make it look more modern. 80's fashion had a lot of angular and voluminous shapes so avoid that by pairing these pants with looser and slouchier fabrics and silhouettes. Try rounder necklines, sloping shoulders, fabrics that drape instead of being structured.

I like Ralph Lauren's take on it. Very beachy, resort feel
{ left: not sure, center: Ralph Lauren, right: Betsey Johnson}

These girls pull off the style well by it a more modern touch
{LookBook left: Hannah S, right: Kimmy-O}

♥ Blazers♥

In the 80's the blazers were quite colorful and of course most had those shoulder pads we all loooove! This blazer is not tailored to fit the contours of our body... it is looser fitting and the hem in longer. That's why it is often called the Boyfriend Blazer. You can achieve many different looks with the blazer. Its really all up to you. No rules here, just avoid bright solid colors if you are looking for a more modern look.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alice in Wonderland in the world of Vogue

Couturiers, dresses and a fantasy world equals LOVELINESS! 3 of my favorite things combined in one. How can i not swoon?? The designers had a chance to re-create a dress for Alice.. Its so interesting to see what each one came up with through their own creativity and through their own childhood memories of Alice.

Correct me if Im wrong but I believe this is Olivier Theysken designer for Nina Ricci.

i'm falling, i'm falling for Tom Ford, the clever White Rabbit in his slick white suit

Once I saw the multi-layered collar I knew right away who was behind this creation...none other than the show-stopping duo: Victor & Rolf

Jean Paul Gaultier as Cheshire Cat?

oooh I love this one! Galliano is soo fitting as Queen. His couture creations always reflect royalty!

oh my!! how fierce! But then again Lagerfeld is always fierce. How can you not be when designing for Chanel.

Tea party with Christian Lacroix? That would make a delightful afternoon. And Stephen Jones(English Milliner) as mad hatter? What couldn't be more perfect. Pass the sugar pls.

Nicolas Ghesquière as the black kitty while Alice wearing none other than a Balenciaga dress tries to escape through the looking glass.

Hehe... and this is my quick sketch of the dress I would design Alice. First dress is the Read To Wear version and Second is the Couture. Sash is beaded with crystals and diamonds.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor opens today! It was premiered at the 2008 Venice Film Festival. ohhh I want to watch it. It's a film on Valentino's 45 yrs career...He is the last of the great couturiers. Brilliant, brilliant known for red carpet glamour and his beautiful dresses. He had his last show Jan 2008. The Valentino line is now being designed by former Gucci designer Alessandra Facchinetti.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quote of the week

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas,

the way we live, what is happening.

-Coco Chanel

What is fashion to you? What is your personal definition of fashion? comment.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Biggest fashion victims are animals ♥

I can barely look at the following ad campaign without having tears squeeze out of my eyes and feeling my heart hurt. I am a huge animal lover and i needed to share this with you! i hope it gets the msg across... you know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

I think they create very good campaigns that really get the point across. Visit Peta's website and here. They are the largest animal right's organization in the world. It's important for us to protect them bcos if we dont who will? We dont own this world with them, we share it. Im not here to tell you to become active or to convert you to a vegetarian but i believe its so important to be informed and aware of the things that go on.

They've also got a section on Cruelty Free Shopping providing a list of companies that dont test on animals.

Fur is Dead

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twisted tulip skirt designed by Cindee(me hehe)

I haven't posted up any of my garment creations lately so i thought it's about time. Wrap skirt, silk blend, gold top stitching and a sash that can be tied to the side or can also be worn as a head scarf.

This skirt can be worn 2 ways:

If you are feeling cute and girlie you can wear it like the first picture on the left(blouson)
Or if you are feeling more sophisticated just twist the hem to create and interesting effect and a more fitted style. Taa-daa. Am i a genius or what?

Making Waves

I know its a lil late to post wknd pics bcos we are now in the middle of the week but better late than never right? So I had a pretty good wknd considering that I havent been out for a while. It was one of those nights that I didnt want to see end. I got home at 6 in the morning. Not bad. lol* So the above collage is an interpretation of what I wore on Saturday. My white leather jacket over white graphic tee with faded fabric finishing, paired with a black satin miniskirt and black stockings.

(ok i know i put my name on all my pics but there's a reason for that!)

And to make my overall look a little more exciting, I used my brand new hair waver from Bed Head. Ordered it online from Folica. I've always been a fan of wavy/crimpy hair. I received this product super fast considering how eager i was and it was fun to use. Time consuming but fun. But then again the first time for anything is always fun.

It is a dual waver with a barrel that can be adjusted depending on how deep you want the waves. I had it on the deeper setting. It was slightly awkward to use at first because each time you go down the length of ur hair you have to match the barrel with where you left off. It was also difficult to crimp the hair at the back of my head. I barely use hairspray in my hair but for this look its necessary or else you look like a frizz ball. Hairspray gives the waves more definition.

If you dont want to spend money on a product like this another alternative is to braid your hair. I'll wash my hair before I go to bed, blowdry it until its about 80% dry and start braiding. After i finish the braids I'll go over them with leave in conditioner followed by hairspray or mousse. Blow dry the braids and go to bed. If I have no where to be the next day I'll leave it on until I go out for the evening.

So in this pic the waves were created with braids. Looks pretty similar hey?
Braiding, can be more time consuming but its healthier & less damaging on your hair
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