Friday, October 30, 2009

How to shine bright like a star

Cindee's Guide to Shining

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

One of the things that I have learned and re-learned over the years is that in order to shine your brightest you have to not be afraid of standing out from everyone else. This can be hard to do bcos you risk feeling vulnerable to other ppl's judgment and opinions. You shrink back because it feels more comfortable to fit in. But in reality are you doing anyone any favors by holding yourself back from life and not living up to your full potential? When I talk about "Shining" I dont mean Hollywood Glitz and Glamour. Im talking about being the best of who you can be from the inside out and not being afraid to sparkle.

Begin with accepting yourself.
Be true to yourself. Understand, accept and embrace who you are, not who you're not. Read this past article I had written.
Identify & develop your talents so you can express them fully. What are you drawn to? The things you always gravitate toward are often related to your natural ability. What kind of things came easier to you than your friends? Do ppl compliment you on a specific quality or ability you have? (She's so compassionate, he has a good eye for color, he is very creative, she has good sense of style...)

Concentrate on cultivating your strengths instead of focusing so much on your weaknesses
Smile more
Do what you love. I believe that you can only become truly fulfilled when you are doing what you love bcos then you are aligning ur life with your inner self. Yes you will still come across obstacles but bcos your heart is in it, you will meet these challenges from a higher & stronger place. You will learn to transform your adversities into opportunities
Learn & grow. Be open to new information and ways of thinking. Wake up and explore your passions by trying a new class, pick up some books that interest you to stimulate your mind, do something that scares you.

Wear lots of bronzer =P hehe

There floating across the pavement surrounded by a flock of men in tuxedos was a woman who was unmistakably Diana Vreeland. She was wearing a sleek yellow satin sheathe that my guess would be Dior circa 1955. It had a matching satin stole and matching yellow satin shoes. White stones sparkled around her neck and at her ears. She looked absolutely amazing.

Now Mrs Vreeland was no beauty certainly by that age. But then she never was – that was the point. But on this evening well into her 80’s, she was dressed to kill and clearly fascinating a large group of men of all ages. They followed her like puppies and hung on her every word. I watched her as she slowly moved to the car. She turned her head this way and that to chat with the men around her. She leaned back against one of the men, tossed her head and laughed. The men couldn’t look away and neither could I. I have never seen a woman move so elegantly (at least off the ballet stage) and more to the point, never have i seen a woman more alive. She was so clearly having the time of her life and her joie de vivre lit all those around her. Mrs Vreeland was perfectly magical and a good part of that magic was her style. It was unique, it was flawless and it was as bright as the sun....continue reading. Women With Style

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's coming up!!

Remember I was telling you guys about my Halloween Project? Well here is my progress...

{ Here I am trying to do cat woman's head piece. I had to buy a Styrofoam head to use as a guide bcos I had no idea where to start. Im happy with the results tho. I thought it would have been more difficult }

{ I guess this one is obvious...Wonder Woman }

{ Pheonix. I had fun doing this one. I think the gold emblem looks good on top of the black instead of having it just on the red like how some of the versions look}

♥ Here are some of the final pieces. Ill get clearer pictures later ♥

Monday, October 19, 2009

Links of the Week

{ Lady Gaga Hello Kitty }

Closet Cravings is a blog I stumbled upon just recently. You find out what celebs are wearing & where you can buy it.
♡ How to make the legging trend work for you
♡Chanel recently launched a new handbag line called Chanel Coco Cocoon
How do you make lipstick? From Doo Deere
♡ Halloween is coming up. Michelle Phan's Barbie Transformation Tutorial
Supervillainess...goes well with my Halloween super hero project. Also check out Sombre heroines at CherryBlossomGirl.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Some of you may not know that I am an introvert. I may seem like a social butterfly (well...more so in my younger years) but Id very much prefer being in solitude than being surrounded by ppl at a party. It doesnt mean introverts are anti-social. It just means we prefer our own company than the company of others. Unlike extroverts who find being around ppl energizing, we introverts find it exhausting being around ppl for too long. So what does it mean to be introverted? I've culled a few things from the book Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe and made a list below. See if it applies to you:

♥ We prefer to look at life from the inside out
♥ We gain energy and power thru inner reflection rather than external things
♥ Writing appeals to us because we can express ourselves without intrusion & interruption
♥ Time to think & reflect is not only a luxury for introverts; its a necessity
♥ We do not hate small talk bcos we dislike ppl. We hate small talk bcos we hate the barrier it creates between ppl. We want less talk, more understanding. We want to establish a deeper connection
♥ We like conversations that are generally about ideas and concepts, not about other ppl, trivial matters or social small talk
♥ For extroverts, who enjoy associating, getting to know a lot of ppl is not a problem. It is part of the fun. But for introverts, who have limited energy for interaction, we need to be more thoughtful & deliberate about who we meet
♥ Comfort in relationships is key for introverts. That's why family relationships can be important. Siblings already share a history so a lot of grondwork has been taken care of.
♥ For us, being "talked to death" is very much like being beaten over the head. It gives some of us migraines or feel drained of life energy

Example of a conversation between an extrovert and introvert

Extrovert: How are you?
Introvert: (pauses. taking in the question, thinking)
Extrovert: I had the craziest day starting with.....
Introvert: (thinking) Wait a minute! WHAT R U DOING?? Dont fill the void. i LIKE the void! I need the void to make room for my thoughts. So if you really want to know how I am leave the void alone until I come up with something. If you dont want to wait, thats cool-just find someone else to talk to.

LOL* I found this funny cos its so true.

TOP 10 LIST "Extroverts at their Most Annoying"

10. When everything has to be a party
9. When E(Extrovert) calls too often, talks too much and says too little
8. When an E that you DONT know asks "Are you ok?" just bcos you are quiet
7. When E brings someone along to your "one on one" as a surprise
6. When E assumes every silence is an invitation to TALK
5. When E talks at length without a single pause
4. When the above behavior requires you to interrupt in order to speak
3. When you finally get to speak and your words remind E of something else to share
2. When E calls to respond to the email you sent bcos you didnt want to talk
1. When E is oblivious to all attempts to end the conversation including "goodbye" or "i've really got to go now"

So to all my extrovert friends, dont take it personally if I go MIA here and there. It only means I need ME time to recharge my batteries or maybe it actually means u're exhausting me. LOL just kidding. you know i love you =)

Sorry if I offend any extroverts out there. This entry was written light heartedly.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I know in the states it isn't until November but in Canada its today. To be happy and to appreciate life I feel that its very important to remind yourself of the things that you are thankful for . Its easy to fall into thoughts of wanting more and not having enough but this kind of mindset is limiting. When I discover & recognize how many things i am thankful for it makes my life feel so abundant.

Gratitude. Psychologically, this is great training. It keeps you focused on what you have, and not what you lack. It is a great way to boost your optimism if you are optimistic; and shift you out of pessimism if you are not.

By being grateful, you are training your subconscious to guide you into getting more of what you want. An estimated 90 per cent of our mental activity (and hence power) is subconscious; this is the reason hypnotism is so powerful. It goes straight into the subconscious. (Why do you think hypno-therapists can charge so much?)

Read more...UrbanMonk

{ Santa Monica Pier, Cali }

My Gratitude List

1. Being surrounded by really great and support ppl. When you consciously decide what to let into your life and realize you have the control to get rid of things that are negative you make a lot more room for the things that you want. Even tho this is very true I also find myself very very blessed to be born into this world already having those type of ppl in my life. My childhood friends were there since we were babies bcos our parents are friends & I am lucky to have more than a handful of these ppl.

. My family that is always so patient with me when Im being less than patient.

. My childhood. Of course everone has a few memories that are tramatizing but overall I loved my childhood and being able to share that with my sister. I am also thankful for the fact that my mom had video taped so much of it for us to remember.

. My opportunities to travel. This year Ive been quite a few places. In April we had a week in Mexico to check out some resorts for my sister's wedding, then I went b I back to Van at least 4 times, my big trips to Cali and NY and then I have another trip to Mexico next month for my gf's wedding. hmmm I wonder how many more I can fit in before the year ends. Back to NY for my bday perhaps?? hehe i would love that.

. My love for reading. I dont know what I would do if I didnt like to read or found it hard to.

....there is soo much more. definitely so much more. But im gonna leave it here for now.

What are some of the things you are grateful for you in life?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to get sunkissed skin

{Huntington Beach, Cali}

Sorry it too me a while to address this question but one of my readers had asked me:
Hi Cindee, you always have a nice tan.
Which tanning product do you use and recommend for a nice glow tan?

Before I begin Id like to say that this is the method that I use to tan. It doesnt mean its the correct or safest way so pls use your own discretion. I know you've heard this many times before but its very crucial that you protect yourself and your skin. Use at least an SPF30 and make sure you apply it every half hr. With that out of the way we can begin.

* When im laying out in the sun I always make sure Im greased up. If your skin is dry it takes longer to tan.
* I use HAWAIIAN TROPIC Dark Tanning Oil to get the job done. This is to be applied after your sunscreen has been absorbed into your skin. I reapply whenever I feel that Im drying out.
* Remember to apply sunscreen (environmentally safe is the best way to go) in between. Also you want to be careful if you have sensitive skin bcos the oil might burn you if you stay out in the sun too long. Take breaks. Every 15 mins or so.


* When winter rolls around and I dont get any sunshine I use self tanning products. I never go to the tanning salon anymore. It leaves my skin feeling tender, red and itchy. I was told it's bcos I got a slight burn from it. They say that your chances of getting skin cancer increases every time you get a burn. um ya.

* I know there are a ton of self tanning and spraying products out there but im really too lazy to try new stuff. Im even too lazy to self tan myself for an all year round tan. I only do if I have a special event to attend and wanna look delicious.
* Usually I start developing my tan 3 days before the event that Im planning to go to. * I use the Shoppers Drug Mart brand called LIFE. The product is called Bronze UP Self-Tanning Gelee in Medium or Dark(make sure its in Gel form). I like this product bcos it never streaks and the smell isn't overpowering like alot of other products. If you live in the States another alternative is Loreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion in DEEP. This works as good but its more expensive and it stinks
* Make sure you exfoliate your dead skin prior and then just put it on like you would with any kind of lotion. I do this 3 days in a row and I acquire the PERFECT shade. If I go a day more I start to get orange
* After that I just maintain the base tan I've created with Vaseline Healthy Body Glow in Medium. It does a really really good job


* Try not to expose your face to the sun too much. Its bad by causing premature wrinkles. I use LANCOME Flash Bronzer. I need to find a new one if anyone knows of any pls msg me. Bcos the one I use only lasts for a few hrs. I like it bcos it bronzes up my complexion but doesnt actually selftan you.
* For powdered bronzer I use Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful. I recieved it as a gift from Jenni last Christmas and i LOOOVE it! My gf Trace used it when we were in NY and she fell in love with it too. You can find it at Sephora.

{Laguna Beach, Cali}


"Who are we not to shine?" This theme seems to be popping up in my life lately...tugging at my sleeve for full attention. I was watching Ellen today and thought to myself how successful her show has become. She's such a wonderful person and you can tell she loves to bring joy & laughter into ppl's lives. That thought lead to the thought of talk shows in general. There are not many successful ones out there. The only 2 that stand out for me is Oprah's show and Ellen's. Why is that? I know there's probly many reasons to contribute to their success but I also think a main reason is bcos they both give something meaningful to the life of others in 2 totally different ways. maybe that's the secret. They stay true to who they are and grow and cultivate it. When I think Oprah the words that come to me are spiritual, strong, inspirational. When I think Ellen I think laughter, fun, dancing, joy and that seems to be their basic foundation to grow upon. All the other talk shows like Tyra Banks, Rachel Ray...etc seem to be so average in comparison. They seem to follow the typical kind of talk show.

So what can we do to be less average and more of who we really are? Let go of fear and instead of focusing so much on our weaknesses we should learn how to develop our strengths. In order to make a difference in other ppl's lives we need to find our unique expression in this world and to be ourselves as fully and as intensely as possible. Trust me, Im not there yet but like i always say, life is a journey not a destination. The first step is awareness

Monday, October 5, 2009

Links of the Week

Your only point of power is in the present moment

There is so much wisdom in this. The only time you can make decisions and be happy is right now. You cant do it in the past bcos it doesnt exist and you cant make decisions in the future bcos it hasnt come yet. You can only take control of your life in the present moment. Accept where you are and realize you have the power to create the future you want. Here are some empowering links to start off the week. Enjoy.

♥ There are 2 really great articles Ive just read recently from The Personal Excellence Blog. Goal Achievement and Discover your Purpose. It is very informative due to the fact that each article is detailed and broken down into steps. It's a very good read and worth the time.

♥ “Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” – Marilyn vos Savant. Do what you're good at

♥ I love this article. I read it a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Languishing in the Genius Trap You can always get better at what you do. And also 8 ways to Build your Creative Skill Set

Soulful Relationships

♥ This song never fails to uplift my spirits. It always makes my heart smile. Do you have a song that does this for you?

Saying no

♥ Something I wrote a long time ago on my old blog:

i*ve often struggled with my own sense of identity. who am i in this big world & where do i fit in? My appearence has changed & will continue to. Each day I experience moods, emotions & inner states that sometimes are so contrasting that I seem to be different ppl with each different circumstance that i come across. All these external changes can effect me inwardly just as inner change can alter you externally. But is there something that always remains the same? how do we know who we are?

well...i believe in a soul.I guess its not really who u are as an individual but how we experience God in us. We are all connected bcos we all share that essence inside. We CAN define ourselves as individuals but that doesnt explain who we really are esp since so much can change within & outside of us. Ultimately, who i am is who you are, who you are is who i am.

We are really not as seperate as we make ourselves to be bcos when you really touch on that essence inside it activates something we cant define. We start connecting with each other instead of setting ourselves apart...we see the innocence in others that we also recognize in ourselves. Sometimes we are brought to tears when someone has done something out of the kindness of their heart for us bcos their soul literally touched ours.

We always look up when we pray to God...thinking that he is somewhere up there or outside of us but what we dont realize is that God is IN us & when he speaks he speaks inside ur heart or in the actions & words of another person. If only we stop and take time to listen we would see lil signs that there is more than meets the eye. And if we paid more attention to ourselves inwardly, we can begin to open our eyes and that makes a world of a difference.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Vintage Summer

{ Venice Beach, Cali }

How i miss the pink sky and the salty wind. They had become my best friends. My summer was filled with silly laughter, adventures and the smell of suntan lotion. But now it is the end...yet strangely enough I cant complain. There is something in the autumn air that I've always loved & found comfort in. The evident change in season reminds me of how everything in nature is impermanent & always changing and with life and what's inside me

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