Saturday, March 14, 2009

Biggest fashion victims are animals ♥

I can barely look at the following ad campaign without having tears squeeze out of my eyes and feeling my heart hurt. I am a huge animal lover and i needed to share this with you! i hope it gets the msg across... you know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

I think they create very good campaigns that really get the point across. Visit Peta's website and here. They are the largest animal right's organization in the world. It's important for us to protect them bcos if we dont who will? We dont own this world with them, we share it. Im not here to tell you to become active or to convert you to a vegetarian but i believe its so important to be informed and aware of the things that go on.

They've also got a section on Cruelty Free Shopping providing a list of companies that dont test on animals.

Fur is Dead


  1. gosh thats soo crazy!! i would NEVER buy real fur EVER!

  2. hi cindee, thanks for your comment!!! i agree with you, fur is such a controversial thing in fashion!!! why can't we just all be happy with faux fur? :( the first ad is very heartbreaking, thank you for getting the message across in this post!!! ~XOXO, lulu ♥

  3. There are people protecting animals out there ... but they are the real animal lovers, not some political organization like PETA and HSUS..

    large amounts of fur seems kind of tacky unless you really need it.

  4. Yes i do agree but organizations like that help ppl become more aware of issues and is a good place to get info if you dont know where to start.


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