Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I am not going to talk about her Parisian flair or the fact that she never changes her plain hairstyle. Sofia is worthy of admiration because she is proof of the fact that being popular, dressed in designer rags, ultimately is not a valid measurement for beauty. She is worthy of admiration because she creates something beyond the easy, the frivolous; she seems eager to spend more time and thought fulfilling personal endeavors than she does preening herself.

A style icon, in my opinion, is a person who not only wears beautiful ensembles but who manages also to provide a context for the beauty to thrive in, who defines beauty by inventing a standard of their own rather than succumbing to ideals." -Madelene {Le Portillon}

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LOST: My Pet Unicorn

I stumbled into Aritzia today as I was attempting to do some xmas shopping. I had to do a double take when I saw this shirt. If you guys dont know by now i have this thing for unicorns. Unicorns represent purity to me. They represent something rare. I believe in them. Some ppl find it strange but in a way believing in unicorns gives me a sense of hope that purity exists in this world. Everything in life is precious. Look closer.

My Shirt Says
LOST. Have you seen my pet Unicorn?
REWARD Offered for safe return.
Last seen in a dream....

Here are some different outfits I made using my new favorite shirt as the main piece

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