Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween. Here is my creation.
We stayed in tonight and carved pumpkins.
Our plan was to hand out candy but only one group of kids showed. How sad is that? lol*
What did you do for Halloween this year? I'd love to see your costumes.
Comment with a link =)
╚══`. unicorns

Flavored mojitos

Mango and grapefruit flavored mojitos are so refreshing
I am desperately holding on to summer memories.
I have tropical blood. I don't do well in the cold

Friday, October 14, 2011

A little sparkle here, a little sparkle there

I want to go over a few new things that I added to my blog just recently and maybe not so recently

♥ Related posts: I want to make my older posts more accessible esp to new visitors so I added the related posts at the bottom of each entry. Easier to navigate and prevents entries from being buried
♥ This goes hand in hand with the Labels I added to my right side column. Same concept but in word form. Here's a baby description of each.

-Beauty: posts on makeup, hair, skin care
-Cindee: personal thoughts, a lil about me, tags
-Creativity: art, projects, creative ppl, artists, ideas
-Daydreaming: my thoughts, inspirational photos
-DIY: do it yourself projects
-Fashion: designs I've created, style tips, fashion elements & design
-Fitness: weight loss, workout tips, gym music, motivation
-Health: posts on living a healthy lifestyle, nutrition
-How to: a mini guide to life
-Links: features links i've collected, loved and want to share
-Outfits: my outfit posts
-Personal Growth: articles regarding personal growth
-Quotes: just like it says. quotes =)
-Spirituality: ideas on how to connect with ur inner essence, holistic systems, authentic living
-Wanderlust: Anything & everything to do with exploring & traveling the world
-Yoga: my insights on yoga, philosophy, practice tips

♥ I have also included a menu underneath my banner. Home, Once Upon A Time, Cindee-rella & Contact Me. Its pretty much an introduction to who I am and what my blog is all about. I plan to add more to this menu later on
♥ Facebook like: I always have fun "liking" things that are posted on FB so I decided to add it to my entries as well. They are at the very bottom of each post
Share: Share posts on ur twitter, FB...etc. Sharing is caring right? hehe. Who remembers the Care Bears?
Made in Calgary/ Made in Vancouver: I have been collecting a list of local bloggers that I enjoy visiting. Some of them are friends and some I have been developing a friendship with. I love it bcos it makes us all more connected.
Links: On my other list of links on the right side column I have collected links that I absolutely adore and think my readers would love too! If your blog/website should be on this list I would be delighted to exchange links with you.

White Blackberry Bold 9700 for sale


This was my cute white blackberry with Hello Kitty posing as the Statue of Liberty. Goes so well with the white. Unfortunately it stopped working so I sent it in to get it replaced. In the process of waiting for my new blackberry I impulsively went and bought an iPhone instead. At first i was a lil iffy about it bcos I was addicted to bbm. But now that I have an iPhone I wont ever switch back to berry.
Anyways...long story short. After a week my new berry arrived. Its been un touched...still in its case with the plastic sticker still stuck to the screen(i like to test myself & see how long I can keep my fingers from peeling it off). So if anyone is interested pls contact me.
Model: Blackberry Bold 9700
Color: White
Includes: charger, white case, battery & SD card
Provider: Rogers but you can get it unlocked
Price: $250

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gobble gobble. How to eat turkey

Its thanksgiving in Canada today. So Happy Turkey day!

I had such a huge dinner with my family last night and another one today *rubs her tummy* I think I can do it. I always look forward to these dinners. I just have to learn how to moderate my food intake bcos I can be such a glutton and that's not really what its about. Thanksgiving is about appreciating what we have in our lives and feeling gratitude towards the ppl that have become a part of it. I lose sight of these things from time to time when I live inside my head and forget to live in the present moment.

So this thanksgiving, when you eat your turkey, eat the drumstick first hehe and become mindful of the abundance we have in our lives.
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