Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day

A few more hours before Valentines day! This post is a little early but I can never wait. lol* Valentines is my fave holiday. Surprise, surprise. im sure you guys can tell im the hopeless romantic type =P

First of all I'd like to take this opportunity to send some love to all my readers. It has been very awesome getting to connect with you guys and share opinions and interests with each other. To my new readers I hope we can become better acquainted this year. Its always so interesting to get to know new ppl. I get to gain more insight and learn more about the world around me. So pls dont be shy =)

One thing that Im grateful for is being able to build relationships with these ppl from all around the world. Some of you have been there since day one. And i'd like to mention a special shoutout to a few that have always encouraged me to keep going and always been so generous with their kind words that help keep me inspired and motivated.

Sylvia: I know you've gone thru a lot but you've grown to be such a strong woman these past few yrs. You are one of the sweetest girls I know. thank u for bringing out the good in me & always believing in me
Jo: All the way from fellow hokkien lang. i always look forward to ur comments & hearing ur opinions. Our communication has always been pretty consistant and I hope our friendship will continue to florish =)
Ligia: I havent talked to you in a while but I always remember your kind words and the connection we've built in the past few yrs. Just wanted to send some sweetness your way oxo

If you ladies can send me an email with your mailing address I'd love to send a little something your way

Also, a shout out to these lovely ladies: koOty, MizzJ, Miss P., Jimin, bunnie, christine, Betty

And now...from the heart of Valentines day, I want to do a Giveaway. I will be giving away a Lise Watier glitter liner. I am in love with this product. There are a lot of different ways you can use it and its only limited to your creativity. In the following video I show you how I use it. I've tried a few other glitter liners and find that the sparkles dont always stay in one place. When it gets loose it ends up on your cheeks or on ur clothes or even on your hunnie's face. But this one here stays put! Once it dries it's very obedient and remains only where you apply it.

It comes in a variety of colors but I think the gold and the silver work best for the way I used it in my tutorial below. In the video its harder to see. it's more apparent at night under any kind of lighting. esp candle light...oohhh how romantic. hehe

So to enter, pls choose a color: silver or gold and read the instructions below.
Besides the usual, follow me rule I also want to know what makes you fabulous...what is it that makes you so lovable to others? =)
Contest ends March 01 2011

♥ Love Toast ♥
And here's a little idea you can use to make that special someone some breakfast.
Hope you guys enjoy your Valentines Day. Much love oxoxoxoxoxoxox

So here are the basics you'll need. Everything else you can add your own creativity and ingredients.
Egg, Bread and a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Use the cookie cutter and press down on the piece of bread to cut out the shape

If you're like me and eat more on the healthy side skip the butter and use a bit of oil and heat up the pan.
Place the bread on the pan but make sure the heat is on low so that your toast doesnt burn while your egg is cooking.
Crack the egg in the hole but make sure you dont let it leak out from the bottom.
You can see it leaking a bit in this photo.
Now you can add some flavor to the egg but sprinkling on some cheese or spices like oregano.

Cook the egg until its the way you like. Its so yummy when you have it a lil undone. When you bite into it or cut it with your fork the yolk leaks out and absorbs into the bread. You can customize this anyway you like.
Make it into an open faced sandwich or eat it with scrambled eggs and ham. Be creative =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BB Cream

I've heard so much about BB creams but I havent had the opportunity to try yet so
I was super excited to come across this contest hosted by Riya from pinkstrawberries.
I hope I win one.

So what is BBCream?

It stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It's an all in one cosmetic/skincare product which I read, initially gained popularity in Korea. The difference between BBcream and other make-up applications is that it is a skincare product combined with make-up. I think its great for me bcos Im always on the run and traveling, so having a product that does it all saves me so much time and luggage space.

So BBCreams give you a flawless complexion by acting as a foundation or a make-up base to conceal blemishes & discoloration as well as supply ur skin with nutrients to make it feel smoother and softer. Most of them contain SPF and depending on the brand, may offer anti-wrinkle, scar healing or whitening benefits.

One thing that I noticed after trying the BBCream that I won from this contest is that the product is a little too light for my skintone. I dont have a fair complexion like most asians love back in asia so I had to experiment and mix it with my tinted moisturizer. Most BBCreams are formulated to be lighter. If you're a fellow tanned skin beauty, don't fret. Try this one: MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream NO 31

Friday, February 4, 2011

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde

I've had this habit of buying calenders every year and filling them up. Im so glad I did because there are a lot of things I wouldn't have remembered. I already have trouble recalling what I did 2 weeks ago never mind what i did 2 yrs ago. This is a great way of keeping record and I want to share it with you guys in hopes that you will start doing so as well (if you don't already).

On each day I also write how Im feeling so its easy to keep track of my moods and my mood patterns. I notice my energy changes during the month and how they relate to the moon cycles as well. When you record these things down it gives you a chance to notice your patterns and energy levels so you can better work with it, not against it. For example, I know that I get irritable and have a hot temper 2 weeks before my period. So instead of doing reflective & inner work at this time and making myself even more frustrated I divert the excess energy into strenuous activity like cycling, or taking a aerobics class. I realized that I can also use this dynamic energy to work & burn thru difficult challenges.

Another great thing about keeping track and recording what I do each day is that if you ever need a specific date you can just go back and check. Say you're going thru your photos and forget what day it was taken. No problem. Or if you want to remember what day you met a specific person or when you and your man had your first date.

These are some of the calenders that I have gone thru in the past few yrs. The first one I started was in 2002. This is the perfect time to start especially since there are mad deals on calenders now. I just got mine for 2011. 75% off! Let me know how this works out for you =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So it is the Year of the bunnie!

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello lovelies,

This is the year of the Bunnie! And what does that bring for 2011? A lot of luck and wish granting. According to Chinese tradition, the Bunnie brings a year in which you're able to catch your breath. The Bunnie is also a symbol of the moon which means reflection is further emphasized. Coincidentally the new moon yesterday - on the eve of Chinese New Year. weird timing hey? ) The moon rules your subconscious & emotions. This is where all your hopes, dreams and fears live. This is a good opportunity and time to dig a little deeper and find out what you really want from life.

I keep catching 11:11 on the clock lately. In Angelic studies it is said that your Angels are trying to get your attention and a reminder that something magical is happening. Whenever you see the sequence 111 or 1111 show up, it means that a "doorway" has opened up in which your intentions and goals will manifest extremely quickly. Direct your attention and intentions properly whenever you see 111 or 1111, it's like making a wish when a cake with candles is presented to you.

If you add up the last 2 digits of your birth year with the age you are turning THIS year you will always get 111. Try it. It's fascinating but a lil creepy.

This is a year of big changes so be sure to know what you want to accomplish and that all your thoughts are in alignment with where you want to go in life. One way to tune into your intuition is learning how to meditate. It can help you gain more insight. Follow this link to the The Chopra Centre. There you'll find some guided meditations =)

Celebrating Chinese New Year

My parents aren't very traditional so I don't know a lot of the customs that go along with celebrating it until my step mom brought it into our family last year. It's very interesting to say the least.

On the days before the new year we thoroughly clean our homes to wash away the dirt and bad luck. Sweep away the residue of last year and start the new year fresh
On new years eve a big dinner is prepared. Each dish represents something. I don't remember it all without asking or looking it up on google
Members of the family that are married give away money in red envelops for good luck
Red is worn to scare away evil spirits and also a symbol of good luck
Ppl typically wear new clothes on new years. I guess it symbolizes a new beginning. Its a good excuse to go shopping =P

Hope you found that interesting. Happy New years everyone!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turning inward

Sorry to keep some of you hanging with my lack of updates but honestly I havent felt like updating and bcos I havent, its creating a conflict within myself. When I dont update I feel like Im neglecting an aspect of myself and neglecting an aspect of my creativity and on top of that disappointing ppl who actually take interest in the things I write and the things I want to express(im so appreciate of that. so, thank you).

I started blogging on xanga in 2004 and i found it to be one of the most enjoyable things in the world. It was an uncensored outlet for me to express myself. If you go back to my old blog you would see what i mean lol* but now my perfectionism gets in the way. Each photo has to be re-sized so it looks in harmony with the layout of my blog, everything I write I need to re-read over and over again to makes sure I accurately convey what I want to say, everything needs to be neat and tidy. That kind of mentality takes away from the joy of purely creating. Lately my procrastination takes over my enthusiasm to maintain my blog. Props to the ppl that can do it rain or shine.

I guess a huge part of my life was dedicated to expressing myself... working on my garment designs, creating ideas for my blog, expressing my passion. My theme word for the past 8 yrs has been PASSION & EXPRESSION. These words are dynamic...a little bit opposite of how I have been feeling. The theme word of my life has been slowly evolving into: HEALING & GROWING. Defintely a lot more inward focused. So if you've been wondering where I've been, I've been in deep yoga postures OM-ing and trying to come to a deeper understanding of my true self.

I've been practicing yoga for 10 yrs but it wasnt until recently that I started to deepen my practice. I found that in deepening my practice I deepen the relationship I have with myself. I cannot put into words the experience that yoga has opened in me. It's as if you've never eaten a banana before and me trying to explain to you what it tastes like. Its thru your own experience that you will truly know. Just like life. Life is an experience. You can read as many self help books as you want but if you cant apply it into your own life and see what life means to YOU then what's really the point? Live your own experiences. Make your own paths.

♥ Yoga is about revealing happiness
♥ Yoga is about connecting your mind and body
♥ The aim of yoga is not attention to the body; the aim is to pierce the mystery of what's beyond it
Tara Stiles Yoga on Youtube

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