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March: Fairytale Friday - Princess and the Pea

Once upon a time there was a Prince who wanted a Princess... a real Princess... an authentic one not like those fake imitation LV handbags some girls carry around. He traveled near and far hoping to find his one true Princess but had great difficulty. The ones he came across were selfish and only wanted to be with the Prince because of his title. They only cared about their looks and material possessions so the Prince was left disheartened.

One stormy night, feeling discouraged, he sat infront of his fireplace. While pouring himself a glass of whiskey on the rocks he heard a knock at his door. When he opened it, he was surprised to see a young lady standing there wet from the rain and shivering from head to toe. He immediately let her in and got her a towel and some of his warm clothes to change into. She told him that she was a real Princess. But his heart had been tainted by his encounters with golddiggers that he just didn't believe her.

Maybe he will test her. The Queen will know how. So as she showered he got on his blackberry to call the Queen. "Real Princesses have delicate and sensitive skin," she advised him. So the Prince piled layer upon layer of mattresses on the guest bed and went into the kitchen to look for a pea. A pea? He thought to himself. I dont think that would do the trick. So instead he placed a 2 carat diamond underneath all the mattresses. If she feels this through all those layers he will know she is a real Princess.

He woke up early in the morning to make some breakfast. When the Princess woke up he asked her how her sleep was. She replied, "It was horrible. I tossed and turned all night trying to get comfy but it felt like I was sleeping on a big pebble. It had bothered me so. I was curious as to why. My curiosity lead me to discover THIS diamond at the bottom of all the mattresses." She handed the diamond to the Prince.

The Prince was overcome with happiness. "No, Princess. It belongs to you."

Princess & Her GF's Throw a Slumber Party

Me: So, Princess, what do you like to wear to bed?
Princess: I love being comfortable so I love wearing cotton camisoles and cute little boy shorts. If Im feeling sexy I'll slip on a silk robe or something with pretty lace (She smiles with her big bright eyes)
Me: So what is your nightly routine before jumping into bed? I sure hope your Prince got rid of that big diamond under your mattress
Princess: (laughs) oh I dont have to worry about that anymore. (she winks and gracefully flashes her ring finger) As for my nightly routine I have to brush my hair 100 times. Yes, I know I'm a little old fashioned but I've been doing it ever since I was a little girl. Before bed I'll do a bit of yoga to relax me.
Me: Oh that's wonderful (i smiled) I love doing yoga as well. Are you into the spiritual teachings of yoga?
Princess: Of course. What's yoga without it? Just plain stretches. It's definitely more than just that. You see I have this curious side to me. I love learning about new things that's why I have so many interests.

Princess Goes to the Beach

Me: I have to say Im rather impressed. You are very down to earth
Princess: (chuckles with a twinkle in her eye) I think that's what Prince likes about me. Being a Princess and all ppl assume I am a brat....that Im spoiled and everything is handed to me on a silver platter. That's what it was like when I was living in my parent's castle. I couldnt stand the way I was babied. I needed my independance so one night I just packed my bags and left to explore the world. That night I got caught in a storm with no cellphone and barely any money. Luckily I came across some shelter... and that's the night I met Prince
Me: I guess it goes to say that things happen for a reason.
Princess: (looking delighted, she nods as she picks up her glass of white wine and sips it between her heart-shaped lips)
Me: So tell me about one of your many favorite pastimes
Princess: I love going to the beach. Some days I will people watch, some days read, other times I'll daydream and write poems in my journal.
Me: Do you have any favorite designers?
Princess: If you're talking about shopping no. I'd rather not buy any designer items. Sometimes I will buy a handbag or shoes because they are very good quality but besides that I'd rather spend my money enjoying life....travelling, taking classes... (she pauses and looks at me) my, i must be boring you (she grins)
Me: Not at all Princess. Pls go on.
Princess: (smiles and twirls her glass of Chardonnay) ....designers... that's what we were talking about right? I love the classic ones.... Valentino, Coco Chanel, Dior, Madame Gres, Vionette....they were all true to their craft.

A Movie Date With The Prince

Me: So what kind of movies do you like to watch?
Princess: More so films... foreign films. I find that most mainstream movies are missing some kind of essence. I like historical fiction and romance films. Me and Prince are getting married in Paris and then we are planning to tour Europe. I'm so delighted. Europe has so much history... so many secrets to uncover
Me: Do you have any style advice?
Princess: Clothing is a way to show the world who you are visually so always wear things you are comfortable in. Piling on a whole bunch of brand name things can look like you're screaming for acceptance. Things like that should be accents to your clothing.... not the voice speaking for you. What you show on the outside shouldn't define should reflect who you are. (pauses dramatically)...there's a difference, you see.


  1. One of my fave fairytales ever.. and I soo love the outfits you made too.. My fave has got to be the 2nd one.

  2. Aw what a cute post :) The music I usually listen to really ranges from whatever that sounds good. Some of my favorite artists are Musiqsoulchild, Usher, Boys like girls, Beyonce, One republic, Etc :)

  3. thank you ^_^ i love fairy tales

  4. I think only less than 20% of my visitors comment on my blog either so don't worry too much about it. I read a a lot of blogs religiously too but don't comment. =P

  5. Bonjourno =^.^= Can I just are extraordinarily inspiring!! Super duper post - I adore fairytales too - something about them.. just so beautiful and a much needed mental get a way! :)
    I've only just recently discovered your blog and I feel like a wee kid in a sweety shop finding new exciting things! Keep on goin'! <3
    bisous!, xxo

  6. I really enjoy your fairy tale posts hehe and adore the outfits that go along with the character! The middle outfit reminds me of something Katy Perry would wear, I love her style!
    Look forward to your next fairy tale <3

  7. Awww!!
    This is so freaking cute ^.^
    I love the movie date outfit :D

    I'm sorry about the post above this though :(

  8. im commented on ur first part of ur part of ur page on how u say u love doing wat u do by expression urself thru ur blog and u love getttin feedback i havealways loved reading ur blogs and going thru ur pages since u have first started it. you always have inspiration that makes me smile and makes me see the brighter side of the day keep up the good work and do whats makes you happy cause as long as u do i will always be checkin in to see wats goin on in Misscindees mind i love your work,your truly 1 in a million......

  9. this is wonderful! and yes, I agree about the lack of feedback on posts. I found, that the more your comment and network, the more people will be likely to leave a comment. But it's hard to see hundreds of views a day, and only a couple comments.

  10. thanks for your post everyone =) any requests on which fairytale I should re-create next?

  11. Anonymous: Hello there, reader =) Your comment was very encouraging. thank you for those words. It's definitely an outlet for me to express all these things that go on in my head. It's great that I do have readers. But I wanna try and build more connection. Anyways, thanks again for your comment =)

  12. hi cindee!

    when i have some free time on my hands, i always love to read your blog and sometimes i'd like to comment but for some reason, my page takes forever to load and i can't seem to leave a comment. :(
    so i'm hoping this comment works, hehe.

    i find your blogs interesting and love all the illustrations and pictures that you put together. i also find that i can relate to alot of the things you write in your entries.

    keep it up babe and don't be too disheartened by the lack of feedback! :D

  13. I wish you could dress me! Hahah

    I love the last outfit.

  14. Hi Ligia.

    Thanks for your comment and your encouragement =) I dont expect ppl to always comment cos like i said its the reader's choice but sometimes its just interesting to hear what other ppl's opinions are.

    How are things with you?? =)

  15. Angie, Ill dress you if you do my makeup for me =P

  16. I love this idea! You still planning to do this monthly? I'll be linking to you from my fairy tale news blog about this series. Hope it continues - it's made of awesome!


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