Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

{ kinda bothered by how lifeless the models look. but i love the styling in these photos }

Spring is so refreshing. Well maybe not in Canada cos its still pretty cold outside and there's still snow on the ground =( But nonetheless it is here... time to sweep out the dusty emotional residue, clear out your mind...replenish and give new life to your soul. Here's a lil list to help you on your way...

Get a new haircut or a trim to get rid of dry ends caused by winter
Clean out your closet and get rid of anything that you no longer wear. You'll be surprised how good this will feel. Our closet is full of emotional baggage. Just let go.
Plan a swap party where you and your gfs get together and swap the clothes you decided to get rid of from your closet clean-up. Someone else trash is another's treasure.
Paint your toes a bright color! I'm going to paint mine either pink or yellow tomorrow. What do you guys think?
Try a new lipstick shade. I think I'll sit this one out =P

Look for a four leaf clover
Spray on a refreshing scent. I usually wear "D&G Light Blue" during spring/summer and "Gucci Rush" during fall/winter. I know they're not new scents but I love them.
Wear a flower in your hair
Buy new bed sheets and pillow cases. Urban Outfitters have some pretty cool ones. And these His and Her pillow cases by Human Touch are adorable ( I like this one).

Take a dance class
Plan a road trip with your girlfriends
Make a list of the ppl you've been holding a grudge against or resentful towards. Give the reasons why you feel that way towards them. Ask yourself is it worth holding onto these negative emotions? What good does it do for you? Learn the art of forgiveness
Buy some fresh flowers. If you can try to buy local flowers because the ones that are imported usually have been sprayed by pesticides that are banned in North America. Not good for us and definitely not good for the environment

Curl your hair and feel them bounce around when you walk in your new spring shoes =)
Share with someone one of your secrets
Be a camera whore and devote an hour to taking pictures of yourself in your most favorite outfits. Make pouty faces, practice ur sexy face, find ur best angle, be silly, have fun and make love to the camera.
Experiment and get creative with the clothes you have. Play around with accessories, match things you wouldn't normally put together bcos sometimes great outfits happen by accident. Remember to document them with a photograph
Make out with your bf in the backseat of his car
Buy a nice journal and start writing in it
Take out your pencil and sketch pad and draw yourself
Read about fairies. They look after nature and what better time to learn about them

Change your wallpaper. This is mine. I got it from Kindred
Give yourself a flirty look by trying a pair of fake eyelashes on. Use individual ones and place them at the corners of your eyes
Make a scrapbook of your best memories
Freshen up your complexion by going for a facial or giving yourself one

Do you have anything to add to this list? I'd love to know so send me some of your sweet loving =)


  1. I loved this post Cin, great tips to get me in a springy mood! I will definitely try to do all of these!! well maybe not the part about making out in the back of cars.. but the rest, yeah! hahah :D xo

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. =D I love all your little tips and advice. Did you make those origami flowers? Is there a site that teaches how to make them? I love making origami but I've never learned to make those ones. =) Take care hun!

  3. thanks Tiff. =) u dont like backseat of a car? we can go back to Bali if you want? hehe.. jk jk.

  4. Hahah touché miss... no the back seat of a car is just fine! I just said that because I don't have a bf to do that with heheheh :X



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