Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surround yourself with beautiful things

{ Abby Powell }

♥ What I Love ♥

- the color pink
- Peonies and full blossomed flowers
- whispered secrets
- unicorns
- uncovering life's secrets
- the crinkle in the corner of ones eyes caused by laughing
- things that sparkle
- wishing on stars
- candles
- fairytales
- lace
- the sound of water
- seeing the world in one raindrop or snowflake
- being a girl
What do you love?

{ iputdeadlynightshadeinyourcupoftea }

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{ credit: Elena Kalis }

Even tho the girls are under water & could be drowning, the scene paints a perfect picture of serenity in the comfort of one another. Holding each other so not to float away. Its easier to go thru this journey knowing that you are not alone. So thanks everyone for your lovely comments and support. For that I am grateful =)

Here is a list of ideas to help u out of a bad day:

♥ Reach out and do something for someone instead of focusing on yourself. Donate blood, volunteer your time, cook for your family, treat a friend out for some ice cream...etc

♥ Watch the movie "Chocolat". You'll crave chocolate after this so just indulge yourself. Well not too much or else you'll end up puking like me =P

♥ Create a vision board. Fill it with images, photos, clippings of anything that inspires you, makes you happy, empowers you.... it will symbolize what you want to attract into your life

♥ Remember a compliment you received and believe it

♥ Play dress up, put on some of your favorite makeup and be a camera whore for the day. This is how I figured out which angle is my best. lol* It's ok to be a narcissist sometimes... =P just as long as your not hurting anyone but your camera

OPI has a variety of awesome shades. Paint your toes in your favorite color! Flip flop season is around the corner =)

♥ Go out with your gfs for a night of wine & chocolate fondue. This always makes me happy

♥ Get your fortune read for fun

♥ Try a new scent of perfume

♥ Give away free compliments just as long as they are genuine

♥ Write a list of the things you love about each part of your body

♥ Take a midnight stroll with someone special and wish on a star. Make your wish as BIG as you can and really believe it in your heart that it will come true

♥ Go swimming in your favorite bikini. Who cares if you're not in shape. Just let your body float effortlessly and feel the flow of water around you....calming you and freeing you of your worries

♥ Create and write a story of who you were in your past life. I could begin mine: In my former life I was an Arabian Princess searching for love in a world full of lies and deceit....

♥ Host a slumber party and invite all your favorite girlfriends

♥ Find yourself in nature. Go for a walk & let your senses come to life. Ask what you hear, feel, see, smell and you will start to feel more connected to nature and feel a sense of peace emerge

♥ Watch your all time favorite Disney Movie. Mine is The Little Mermaid

♥ Try something new. Like a new dance class, art, yoga? (thx pinksolitude)

♥ Try to see how long you can hold your smile

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing Pains

I am only trying to express myself right now, not trying to teach you about the ego. None of this might makes sense to you so pls read this article from urbanmonk before proceeding.

Where do I even begin to express how I have been feeling lately. All I want to do is stay in bed. I believe that I am going thru a spiritual transition in my life right now and it's quite painful to say the least. When you look in the mirror who do you see? How would you define yourself? I am an artist? I am a woman? I am attractive? I am a sister, a designer, an accountant, a mother, an extrovert...? These are all ego based definitions of yourself. Who you are is greater than that and unable to define... at your core is consciousness. But not a lot of us are aware of our essence because our ego covers it. The ego is strengthened when we identify with it by defining ourselves by our good looks, by the money we have, our career, social status... etc. And what happens when we lose our good looks to someone younger? go bankrupt? or lose our dream job? We feel like we've lost a part of ourselves. But this is an illusion you see. When part of your identity is taken away from you it is the lessening of the ego that causes the pain, not the loss itself. The more you identify with something the more suffering it will cause. But if you can understand that this is actually a good thing for you soul you will begin to become more of who you really are. You are a spiritual being... pure consciousness.

This is what im going thru right now. Initially I struggled to re-gain control, to hold onto these roles of being a certain way but it caused me too much suffering that i realized how insane it was to keep fighting and to keep holding onto the need to be attractive...the need to be "the older sister"...the need to be a fashion be outgoing & socially acceptable. Getting rid of these definitions and expectations I have of myself will provide me with an opportunity to become more of who i really am. I asked for growth and in return God has given me the opportunity for it. Like a wise friend once said "when you ask God for money He doesnt give you money. He gives you an opportunity to make money. When you ask God for courage, He doesnt give you courage, He gives you an opportnity to become more courageous." So pls bare with me in the meantime. Im not really in the mood to post much.

As the twitt twitt bird said, "im nurturing myself back to life"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too much sun

hehe I think I got a little too much sun =P Tan lines are no fun.

Always wear sunscreen and apply very often. I did not do this. Also make sure you are very generous with the sunscreen on your nose, shoulders and knees. I looked like Rudolph for a week!

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of pre-mature wrinkles so protect urself esp your face. Wear a hat. You can always use self tanner later to match your face to your body

Dont get greedy and lay out in the sun the WHOLE day. Take breaks and hydrate yourself

Even if you're not burnt or peeling, be sure to apply aloe to your skin after u come out from the sun. It will PREVENT any peeling. Thx to my lazy ass my arm started peeling and ive got spots now. grrr

So my sister decided on a resort for her wedding. The Royal in Playa del Carmen. Check out some of these photos:

Here's a little video I put together from our trip to Mexico.

I also discovered an international store called Pull & Bear while I was in Mexico. I believe it was started in Portugal and now they are located all around the world. They have thee cutest t-shirts ever and very comfy laid back clothing. They also have a blog.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

im leaving for mexico. no cell phone, no laptop... just the sun, the beach and great company.
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