Sunday, March 22, 2009

80's Flashback? or Flash Forward?

Although every period has its own characteristic art forms, past styles sometimes reappear in adapted form. I find that a lot of 80's trends have re-appeared over the past few years. Today let's take a look at some and see how it has been interpreted presently.

♥ Hypercolor Tees♥

{ 80's version }

Guess what's back? Hypercolor T-shirts. K, maybe Im a tad behind bcos American Apparel re-introuduced them last year.But do you guys remember these? I remember asking a few friends but they don't quite remember. The reason why I remember them clearly is because I had thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would make hand prints all over my shirt and have them magically vanish a few seconds later.

If you dont know what a hypercolor shirt is you were probly not born in the 80's huh? Or too young to remember? hehe. or it can also be because the trend didn't last long at all. So what exactly is a hypercolor tee, you ask? It's a shirt that changes between 2 color. One when cold, the other when warm. Not a great idea if you have sweaty armpits... or if you don't like the thought of ppl breathing on you & touching you to test out the shirt. Maybe that's why this trend didn't last long =P

{ modern version }

♥ MC Hammer pants♥

"...too legit, too legit to quit, hey hey!" lol* ok the proper name for these pants are Harem pants. I actually like the modernized silhouette. It can look classy depending on how you style it. So how would you style it to make it look more modern. 80's fashion had a lot of angular and voluminous shapes so avoid that by pairing these pants with looser and slouchier fabrics and silhouettes. Try rounder necklines, sloping shoulders, fabrics that drape instead of being structured.

I like Ralph Lauren's take on it. Very beachy, resort feel
{ left: not sure, center: Ralph Lauren, right: Betsey Johnson}

These girls pull off the style well by it a more modern touch
{LookBook left: Hannah S, right: Kimmy-O}

♥ Blazers♥

In the 80's the blazers were quite colorful and of course most had those shoulder pads we all loooove! This blazer is not tailored to fit the contours of our body... it is looser fitting and the hem in longer. That's why it is often called the Boyfriend Blazer. You can achieve many different looks with the blazer. Its really all up to you. No rules here, just avoid bright solid colors if you are looking for a more modern look.


  1. Okay I wear the blazer and the pants with a lot of modifying. But I'm not sure I'm gonna do the tee, maybe it's just me though.:P

  2. I love your blog, its so inspirational.
    80's era definate my favourite fashion era, probably because I find that its the most wearable in "my" fashion style. Theres also the denim jacket, leggings, raybans and motorcycle jacket that sprung from the 80's! But i've never heard of those hypercolor shirts, hmm seems risky

  3. I actually owned several of those "Touch Me!" hypercolor t-shirts haha! They were the coolest!

    And as for the harem pants - quite ugly, only a few people can wear them without looking stupid ;) That's what I think anyway ;)


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