Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creating a beautiful bedroom & the art of Damask, Cindee style

Hello hello lovelies. Today I am going to talk about creating a beautiful space for yourself. A place where you can daydream, relax and unwind from the day. I love being surrounded by beautiful things...things that inspire me and lift me up so I've always tried to include items, photos and colors into my space that have a positive affect on me. I've gone thru a lot of chapters in my life that have prevented me from fully creating an authentic space...whether it be not enough time or money but i've always managed to express that need regardless.

Like this one time i painted writing and pictures on the walls of my rented bachelor suite. Scrubbing it off when I moved out was such a pain but also a good memory to look back on and laugh at. lol* Right Rosa??

Here are a few photos of the rooms I've had

This prob'ly looks like a little girl's room to you. But to tell you the truth I decorated this when I was 18. LOL*
It was the princess in me. I even had sparkles on the ceiling. It was a very magical space to be in especially when I lit up my candles.

This was when I first moved out to Vancouver on Richards St, downtown. I stubbornly insisted that I was to live in the heart of the city and even tho rent was pricey the experience was priceless. What a contrast to my previous room hey? I made myself some new satin sheets to go with the more "grown up" me.

This was the 2nd place I lived in Vancouver. I had to down grade. I was going to fashion school at the time and my place was always a mess bcos of the many projects I had on the go. Even tho this place wasn't my ideal place I made interesting memories. Like when the girls came to visit me in the summer, it felt like we were inside an oven. Couldnt open the balcony bcos there was a beehive sitting right outside.

Here's a post I wrote during this time: READ HERE

3rd apartment was by Joyce station. Pretty good location and a lot more SPACE!! I loved the view. I could watch the fireworks from my balcony.

And this is my room when I lived in Kits. How would I describe the style?
Well I was inspired by Hawaii. Had interesting patterns, exotic colors and brown furniture to ground it all.

And what does my room look like now?? I had more time to put effort into this one. If I could describe it in 3 words it would be: Modern, arabian, eclectic. I used a lot of dark colors esp grey. I damasked one wall to give it texture and interest to the eye and against the grey canvas I decided to add pops of color. It almost looks like a merging of my first two rooms. Sorry for the quality of the next photo. I had taken it on my phone.

♥How to Damask your wall♥

What you'll need:

*stencil paper
*a pad to put underneath to cut the pattern
*felt tip pen
*exacto knife

-I bought some stencil paper from the craft store and searched online for a pattern that I liked.
-I traced it with a felt tip pen and cut it out with an exacto knife. A bit time consuming.
-It's probly a lot easier if you find one instead of making one.

-I had to stencil my wall one pattern at a time. Not the most efficient way to go about it but I couldn't find a damask stencil in calgary and I was too impatient to order one online
-You can create a lot of diff looks with damask....different colors, different textures like gold or silver. Its really up to you what you like. For me I used glossy black paint
-So when you have your paint picked out you can start by taping the stencil to your wall. Then dip your sponge in the paint and dab at the stencil.
-You'll discover your own technique as you go along. But make sure to keep the stencil pressed up against the wall
-The first few that I did looked messy bcos I picked up too much paint on my sponge so add a little bit at a time

-Here's my progress. Dont ask me how I got them all level. I had no strategy. I just eyeballed it. I dont think I'd want to ever do this again unless I was paid a ridiculous high amount of money lol*
-If you were to do this right, I think the best way would be to use a measuring stick and drawn lines to act as guides on where to place your stencil

All done - after a few days. I think it was definitely worth it. Now for the fun part...putting everything together.

♥It's all about the details...♥

This is my prince charming frog where I keep my rings. You can open him up.

My jewlery drawer

And my lantern to go along with the arabian theme
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