Monday, September 7, 2009

Ready to be sun kissed by the californian sun

Hey guys, Just sitting at the Calgary airport right now waiting to board my plane to Cali. (Thx Tiff for the mags from Japan =D) Im so excited for this adventure. Summer has not ending just yet =) My first stop is Hollywood!! I will keep you posted so you can enjoy all the eye candy too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Naughty Nights

Netcandi presents: Heroes Ball

I know its a little early to post anything about Halloween but listen up. This year Netcandi is holding their annual Halloween party at The Big Four building on the stampede grounds. It's going to be massive and Im quite excited because I am working on a project for them. So the theme of the party is Super Heroes.. or villians =P and my task is to design and put together 12 costumes for the Netcandi models. Im currently working on it...trying to finish 4 before I head off to LA and NYC! Wish me luck... I've only got a few days left!

It would be so wonderful if you came out and supported and of course at the same time party it up! =) I'd love to see you there and see what kind of costume you come up with(psstt there are crazy prizes too!) Here's a short vid & contact me if you are interested. Ahem.. this is where you nod.

If you have Facebook you can view the vid here: **VIDEO**

♥ And the event here: ***EVENT***

So here are a few of the characters I will be working on. Can you guess which one they've asked me to be? =P

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