Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making Waves

I know its a lil late to post wknd pics bcos we are now in the middle of the week but better late than never right? So I had a pretty good wknd considering that I havent been out for a while. It was one of those nights that I didnt want to see end. I got home at 6 in the morning. Not bad. lol* So the above collage is an interpretation of what I wore on Saturday. My white leather jacket over white graphic tee with faded fabric finishing, paired with a black satin miniskirt and black stockings.

(ok i know i put my name on all my pics but there's a reason for that!)

And to make my overall look a little more exciting, I used my brand new hair waver from Bed Head. Ordered it online from Folica. I've always been a fan of wavy/crimpy hair. I received this product super fast considering how eager i was and it was fun to use. Time consuming but fun. But then again the first time for anything is always fun.

It is a dual waver with a barrel that can be adjusted depending on how deep you want the waves. I had it on the deeper setting. It was slightly awkward to use at first because each time you go down the length of ur hair you have to match the barrel with where you left off. It was also difficult to crimp the hair at the back of my head. I barely use hairspray in my hair but for this look its necessary or else you look like a frizz ball. Hairspray gives the waves more definition.

If you dont want to spend money on a product like this another alternative is to braid your hair. I'll wash my hair before I go to bed, blowdry it until its about 80% dry and start braiding. After i finish the braids I'll go over them with leave in conditioner followed by hairspray or mousse. Blow dry the braids and go to bed. If I have no where to be the next day I'll leave it on until I go out for the evening.

So in this pic the waves were created with braids. Looks pretty similar hey?
Braiding, can be more time consuming but its healthier & less damaging on your hair


  1. Thanks for the review! Once my hair grows out (I'm using clip-on extensions right now) I'm going to invest in one of these because I love the wavy look too!

  2. Cute! I love your outfit and you look cute with crimped hair! I often braid mine before bed =)

    Thanks for the kind thoughts!! I'm doing okay right now =P


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