Monday, March 23, 2009

Links of the Week

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Beauty is in the Brain of the Beholder. An interesting article on how men and women's brain work differently when processing beauty
How to speak Fashionese
♥ An article by Steve Pavlina on Overcoming Jealousy. I really enjoying reading his blog. It's filled with self-help topics
♥ Check out these lovely lovely spring wallpapers
My Skins: This line of lingerie comes in 20 different shades of nude to match you and comes in a variety of styles as well. Great cuts, invisible lines and are made with very comfortable fabrics. It even has an online measurement guide to help you figure out your size.
♥ Workout in style. Designer yoga mats: Gucci and LV
♥ Lovely dresses by Sarah Seven

Maybe she's born with it...maybe it's photoshop. Photoshop works wonders.
Checkout these links to see what i mean:




sex lies and photoshop

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