Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painting the town florescent pink tonight

No big plans, just gonna see where the night takes us.
Sounds like I'm just asking for an adventure.
BE safe everyone. CU in 2012

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trapped in a beautiful skin

Body con dresses are so hard to get out of. Especially when a zipper doesn't exist.

My Magical Birthday 11/11

I felt creative this year so I decided to whip up some invitations.

Picked up some fancy paper from the craft store. I thought the different textures and colors combined well together. I think my fave was the gold glitter. I've been seeing it everywhere this season...starting from Miu Miu's collection.

After cutting up the paper I started to put it together by making them into little pockets. Half way through, I wonder what I got myseld into. Like when I damasked my wall. lol* But hey - when my creativity takes over it TAKES OVER!

Sparkle time! Call me a girl but I love making things pretty!

The damasked paper had a nice embossed velvet feel.

♥ The Day Of ♥

To start the day off I booked a private session with one of my favorite yoga teachers so me and my friends can play

Me and my sister

hmmm what should I wear for dinner?

I did some last minute shopping and found 2 runners up...

I chose this one ♥ Its from Urban Outfitters

We had dinner at Mango Shiva. Its a trendy Indian Restaurant on 8th Ave. My Indian Themed birthday wasn't intentional, It just worked out that way =)

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