Monday, June 28, 2010

Lux Pups

These dogs are so adorable. LUXPUP is company located in Coquitlam, BC that sells luxury teacup puppies that are imported from Korea. It trips me out when I look at these photos for too long. These puppies look like toys & I wanted to share them with you. Realistically tho, I think these puppies are too cute for me. They are so tiny and precious and not meant for my careless tendencies. When I get another dog I'd want a Australian Shepard, a black Lab or adopt one from the pound.

Anyways, if you think these photos are cute check out the videos. They are posted on their website.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown - Week 2

Thanks for the awesome feedback and comments. I will definitely get back to everyone =)

Week 2: So, not much change this week except for the fact that I felt pretty bloated. I hate being a girl sometimes. Honestly, it discouraged me quite a bit in the beginning of the week. I was frustrated bcos I felt like after all the work I put into keeping fit & being healthy, one small change in diet can effect my body so noticeably & adding to this issue was that it was that 'time of the month'. The more frustrated I got the more I munched out which totally counteracts my efforts.

Once I caught myself in this negative pattern I realized that you always have a choice. You can always pick yourself back up and not let negative thoughts rule your mind. Instead on focusing solely upon results remind yourself what you have achieved, how good your body feels & then ask yourself what's your next step. It's easy to feel defeated but taking things one step at a time will keep you on track rather than overwhelm you.

Here are some tips if you have problems with bloating:
-Find out the real cause behind it. Is it due to hormonal change, digestive problem, water retention? Once you know, its much easier to prevent or treat
-Drink chamomile tea. I hear ginger and peppermint also help
-Try dry brushing or a detox bath
-if you can, cut out coffee and alcohol
-dont eat when you're upset or anxious
-limit your salt intake
-try doing PAVANMUKTASANA. It's a very simple and basic yoga pose. Translated its called the 'wind release' pose

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown

Exactly one month today I will be in Vegas so I've decided to put myself on a bikini bod challenge for the next 4 weeks. I already exercise regularly but for the next 4 weeks I want to turn it up a notch & eat more healthy so I can lean out and build a bit more muscle tone. I will post my progress each week & if you want you can follow along. For some of you that are inconsistent with your workouts check out my first Transform your Body series for a bit more motivation. And if you're already there and just want to read some really cool tips, check out Katy's post on Health & Wellbeing. I love it.

March 2010:
This is what I looked like 3 months ago. A lil less toned and a bit wider in the waist due to winter fat. I worked out 4 times a week ranging between 3-3.5 hrs mixing cardio and weights but didnt watch what I was eating. I indulged in a lot of comfort foods and chocolate!! mmm*

Week one:
-For the first week I started doing a lot of exercises from Body Rock tv. I love this site bcos she seems to post something new everyday. I felt a drastic change in my strength already & developing muscles in places that I didnt think could be defined
-Did 2 yoga classes this week & went to the gym 3 times. Before I would be at the gym for at least 3 hrs but now I find myself cutting down to 1.5-2 hrs. I focus on training harder rather than longer. I try not to take any breaks in between and try to make myself sweat as much as possible
-I try to keep my metabolism high through out the day by using my muscles as much as I can. If im carrying groceries I will use them as weights while I walk to my car(yes i got a few funny stares lol*) or when Im going up the stairs I would run up them or go up them by twos making sure i engage my leg muscles. I would do pushups and situps while watching know little things like that. It makes a big difference
-This week I ate more often but I made sure the portions were small and that it had some king of protien in it. Whey powder put into a smoothie or added into my oatmeal, hardboiled egg... also been eating more fruits and veggies

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corsetry & the tightening of life

Some moments in life you feel yourself expanding, exhaling and growing. Other times you feel yourself contracting like you're inhaling and holding your breath. Recently I've been feeling the latter - like someone getting a grip on you and squeezing tighter and tighter. You feel your insides squish and there's no room to move. When this happens I realize that I've become closed & have prob'ly come across a fear. All it takes in these moments is the acknowledgment that what you need now is courage and an openness to let life unfold.

A few years ago I took a course on Corsetry and learned how to make one. It was a very long BUT fun and interesting process. All the steps taught were very important to creating an actually corset, fully boned to give it structure. We took precise measurements from our own bodies and adapted it to our corset for the perfect fit & added a waist stay to ensure that it would give full support to accentuate our waists. Oh my god, was it ever structured!

The fun part was putting it on until I realized I couldnt breathe. lol*

To put on a corset you clasp it from the front & then from there you tighten it in the back with the strings. The back edge pieces are stabilized with metal bones(they used to use WHALE BONES back in the day yikes!) so you can pull as much as you want without worrying about wear and tear. Just when I thought it couldnt go any tighter, it did. I started off with a 25" waist which became 22". I honestly dont know how they did this everyday. I couldnt last 5 mins in it & doesnt it look a bit wrong to see how tiny my waist got?

I am intriged by corsets bcos of how they are made. Some corsets are soo beautiful & the craftmenship is just something to see - so intricate and elaborate! If you ever get a hold of a well made corset you'll know what Im talking about. Besides that I am not a supporter of the body being deformed and altered into such an uncomfortable, very unhealthy and disturbing way.

Corset vs Bustier
A lot of ppl get corsets and bustiers confused so FYI, the difference between a corset and a bustier is that a corset is more structured and made from heavier material. It alters & transforms your body drastically while a bustier just shapes it. A corset accentuates the waist and hips while a bustier accentuates the bust. Got it? hehe well im no expert but those are the major differences.

I love these 2 embellished corsets. Sooo beautiful.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go nude!

credit { }

Nude is one of the hot colors right now. Which is excellent bcos you can make your legs appear longer by wearing a nude shoe. And who doesnt want that? It's also quite elegant if you ask me and easy to match your outfit to. So if you're planning to spend money on shoes, Id say go nude! =)

Nude Makeup. Less is more. True or false in your books?
♡ See how Kim Kardashian wears nude. Very classy I'd say.
Wearing neutrals without looking washed out
♡ I love Posh's Loubs. 5 inches!! The highest heels I have are 4. And this dress Taylor Momsen's wearing.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? I think its time to stop obsessing over how we look all the time but instead focus on how we feel inside our bodies. Do we treat it well? Do we feed it well? Being comfortable in your skin starts with loving it so instead of trying to cover it up & adorning it with things just take a moment and ask yourself what it feels like to be in it. Just let yourself BE.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Palm Reading. Limited time offer

Hello my friends. Would you like to get your palm read? I have always been intrigued by the ways of a gypsie. I supposed its expected since I am a free spirited woman. I think that's what drew me to this Talula shirt I got from Aritzia which I wore under a cropped Wilfred top.

Tarot cards, tea readings, palmistry, it and most likely I have touched on it. I mean, I have 3 decks of tarot cards all given to me as gifts lol* Even though these things entertain me, I believe that we have the ability to create our future. These things are just here as tools if you choose to believe in them or not. Anyways, lets not take it too seriously. Life isnt meant to be lived that way. So today, find a way to cast your spell.

My Wilfred top again tucked under my bra

Source { Talula }

♥ I think this is the best horoscope readings that I have come across online. Very in depth esp if you know your birth date and birth time
♥ Light pretty candles everywhere
♥ Learn more about your chakras
♥ Figure out how to time travel

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