Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bikini Contest Winner!

Pretty in Pink. I dont usually paint my finger nails anything but clear or a french mani but today I felt like painting them pink. Might as well go and paint the town pink while im at it.

Vegas trip was awesome. I cant remember the last time I had that much fun.

Thank you to all those who participated in my first give away. The winner is Jay from Kiss an Makeup. Congrats =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown - Week 4 GIVEAWAY!!

I am so excited to announce my first GIVE AWAY contest. Im sure you guys are sick of seeing pictures of my body so for the 4th and final week I decided to give you guys a little summer treat. A chance to win this sexy tie dyed bikini. I spotted it and actually wanted it for myself bcos I love the shade and style. But since I've already purchased a few new bikinis I thought it would be nice to give you guys a little something back. My appreciation for the comments and readership I have gained in the past few months.

Description: SIZE S, grey and black tie dyed pattern, triangle string bikini

So to win this sexy string bikini all you gotta do is earn as many points as you can. I also added a bonus question to break any ties. Make sure to comment and tell me which ones you have done and also include your name and email address. So the points go as follows:

Follow my blog. There's the link on the right side column. If you're already a follower just let me know when you comment 8 POINTS

Follow me on twitter(click here) 5 POINTS

Tweet about my giveaway or you can on FB 5 POINTS

Post about my giveaway on your blog using the following code for the banner 15 POINTS

Answer: How would you wear this bikini (with what kind of accessories...etc?) If you want to get creative go to Polyvore and cull together a look based on this bikini 5-20 POINTS

I'll choose a winner when I get back from Vegas.
Contest ends JULY 18 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 Fun Tips to Play Up Your Summer Style

1♥ Accessorize by putting a fresh flower in your hair. Its the perfect touch to celebrate the warm weather while enjoying the sunset with your hunnie

2♥ Traveling this summer? Plan your trip based on an outfit theme. In the Sex in the City 2 movie their clothing choices were inspired by bold bohemian colors, desert silhouettes like harem pants, caftans & turbans. maybe you can do a nautical inspired theme or choose an animal inspired theme where you pair your LBD with peacock feathered earrings or accent a white summer dress with zebra printed sandalst. Use your imagination and be playful

3♥ Icecream tastes so good on hot hot days and so cute when the bubblegum shades are painted on your toenails

4♥ Protecting your skin from the sun is important(I just started to see some sun spots appear on my arms ahhh!) So why not do this in the most stylish way you can. Invest in some summery hats. Like a straw hat to wear to the beach with your new bikini and your sexy espadrilles or a cute boater hat unless you prefer a cowboy hat. Not only does it shield your face from the sun, it also adds some sassy style to your beach outfit

5♥ Walking barefoot on the beach? Why not try one of these foot accessories? I got THIS ONE when I was walking around Venice Blvd on my trip to Cali last year. I love it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown - Week 3

Im a little late posting week #3. It was a busy week full of activity, Canada day and birthdays so I haven't gotten around to this post till now. I also got my Victoria's Secret bikinis as well! yay! The one Im wearing was on clearance. They have pretty good deals on bikinis so check it out if you're looking for some new ones. Beach Bunny is a cute bikini brand as well. Very popular right now and the designs are very different. When I was in Bali we also stumbled upon this bikini store by Kuta Beach. It's called Blue Glue and they have a Canadian site too. I think I'm good for bikinis bcos I made a few too. I think Im all set =)

So its really important to switch up the exercises you do so your muscles dont get used to it. Week 3 I went hiking with some good pals on a trail called Troll Falls. Beautiful scenery all the way up and it was quite an adventurous hike bcos we had to climb up rocks and jump thru streams.

♥ Since its summertime go for walks after dinner
♥ Bike to the store instead of driving
♥ Swimming is also great and as a bonus you get a little tanning done
♥ If you're lucky to be around a beach go jogging in the sand
♥ Wall climbing!! This is next on my list

I also tried to mow our lawn. The grass had grown to almost a foot. Yikes! It was such a struggle pushing thru all that grass. I hate to admit it but I couldnt do it =( I tried with all my might hahaha

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Links of the Week-Good Reads

I think these 2 photos that I found capture those moments I have when I cuddle up to a book. I feel like Im in a different world where my imagination can run wild. I love the feel of books in my hands and the sound that's created when I turn each page.

One of my most favorite pastimes is to read so I felt like dedicating this week's links to some good articles that I have come across online. Not exactly book recommendations but just some stuff that I enjoyed reading. Hope you like them too!

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