Friday, February 26, 2010

oooh last min decision to go to vancouver tonight. Just made it for the Olympics. woo hoo. See you guys soon. muah*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking thru lace tinted glasses


Loyalty & when they are non-judgmental


My impatience & being forgetful, esp with names

Being a Full Time Sagittarius

Patient, loyal, ambitious & courageously passionate

Interesting, not afraid to be themselves and beautiful on the inside

Thinking u know someone & realizing it was only an illusion, the loss of trust in someone, living life half heartedly, the loss of freedom

Right now I love full blossom flowers like Peonies

Falling asleep in movies, over indulging in dessert , having messy hair when i get drunk, losing things, breaking things

Belly dancing & neon pink

Beauty. Ppl who can find beauty in the most ordinary things & in the most unexpected ways

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreamer's Remorse

Intoxicated from the previous night's dreams she wakes up & automatically reaches for her berry to check the time. The digital numbers read 8:17 am. 3 more minutes she tells herself. She had her alarm set for 8:20am but the past few mornings she had awaken always a few minutes before it sets off. Maybe its by instinct she wakes up a few mins earlier to avoid the panic she feels when the alarm cuts short her sweet dreams. By the time she shakes away the cobwebs, the memories of her dreams have begun to dissipate.

*sigh* time to start the day. Lately I've been feeling less than enthusiastic to do anything but roll around in my bed with my new baby unicorn that I got as a gift on Valentines. Save me from myself.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Links of the Week - Illustrators

photo credit { miss van }

"Art is not about thinking something up. Its about the opposite - getting something down."

I believe that creativity is a form of energy that passes thru each individual differently. It goes thru one end the same but comes out the other end transformed. Transformed into inspiration. Transformed by the artists' perspective of the world, life experience, their passions, hopes, fears... Its one of the most interesting things in life. No matter what kind of art you create whether it be in music, design, painting, drawing, cooking, it is most important to be in tune with urself and the creative energy around you. This is when art happens. The kind of art that speaks to others and touches their spirit.

Here are a few of my favorite artists. After visiting a few of the links I think you'll catch on to a reoccurring theme. Most of these artists i love because they have a mix of 2 contrasting elements which are combined very well. Innocent yet erotic, whimsical yet twisted, mysterious yet playful. It reminds me of the contrasting characteristics I possess within myself. Ive always had inner conflict bcos of my clashing traits but its artists like the ones below that inspire me to believe that 2 can exist simultaneously. You just have to find the creativity to mix them well together to create an unusual and unique character.

❥ Im going to start off my list of links with none other than Audrey Kawasaki. I know she's not new with some of you bcos her artwork is quite popular. I would love to own one of her pieces. In 3 words I would describe her work as: Innocent, seductive and sorrowful

❥ Curiouser and curiouser...KuKula's childhood imagination was nourished by a mix of fairy tale fantasies and World War II horror stories which was a result of being neighbors to Holocaust survivors. Her work is full of symbolism and is sweetly disturbing. It's kind of like having your heart ripped out and then placing a cherry on top. What are your interpretations of her pieces? It would be interesting to hear her own. But then it would lose it's magic. It is not the job of an artist to explain their work - it's the viewers' own perspective & interpretation of what is being expressed that makes a piece more interesting & makes it art

Peter Winnett is a fashion illustrator

Danny Roberts is another illustrator but he's also a photographer & a graphic designer. He does a lot of celebrity portraits and I love his style of art

Ray Caesar. Very dark creations. His subjects look very ghostly and vampire-like. Have you ever found yourself in someplace old, dark....dusty...empty and you cant shake off the feeling that you're not alone? Like someone unseen is watching you and you cant help but feel a chill run down your spine? Well that's how I feel when I view his art. It is truly genius when the artist can conjure up feelings inside you. Another important component of art

❥ Very chic fashion illustrations created by Cassandra Rhodin. You might have seen some of her pieces floating around over the net

Aya Takano is a Japanese pop artist. Her characters are usually nude...girlie figures with raw knees. lol* I get a sense of naivete and precocious sexuality in her work as she has a very vivid imagination, painting futuristic and lively worlds

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

♥My Valentines msg to you♥

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

je ne sais quoi...

photo credit: { Wildfox }

For Valentines Day, why don't you choose one of your favorite features and play it up, accentuate it!
Love your cute small ears? Adorn it with something that sparkles. Or do you have big dolly eyes? Try on a new pair of lashes to accentuate them or a bold new shade of eyeshadow in your favorite color. Have you always been told you had luscious lips? Apply some lip venom and dabble on your favorite lip gloss on top to make them extra juicy. The list goes on. Use your creativity & dont forget the finishing touch. Confidence.

I've been working out my back muscles a lot so I designed a dress especially for Valentines Day that will expose my backside. Stay tuned to see my creation =) It's super cute and sexy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sticking to the Valentines Day theme, here's a list of a few things that I LOVE:

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I like to have it with flax and sunflower seed bread and press it between a grill. mmmm* the texture of the bread is perfect with the warm and gooey inside. I love this as an afternoon snack
Getting letters in the mail...the old fashioned way. I actually received one from Rozzie the other day. These little things make me happy. I also love to see how ppl's handwriting looks like. It's very interesting to me.
Reading. I am the biggest book worm. Im always reading 3 or 4 at a time. But after all the ones that I have read I'd have to say that The Alchemist and Eat Love Pray are my most favorite!!
Having a movie marathon. When Im taking a break from my action packed life I LOOVE watching movies
Sipping wine and having a good conversation over dinner. One of the best things in the world
Italian food. mmm i love love LOVE italian food. If you guys are in Calgary you HAVE to check out Mercado if you havent done so already. If you're in Vancouver check out Trattoria. Kobe meatballs...mmmm*
I love the words: sprinkle, mint, glamour, daydream
Japanese mags especially JELLY & nutz
Eating at Guu with Garlic
Dancing, Pouffy voluminous hair,
Slumber parties, Whispering secrets, Chocolate fondue, Making messes, Falling in love, The smell of suntan lotion, Long summer nights, Freedom

photo credit: {steffilynn }

Getting Cupid's Attention

Valentines day is just around the corner. I've always loved Valentines Day. It's probly bcos im such a romantic at heart. Some ppl are so bitter about this day but really, why do they have to take things so seriously. Is it necessary to be so against it to the point where you fill yourself with anger? Stop being such a hater. I do agree that it is just another day. every day could be valentines if you wanted it to but its one of those little things that i look forward to.

The History of VDay: Cupid was born. Im still waiting for him to shoot one of his arrows my way. Hopefully I dont fall face flat into the floor when it happens. Maybe I should start wearing flats just in case. 4 inch heels would be killer to fall in =( Here are some ideas I brainstormed to get Cupid's attention. Let me run them by you.

❥ Sneak up behind him and scare him. Maybe that could startle him into accidentally shooting an arrow at me. But I gotta be clever about it and plan it so that a cute guy will be around to get shot too

❥ Buy him a few rounds of tequila and hope he gets trigger happy

❥ Offer to design him a new outfit. Cupid needs to look pimped out too

❥ If worst comes to worse I'll have to bribe him with sweets. I will use all the chocolates and candy I get for Valentines and leave a little trail of them behind me for him to follow. When he gets close enough I'll jump him and demand he hands over those arrows. Sometimes a girl needs to take things into her own hands hehe

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alice in WaterLand

Photo Credit: { Elena Kalis }

Alice is not the only one falling down the rabbit hole. Lately I've been discovering new territory in my life. Im feeling a tiny bit out of control but i guess that's what happens when one is exploring new perspectives and doing things differently. Its rather exciting.

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