Friday, February 27, 2009

February: Fairytale Friday - Red Riding Hood

This is my very first post doing Fairytale Friday. I will post one every month. I have this obsession with the world of fairytales. They are so fascinating and enticing....yes I like to day dream a lot so enjoy what I've created. Once again, these sets were created at Polyvore. This week we've got little Red Riding Hood.

...there was a little lady named Red Riding hood. Every Sunday she would make her way to her grandmother's house to bring her some yummy cherries because her grandmother loved cherry martinis. Yes, her grandmother was a wild one which could explain Little Red's free-spirited nature. She loved living on the edge. Her life was impulse driven which made her quite reckless. Her overspending on Chanel...Givenchy(oooh gotta love them multi-strand necklaces) Gucci left her wallet in poor condition. She didnt care though because she would rely on the handsome Woodsman to support her lifestyle. They shared a secret love affair. It all began years ago when he saved her life and also the life of her grandmother. And because her grandmother is the only family she's got, she felt in debt to the Woodsman. This turned very quickly into lust. They couldn't keep their hands of each other. The only problem was that The Woodsman was married. But Lil Red didnt mind. She loved the excitment and wild desire it created.

Years ago when she was a baby, her parents were attacked brutally by Mr. Wolf. This gave birth to a revengeful passion deep inside her heart. Even when the Woodsman killed Mr. Wolf that one frosty afternoon her Grandmother was attacked, she couldnt rid herself of the wild desire of vengeance. This turned into her career... her fashion career...designing fur jackets and accessories. The Woodsman would do her dirty work of hunting wolf while she sewed and worked on her creations.

Lil Red painting the town Red with her girlfriends

Me: So Red, what do you like to do when you are out with your girls?
Red: This isnt going to take long is it? (she looks impatiently at her watch)
Me: No, just a few questions... so tell me about girls night out
Red: Dancing. Im usually the one who gets up on the dance floor first(she winks). For some reason I always end up on tabletops. I love the attention. I love everyone's eyes on ME! (she scowls coyly)

Me: What is your choice of poison?
Red: I love my cherry martinis... BUT (she raises one of her perfectly polished fingers) only a splash of cherry flavor. I like my drinks strong!
Me: (laughs) to match your personality?
Red: No! Id rather see myself as a passionate individual (she flicks her lighter and puts a cigg between her dangerously red lips) I live on impulse

Me: Im sure you get alot of attention from the opposite sex.
Red: (blows out a swirling cloud of smoke through her lips as she looks at me with her black rimmed eyes) of course ( she grins. This question seems to excite her. Maybe its perfect timing to move on to questions about The Woodsman)

Lil Red on a secret rendezvous

Me: So tell me about The Woodsman? How did you first meet?
Red: He came to my rescue a few years ago while I was about to be ripped up my Mr. Wolf. It was such an exciting experience to he rescued.
Me: (chuckles) you kids.
Red: If it wasnt for The Woodsman my grandma and I wouldn't be here today.
Me: im glad that he got to you 2 in time. Where do you guys usually meet when you get him all to yourself?
Red: (chuckles) oh, my, wouldnt you like to know? Its called a secret for a reason. I love secrets. It's like we are living in our own little world. A world that only exists to us. If I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it?

Lil Red goes shopping

Me: Describe your style
Red: I love accents of red. Sexy Louboutin heels... my red gucci Satchel, lace lingerie (winks) and wearing accents of gold too. I love girlie silhouette like skirts, dresses, ruffles, lace... but paring it with grown up colors and texutres.
Me: What about your spending habits?
Red: I am a dangerous spender
Me: Any fashion advice?
Red: Find a signature style. Something simple but that you can call your own. Chanel's signature was a Gardenia, 2 toned spectator heels, hardware and quilted details on her accessories. My signature would be accents of red.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Links of the Week - Lessons

The theme of this week's Links of the Day are let's begin.

Not a very good time for our economy. So many ppl have been losing jobs. If any of you have experience this here's an article from Style Amor you should take a read: 5 tips on How to Move on With our Career

Size Guide to help you when you are shopping online

I workout a lot since this year started. In the beginning on Feb I worked out 3 hrs a day, 5 times a week. Felt gooood. Still going at it but I think I overdid it because so I just go ever other day now and do some yoga in between. I found this article entertaining. 10 Fashion Tips for the Gym

YouTube tutorial: Mac Simple Smokey eye from fanfinettex3

I cant stop Shopping. Help Me! I think this article from galadarling would help a lot especially during times like this.

Productivity tips and to go along with this I have found a very useful website on Self Motivation.

Come on, get inspired: How to Design Your Ideal Life and Creating your Own Happiness

10 Reasons You should Never Get a Job from Steve Pavlina and a related article: How I quit my Day Job from ThinkSimpleNow

DIY Eco-friendly notebooks. Good to carry around with you to jot down notes, sketches...anything that inspires you

DIY Shredded Tee

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quote of the week

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" - Coco Chanel

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Developing good taste

credit: Patric Shaw

Although taste is influenced by society it is very personal because it involves emotional experiences. Some ppl say that taste is only a matter of personal opinion and others say that there are guides one can follow. But it is more difficult to understand and apply principles than it is to follow a set of rules. I think that taste is acquired through observation and sensitivity to what is artistic. The power of media and fashion is that it can make outdated styles appear ugly & current ones look beautiful regardless of its artistic quality. So try to be more aware of that.

♥ Stop looking to magazines as a guide. It can be used as a source for inspiration but shouldn't be used to influence your taste. Do you really like that plaid shirt? Or do you like it just because your favorite celebrity is wearing it?

♥ Keep an open mind. A simple exercise you can do is go shopping and choose articles of clothing that you would never wear. Try different things...have fun with accessories, things that you think wouldn't match. Just because you think brown and yellow don't look good together, try it anyway. You'll be surprised what will happen.The point of the exercise is to open your mind, not to go home with an armful of shopping bags. So what's the harm?

♥ Hold your judgments. Do you think that something is ugly because of a personal association with it? (ew i hate leggings bcos they remind me of the 80s) Do you think a design is ugly because you dont understand it? Try to look at it in a different perspective. Question yourself.

♥ Be more observant of the world around you. You can achieve this by going for walks. Pay attention to details... the shape of a flower petal, the diff colors and textures of sand, the swirls made from the cream in your coffee. Thru association with beautiful things you can develop more sensitivity to line, color, texture allowing you to acquire an awareness of harmony and what goes together

♥ Try taking an art class. Painting, sketching, sculpting? Get in touch with your creative side. Dont give me you're not creative. Everyone is in their own way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Interview with the miss...

♥ On Style ♥

describe your personal style. I'm still trying to find it. I feel that it will always be evolving bcos i love experimenting and trying new looks.
what are the staples in your wardrobe?
My black leggings, jeans, my black stilettos, my black pumps, a ring I got from Thailand that I wear on my left middle finger, my lace camisoles that i love to layer under other pieces, my denim booty shorts(in the summer i cant live without them)!
what’s your signature look? I dont know if I have a distinct look bcos i dress depending on my mood. On an ordinary day i like to lounge in comfy pants, a cute tank top under a cozy hoodie. Winter weather makes me lazy to dress up. I just want to be comfy and warm
what inspires you?
As a designer, I find inspiration in almost everything. Nature, books, magazines, colors, moods, music, the way chocolate tastes ... its a combination of everything.
ho is your fashion muse?
I like Amanda's style on the show Ugly Betty & I used to like Victoria Beckham's style prior to her move to the states
biggest splurge?
what’s your beauty routine?
I dont spend too much time getting ready unless im going out to the club. I dont use tons of products... but my hair is a different story tho. I love volume so to achieve this i use a voluminizing sp ray at the roots when its still wet, apply serum on the ends, blow dry upside down, section my hair at the crown & put in velcro rollers, then i spray with hairspray while heating it with the blowdryer. I leave it in while doing my makeup. I repeat by spraying with hairspray and heating it 3 more times... about 5-10mins inbetween. Take out rollers, backcomb and then either straighten it or curl it.
what jewelry do you never take off?
My Tiffany's drop heart pendant necklace & my ring
what are you wishing for?
Where do I start??
what are your obsessions?
Lipsticks in different shades of pink, chocolate, reading all types of book s to expand my brain, spending the day at the library(when i was in Vancouver), charm bracelets, working out, Japanese fusion food, unicorns, bunnies, travelling, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, taking pictures
what kind of fashion mistakes have you made? i wore panties with a tight pair of pants once and you could see my underwear line. hehe. umm...what else...? ive made many. But you only learn from them.
what is your favorite color to wear? I love wearing black.. It may sound boring but if you play around with different textures and fabrics it could create something quite interesting.
Fashion/style goals? I want to experiment more with textures and add more details to my wardrobe. Spend on accessories instead of pieces of clothing. I mean, I can always just design and sew up stuff =P The perks of being a designer.

♥ 5 WISHES ♥

1. I wish I could see my mom again. I would want to see what my life would be like if she was still with us. We were too young to take her shopping or go for lunch dates. I wonder what we would talk about and what our relationship would be like now that we are older and more mature...
2. I love food. It is my biggest weakness. So my second wish I would wish that I could eat anything and as much as I want without it effecting my health and without causing weight gain
3. I wish that I had an unlimited source of money
4. I wish we had the ability to heal the earth over night. I wish that our lives could work in harmony with the earth and not cause so much damage to it.
5. Can I wish for more wishes...? Yes I know I can be quite greedy.

Just a random thought.... we are always wishing for things that we dont have. But the one thing most of us are blessed with is our health yet it is one of the things we take most for granted and abuse. ah, something to think about.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BARBIE ™ 50th Anniversary Fashion Show

For the 50th anniversary of its blockbuster doll brand, Mattel invited more than 1,000 guests to view a fashion show featuring 50 designer looks inspired by Barbie. By 3 p.m. show time on Saturday, a large crowd, including many children, overwhelmed the tents. Organizers hustled to get guests in, but dozens did not — including many crestfallen little girls. Read more....

Watch the show

Barbie's Blog

♥ Facts about Barbie:

- Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts
- Barbie has had over 80 different careers. Her first being a fashion model
- Barbie has represented 45 different nationalities
- The best selling was Totally hair Barbie
- Barbie has 5 sisters. Skipper, Tutti, Stacie, Kelly & Krissy
- Barbie's Couture collection includes designs by Dolce & Gabana, Givenchy, Gucci, Versace & Vera Wang
- If Barbie was human sized she would stand 5'6, weight 110 lbs, 39" bust, 18" waist, 33" hips

♥ Christian Louboutin:

In honor of her 50th birthday Christian Louboutin has designed a special pair of pumps for Barbie in Pantone 219 Pink

♥ M.A.C

The birth of Barbie...

(Not certain the source of the following pics. If anyone knows drop me a msg so I can give credit. Thanks)

Since we are on the topic of Barbie... take a look at Paris Hilton's Bentley.
Im in love with the color pink. But not this much.. =P

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Shapes in nature

Happy valentines. My entry for today is a lil weak. =P
Cant blame me... its valentines. Had an eventful day. But check out these pics for your viewing pleasure.

photo: Janoid

Forest in Cantabria, Spain

Galesnjak, Croatia

Voh, New Caledonia

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Lately it seems like ive been doing alot of things differently. Today i bought a pair of flats. ummm... flats? usually im seen sporting heels no matter the weather. But these days it seems like comfort is put higher on my list. Along with this I find myself enjoying staying at home, working on sketches, reading and sewing over late night partying and dancing ontop of tables. lol* I guess this is how it feels to grow up. =P

Here are a few looks I put together on Polyvore, inspired by my recent purchase.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Defining your personal values & goals in the way you dress

Dig a little deeper and ask yourself these questions. How do you define beauty? How do you describe attractiveness in another woman? Do you determine this by physical attributes like her figure or the attractiveness of her face? a certain feature (tiny waist, full chest, perky bum, big eyes...)? Is it something harder to point out? Her poise, charm, personality? Is it her individual style that you notice? her immaculate grooming? Prob'ly not one, but a few of these factors influence your opinion of her and also tells you something about your own desires and standards for yourself. Now let's examine your own goals by going thru the following list. Rate them in order of their importance. Be honest!! Would you rather be:

♥ Dressed in the trendiest outfits?
♥ Appropriately dressed?
♥ Uniquely and distinctively dress, emphasizing on your individuality?
♥ Modest and unnoticed in your choice of clothing. Conformity?
♥ Luxuriously, richly or expensively dressed?
♥ Dressed to flatter your figure
♥ Startling and shocking in your choice of clothing?
♥ Comfortably and simply dressed?
♥ Well groomed, neat & attention focused on detail?
♥ Charming first, and well dressed second?

They say that those who woud like to be distinctive and unique in appearance are prob'ly the most secure and creative.
Different ppl will place diff value and emphasis on what they want and look for in clothing. Where do you fall?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Did you know...

Back in the days of true Haute Couture in Paris, the signature labels (griffes) of garments aka clothing tags were never to be sewn into the garments until their final fittings as tradition. It was the House of Couture's last kiss. To sew in a griffe before its time was to condemn a workroom to badluck. It was a serious superstition in those days.

In the 1920s, couturiere Madeline Vionnet stamped her thumbprint on clothing labels to provide authenticity.
Manufacturers today, turn to product fingerprint technology to detect fakes

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Designer Alert - The Blonds

♥Meet the Blonds♥

Phillipe and David Blond launched the label about 5 years ago. It seems to me that their signature is their embellished crystalline corset. It looks quite amazing. Each one is one of a kind and oooh so glamorous!! The hair, the makeup, the jewels... all reminds me of old Hollywood glamor with a fresh, modern point of view. I think Ive found my new favorite designers. Their 2008 was inspired by the movie Legend. The collection was full of crystals, furs, feathers...brightly colored dresses and intricately constructed gowns. "The theme safely queued up The Blonds penchant for flamboyant, embellished, glamorous costumery and gave this season an extra push towards unicorns, rainbow colored gemstones, and big hair."

You'll find quite a few celebrities sporting their creations. Including Rihanna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera... Click here to view more. Im sure you're familiar with this ad for MAC Viva Glam.

Here are some photos(taken by Kevin Tachman) from their S/S 2009 collection:

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