Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A month has passed by since I've posted anything. I am struggling to stay ontop of my blog these days. Not just my blog but a few other things in general. Has this ever happened to you? You start reading a book, put it down for a few days and when you come back to it you realize that the bookmark has fallen out and you've lost your place. Bcos you havent read it for a few days you cant remember where you left off. You flip thru pages and re-read a few paragraphs, searching for familiarity until FINALLY you find the spot. Well that's how Im feeling right now. I hate losing track of myself. Me being the "book" of course. So now, where was I?

Ah, yes. So the winner of my giveaway is Alice P. from T.O Canada who answered: What I love about myself is my courage to live life fully. Thx for the 5 other ppl who entered. 5 is a very low number *ahem*

I also want to say yay! I won a BBcream from Riya's giveaway. So thank you for that, my dear. i just received it in the mail. Speaking of mail...i got a little surprise on Valentines Day from Mr. Wonderful. I havent been surprised with a sweet gesture like that in a long time. Brings out my romantic side.

I received these eyelashes from http://www.blogger.com/www.kkcenterhk.com. They are based in HK and have a website that you can order from. I didnt have to wait long for my order so it made me happy since Im not very patient when it comes to waiting. Im sure you'll find something you like bcos they have a variety of things to choose from. The eyelashes that I ordered are: ES A021 And ES A720 .

ES A720: I liked the hairs on this one bcos they are very natural but its too sparse and I dont really like the strip. Some strips are so thick and stiff, you feel the weight when you apply them but this one was the opposite. It's more on the flimsy side which made it hard to mold into a perfect curve to fit your eye. Usually it takes me a few seconds to apply eyelashes but this one I struggled with

The other set I ordered is: ES A021 . This one is for ur under eye. I LOVE these ones. They are soo natural you can't even tell that they are fake eyelashes but it gives you extra length(esp if you're asian and have short lashes). I found them very easy to apply and you can trim them just to fit in the corners for a more natural look.

Im still waiting on one other model bcos they ran out of stock. So i will let you guys know about those when I get them.

And thank you Lisa aka CocoBallerina for this award =)

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