Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Presenting...Cindee's Guide to Life

I present to you my Guide to Life. It is the first out of 3 series' I plan to add to my very empty Youtube channel. The other 2 will be my Guide to Style & Beauty and my Guide to Fitness & Health. If you have any special requests, definitely send me a msg. I hope that the things I have learned so far in this lifetime can inspire you, motivate you or simply entertain you =)

I also want to give a big shout out to Tiffany from tifanani who put together my cute intro. She's one of the most talented and creative ppl I know ♥x♥

Spin, spin, spinning around in her pretty lace dress makes her feel like she's 5 yrs old again. She asks herself, what has really changed since then? There are obvious answers to that question but somedays she feels like nothing has changed at all. Dizzy and tired from the spinning, she flops down on her bedroom floor and stares up at the ceiling. Immersed in thought, she does not notice how quickly her heart is beating. It tries to get her attention, for every beat it beats to remind her that she is alive in this world & that's reason enough to keep going without all her questions answered.

Monday, November 8, 2010

cindee's to do list

hi lovers. I have been a bit depleted lately. Gas running on low....emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. Havent been feeling my best lately and just trying to figure out how i can change my mindset but I came across this lil cartoon today that lifted my spirits. Its so cute and I instantly wanted to share it with you. What kind of things have you guys been up to lately? Hope you guys are doing good. Have a little faith in me. I'll update more often soon.
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