Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lipstick Indicator

Lipstick Indicator is based on a theory that women tend to turn to less expensive indulgence during times of recession. Life's little luxuries =P

And for fun, here is a little quiz you can do to determine ur personality traits from the shape of your used lipstick

Some of these shades I have posted before on my old blog but I've added a few new shades to my collection. Yes I have a mild obsession with pink lipstick.

My favorite shade is "Meltdown". It goes so perfectly with my skin tones esp when I wear bronzer. It has an orange tint to it and that's why i chose "Lady Danger" as well. It is an Orange-Red

What are your favorite shades? Or what are your little indulgences that make you feel giddy all over?


  1. stupid question, but this has always been a problem for me, and most things i've read have gone right over my head, but how exactly can i know what shades of lipstick would work with my skin tone?

  2. Hi Thrila,
    Thanks for your question and its definitely not a stupid one at all. Ive read about skin tones and about determining if you are warm or cool and what would look good and blah blah blah but i never really get it either. In my post I mentioned that I found the perfect shade "Meltdown" that went very well with my complexion. It actually happened by accident not by my knowledge of skin tones.

    My advice to you is to first know what you are looking for. Do you want red lipstick? something drastic in pink? or something natural that you can wear everyday? By narrowing it down you make it easier for yourself and also for the salesperson to help you. If you're looking for more than one thing maybe you can save it for another visit. It's just easier to focus on one thing at a time.

    So the next thing I do is experiment. That's why I love shopping at MAC for lipsticks. Cos they have a wide range of colors that they let you try as well as a very knowledgeable staff. So go crazy, try every pink shade they have if it means it will help you. That's how I find out what looks good on me. You'll also begin to figure out what textures you like...something a bit more glossy, sheer, matte or shimmery. Once you find that perfect shade you can use it as a basis to all your future lipstick purchases.

    So by knowing that "meltdown" looked good on me it helped me find the perfect shade of red. I still had to try a few shades of red but when i told the salesperson that i loved the way "Meltdown" looked on me she pulled out "Lady Danger" telling me that it has an orange undertone to it.

    I also notice too that some of my lipsticks are my "summer" lipsticks and some are my "winter" ones for when Im less tanned. Its good to know the basis of skin colorings but overall my advice to you is to just experiment. I know its harder to do that if you're buying lipstick from a department store cos you cant really try it before you buy it so maybe do something new and shop elsewhere even if it means spending a but more. Indulge yourself this once if it means you'll find your perfect shade.

    I hope I helped. Good luck. =)

  3. Meltdown and long stem rose are pretty and MAC is my FAVE. They all match you.

    Make up wise, I indulge in eye shadows. Only lately I've been blending different colors and trying different shades that match me. Make up is so fun. =P

  4. I'm more of a lipgloss gal but I love Mac's Sandy B (pinkish-coral) and Girl About Town. I love shades of red but they never look good on me! =(

    And about skintones, I think Asian skin tones look the best with peachy and coral colors (not that they don't look good with other colors though).

  5. I love the pink shades on you!
    I don't really wear lipstick that
    much, but it'll be on my try out-list!

  6. wow, thank you so much! i always thought there was a rule or standard to figuring this stuff out, but it seems a lot easier if i do just experiment. i'm slowly starting to get into lipstick, because in the past with the idea of trying to find "my shade" i would just get easily put off by it.

    thanks again so much, thankfully there is a MAC store right by my school so I'll have to stop by one day and see how it is there ;D

  7. Love your blog! And to answer your question about the detox teas, I think they work, and they definitely motivate. Just feeling slim and not bloated makes it easier to make good food choices and gives you more energy to work out. I'm still working on the actual lbs, but it's nice just to look slimmer, which I feel like I do. Sipping the Peach Detox (which is also freaking delicious) between meals is my fave. It controls sluggishness and appetite. ;)

  8. wow, you have a great collection~
    i have bunch of lipstick from victoria's secret, but it comes of so easily :/ does m.a.c. last?
    & i love the way "siss" looks on you. your lips look like angelina jolie's :)

    (p.s. you're so pretty! you have such a nice complexion)

  9. Wow you look gorgeous with all those different shades of lipstick :)

  10. i love that you did this! reminds me of why i love working at MAC, i really have the funnest job. visit me more often and we can try more shades, i just wanna slap glitter all over your eyes, we could make a photoshoot out of it, maybe to display your newest collections? idea. wink*

  11. thx ladies. what kind of collections do you guys have?


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