Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sea of shoes

Shoes, bags, jackets, accessories...? what can you not get enough of? for me its shoes!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanderlust Wednesday - L.A California

I love California. Ok - to be more specific, I love L.A. Particularly the weather. It's looking quite like a mirage in the desert right now since Im suffering in this cold city I live in. It's been below -30 for the past few days and I need a bit of sunshine. That's probly why I decided to post these photos.

How do you guys feel about traveling? Do you find it a treat like an occasional trip to the icecream parlor? Do you find it a necessity like fish needing water? Or is it something you find anxiety in like last minute christmas shopping? Its interesting that not many ppl share my love for travel. The first time I came across such a person I thought they were joking. But as the shock settled in I realized that not everyone is made the same way. I totally respect that bcos we all have our own ways of finding enjoyment...and shall i dare to say fulfilling?

Yes - to ME it is fulfilling. I think a lot of it has to do with how present you are in every moment. You cant help but have fresh eyes in a place you are unfamiliar with & you learn so much about yourself and gain a diff perspective to life. Its trying to bring that to everyday life that's challenging yet very worth attempting. I think one of the saddest and most common phrases I hear ppl say(including ME) when they get home from vacation is: oh - back to reality. Does our "reality" have to be so dreadful? It's kinda f*ked up if you think about it. We should always strive to live our lives fully and passionately - not only reserved for vacations. You know why? Bcos life is short.

I am very lucky to have these opportunities to travel. I never take it for granted. One thing that upsets me is when ppl don't respect of even understand where this comes from. I ran into a relative the other day and that relative managed to put me in such a bad mood. I have never met someone so critical and judgmental of me before. There were a few un-necessary and inappropriate words that came at me. I felt it came from ignorance more than anything. How can you manage be open to someone who is so CLOSED minded in their way of thinking. It's twenty twelve. Look around, things are different now. It's funny bcos growing up I used to look up to this person. Don't know why there's so much negativity surrounding them now but I guess everyone has their own battles to fight.

LA was full of one of my most favorite things - beaches. We went beach hopping and managed to hit up Laguna, New Port, Huntington Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice.

Do I have a favorite? They are all so different so its hard to say. Laguna and New Port were more quiet. It felt a bit retirement-ish but Laguna had the best paninis I've ever tasted. Malibu was closed off...I think its more of a private beach than a public one so we didnt get to see much. Venice was very interesting. So many diff types of ppl and things to see. I enjoyed it bcos it was so lively and colorful filled with artists, street preformers, vendors and shops. I remember wandering into a mystical store that sold belly dancing items. I was like - oooooh!

Here I am eyeing and drooling over some pasteries at the Famer's market. I noticed that they have a lot of bakeries and frozen yogurt stalls everywhere. Am I in heaven or what? Most favorite things: beaches, pasteries, frozen yogurt and yoga. hmmm... cali seems to be calling me.

These japanese crepes were to die for! I think we went there 3 times during our visit. Couldnt get enough. The batter was that egg batter...the one used to make those chineses honeycomb pastries. They break off into little balls if anyone knows what Im talking about. lol* but the flavors of the crepe went so well with the chicken and sweet sauce. Yummers!

Sweaty and sunkissed! oh ya!

hm, do you think I've perfected my red carpet pose?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are responsible for your own happiness. Yes - but its been quite a battle I've been having with myself lately. Even tho I have all these good things happening around me, I cant help but feel that there's a staleness surrounding my mind.

The city that I am currently residing in doesnt quite satisfy my big appetite. Of course there are many things that I am grateful for that makes it quite enjoyable to be in this city and I make sure I dont lose sight of those things. But there are days I slip. Like today where I long for more.

Build a foundation first before you fly - I agree. Like a beautiful palace needs structure and solidity before you can build upon it, so do your dreams. The trouble is, I have a tendency to become painfully restless. I blame is on my Sagittarian nature. Can you tell a bird that its an elephant? Its clearly not. Sure it can try at first but it will never find its potential when its trying to be something else. A bird is meant to fly.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gin Cin

Gin Cin wants to play! My starfruit gin mojito

Monday, January 2, 2012

Casting a spell for all things that glitter

What kind of spell shall I cast for twenty twelve? 2011 had been such an amazing and magical year for me. Everything that I wished for in this year had come true. It wasn't in a POOF-genie-in-a-magic-lamp kind of way but in a quieter - sprinkle-of-some-fairy-dust kind of way. I caught myself asking - is it possible to be so in tune with the Universe? Or perhaps, the Universe is more in tune with me =) Same, same. All I know is that there is a lot more to life than what we see.

In 2011 I started developing a stronger sense of my inner self. I had to make some tough decisions, like leaving my design career to explore a different path that resonated with me more. I believe that I will pick it up again later on in the future bcos it has, and always will be one of me dearest passions. But happily, I am now in the process of getting certified as a yoga teacher. After I made this decision, everything started flowing so perfectly. I was no longer swimming upstream. All the pieces started to fall into place and I began to attract amazing things into my life. One of the things being my soul mate.

How often have you heard me talk about relationships or love on my blog? Pretty much, never. The reason is because I never really had anything to say. Not because I wasn't in any relationships but bcos literally, I had nothing to express about it. The things I choose to write about on my blog are things that I want to express to the world...that I have interest and passion in. So ya, Im telling you now that I found my soul-mate. Or actually, my soul mate found me. In "Child's pose" in the middle of our friend's house warming party. I had too much to drink. It's not the most romantic story but it is quite a funny one. Anyways, long story short - I've met my match. In more ways then one.

So what do I want from THIS year? My resolutions aren't the typical ones I tend to write every year. Like, being healthier or working out more bcos that has already become my lifestyle. Yes, there's always room for growth but this year I want to focus on cultivating my personal power. HOW?

♥ By letting go of resentment. Its a big one to tackle but it is one I want to work on. How do I become influencial if im resentful? I have parts of me that need healing. Practicing yoga has been extremely helpful. Its become more of a spiritual practice to me than a physical one. Its so mystical and interesting. The more I delve into it the more I want to know.
♥ By not giving a shiet what other ppl think. I am an emotional sponge and I tend to be quite sensitive to other ppl's energy. I want to stand in my own power & not be so easily influenced by other ppl's moods or opinions
♥ Showing myself more love and acceptance
♥ Continuing to blog because it is one of my creative outlets. It also connects me to a bigger world. It gives me a chance to get to know interesting ppl and make new friends
♥ Trusting and having more faith in myself. Confidence will always follow.

I can go on but those are the main ones. To sum it up, I want to shine brighter, love stronger and be fiercely me. Like a tigress - rawr. What are your resolutions?

OH! and one more thing - TO TRAVEL AS MUCH AS I CAN! So far for this year I have plans to go to Hawaii and Vegas. Let's add a few more destinations, shall we?

Cheers, to a new year oxo

The last dress of 2011

Oh - how i LOVE electric blue.
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