Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alice in Wonderland in the world of Vogue

Couturiers, dresses and a fantasy world equals LOVELINESS! 3 of my favorite things combined in one. How can i not swoon?? The designers had a chance to re-create a dress for Alice.. Its so interesting to see what each one came up with through their own creativity and through their own childhood memories of Alice.

Correct me if Im wrong but I believe this is Olivier Theysken designer for Nina Ricci.

i'm falling, i'm falling for Tom Ford, the clever White Rabbit in his slick white suit

Once I saw the multi-layered collar I knew right away who was behind this creation...none other than the show-stopping duo: Victor & Rolf

Jean Paul Gaultier as Cheshire Cat?

oooh I love this one! Galliano is soo fitting as Queen. His couture creations always reflect royalty!

oh my!! how fierce! But then again Lagerfeld is always fierce. How can you not be when designing for Chanel.

Tea party with Christian Lacroix? That would make a delightful afternoon. And Stephen Jones(English Milliner) as mad hatter? What couldn't be more perfect. Pass the sugar pls.

Nicolas Ghesquière as the black kitty while Alice wearing none other than a Balenciaga dress tries to escape through the looking glass.

Hehe... and this is my quick sketch of the dress I would design Alice. First dress is the Read To Wear version and Second is the Couture. Sash is beaded with crystals and diamonds.


  1. I love all of these! I looked at these for inspiration to create a dress for my sister. We're all going to dress up as an Alice in Wonderland character this year for Halloween so I started some designs about a month ago. These came in very handy :) My favorite is Lagerfeld.

  2. i love it too! its so whimsical! i think i live in my daydreams too often =P

  3. I love this shoot! In fact I love anything to do with Alice in Wonderland.. it's amazing what others' takes on it are.

    Your dress is beautiful... I'd totally wear it!


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