Friday, October 30, 2009

How to shine bright like a star

Cindee's Guide to Shining

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

One of the things that I have learned and re-learned over the years is that in order to shine your brightest you have to not be afraid of standing out from everyone else. This can be hard to do bcos you risk feeling vulnerable to other ppl's judgment and opinions. You shrink back because it feels more comfortable to fit in. But in reality are you doing anyone any favors by holding yourself back from life and not living up to your full potential? When I talk about "Shining" I dont mean Hollywood Glitz and Glamour. Im talking about being the best of who you can be from the inside out and not being afraid to sparkle.

Begin with accepting yourself.
Be true to yourself. Understand, accept and embrace who you are, not who you're not. Read this past article I had written.
Identify & develop your talents so you can express them fully. What are you drawn to? The things you always gravitate toward are often related to your natural ability. What kind of things came easier to you than your friends? Do ppl compliment you on a specific quality or ability you have? (She's so compassionate, he has a good eye for color, he is very creative, she has good sense of style...)

Concentrate on cultivating your strengths instead of focusing so much on your weaknesses
Smile more
Do what you love. I believe that you can only become truly fulfilled when you are doing what you love bcos then you are aligning ur life with your inner self. Yes you will still come across obstacles but bcos your heart is in it, you will meet these challenges from a higher & stronger place. You will learn to transform your adversities into opportunities
Learn & grow. Be open to new information and ways of thinking. Wake up and explore your passions by trying a new class, pick up some books that interest you to stimulate your mind, do something that scares you.

Wear lots of bronzer =P hehe

There floating across the pavement surrounded by a flock of men in tuxedos was a woman who was unmistakably Diana Vreeland. She was wearing a sleek yellow satin sheathe that my guess would be Dior circa 1955. It had a matching satin stole and matching yellow satin shoes. White stones sparkled around her neck and at her ears. She looked absolutely amazing.

Now Mrs Vreeland was no beauty certainly by that age. But then she never was – that was the point. But on this evening well into her 80’s, she was dressed to kill and clearly fascinating a large group of men of all ages. They followed her like puppies and hung on her every word. I watched her as she slowly moved to the car. She turned her head this way and that to chat with the men around her. She leaned back against one of the men, tossed her head and laughed. The men couldn’t look away and neither could I. I have never seen a woman move so elegantly (at least off the ballet stage) and more to the point, never have i seen a woman more alive. She was so clearly having the time of her life and her joie de vivre lit all those around her. Mrs Vreeland was perfectly magical and a good part of that magic was her style. It was unique, it was flawless and it was as bright as the sun....continue reading. Women With Style


  1. I love your banner! Wish I was that creative, plus u look sexy in ur banner pic!

    awesome pics ;) lucky uuuuuu

  2. love your pics cin, you're so photogenic!

  3. wonderful words cindee!
    i really liv ethe last 2!
    learn to love yourself :)
    nice thing! got to try it!

    well halloween is funny bit this year i didn't do anything :(
    nobody has the time to go out with me so i had do stay at home and do nothing haha

    yes i am going to study design but first i have to pass my german a level!
    i have already the acception to the university 2 years earlier! :)

    love, alice

  4. I love all your pictures! very great blog indeed.. ^^

  5. What an amazing post! I loved it!! The pictures and words were very inspiring.


  6. Gorgeous photos !! And I really loved the own star name keychain you have:)

    So beautiful I want one too<3 And great tips you have there girl :)
    my throat has not fully recovered yet but I hope soon <3

  7. Hi baby :) I just went here in November!!! AHH I loved it. And I love how I can look at your pictures and know exactly where you are. :)
    How's everything going with you! Where are you now???



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