Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to get sunkissed skin

{Huntington Beach, Cali}

Sorry it too me a while to address this question but one of my readers had asked me:
Hi Cindee, you always have a nice tan.
Which tanning product do you use and recommend for a nice glow tan?

Before I begin Id like to say that this is the method that I use to tan. It doesnt mean its the correct or safest way so pls use your own discretion. I know you've heard this many times before but its very crucial that you protect yourself and your skin. Use at least an SPF30 and make sure you apply it every half hr. With that out of the way we can begin.

* When im laying out in the sun I always make sure Im greased up. If your skin is dry it takes longer to tan.
* I use HAWAIIAN TROPIC Dark Tanning Oil to get the job done. This is to be applied after your sunscreen has been absorbed into your skin. I reapply whenever I feel that Im drying out.
* Remember to apply sunscreen (environmentally safe is the best way to go) in between. Also you want to be careful if you have sensitive skin bcos the oil might burn you if you stay out in the sun too long. Take breaks. Every 15 mins or so.


* When winter rolls around and I dont get any sunshine I use self tanning products. I never go to the tanning salon anymore. It leaves my skin feeling tender, red and itchy. I was told it's bcos I got a slight burn from it. They say that your chances of getting skin cancer increases every time you get a burn. um ya.

* I know there are a ton of self tanning and spraying products out there but im really too lazy to try new stuff. Im even too lazy to self tan myself for an all year round tan. I only do if I have a special event to attend and wanna look delicious.
* Usually I start developing my tan 3 days before the event that Im planning to go to. * I use the Shoppers Drug Mart brand called LIFE. The product is called Bronze UP Self-Tanning Gelee in Medium or Dark(make sure its in Gel form). I like this product bcos it never streaks and the smell isn't overpowering like alot of other products. If you live in the States another alternative is Loreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion in DEEP. This works as good but its more expensive and it stinks
* Make sure you exfoliate your dead skin prior and then just put it on like you would with any kind of lotion. I do this 3 days in a row and I acquire the PERFECT shade. If I go a day more I start to get orange
* After that I just maintain the base tan I've created with Vaseline Healthy Body Glow in Medium. It does a really really good job


* Try not to expose your face to the sun too much. Its bad by causing premature wrinkles. I use LANCOME Flash Bronzer. I need to find a new one if anyone knows of any pls msg me. Bcos the one I use only lasts for a few hrs. I like it bcos it bronzes up my complexion but doesnt actually selftan you.
* For powdered bronzer I use Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful. I recieved it as a gift from Jenni last Christmas and i LOOOVE it! My gf Trace used it when we were in NY and she fell in love with it too. You can find it at Sephora.

{Laguna Beach, Cali}


  1. My favorite tanning lotion is Designer Skin Speed of Light. I love it because it's not oily and smells sooo good (like peaches).

    I use tanning booths but I only tan for an event so I'll do 2 or 3 6-minute sessions on the week prior to the event. I never tan my face though.

  2. oooh peaches. i think ill have to try that next time i hit the beach.

  3. It's nice to see pictures from your vacation, Cindee. I really like the second picture of you. I didn't know the beaches in Cali could be so beautiful.

  4. omg cute skirt!
    Anyways I'm longing for the sun now...

  5. oooh and don't forget about the setting you use on your camera too! hehe that def helps with achieving even more tanned skin.. esp in winter =)

  6. love your skirt & your tan! :)

  7. yea... i'm pretty much jealous of your tan!!!! Your on that model status girrrrl!!! Ur skirt is soooo cute.. i want it!! =P

  8. Hi Carrie, There are soo many beaches in Cali and all of them are distinctly different from each other. I could totally be a professional beach bum

  9. Girls, my skirt is from Urban Outfitters. Got it on Melrose.

  10. You're adorable! You're tanning regime is so extensive and thorough. No wonder you look so hot! I'm just lazy. Haha here comes the pasty white legs!


  11. Best skirt ever!! from urban, right? i keep looking at it, thinking 'someone's bound to pull this off, and it aint me' and you totally rock it!! i love this blog cindee, come visit me soon at MAC! xoox - soleil

  12. i'm so jealous of ur tan and body . very well in good shape and shade :D

    you could use Benefit's Talk to the Tan . it's kinda pricey but totally worthed.. I love it soo much !

    thx for the tanning tips though .. i've never thought of applying sunscreen before tanning oil..

    love the criss cross biking by the way .


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