Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I know in the states it isn't until November but in Canada its today. To be happy and to appreciate life I feel that its very important to remind yourself of the things that you are thankful for . Its easy to fall into thoughts of wanting more and not having enough but this kind of mindset is limiting. When I discover & recognize how many things i am thankful for it makes my life feel so abundant.

Gratitude. Psychologically, this is great training. It keeps you focused on what you have, and not what you lack. It is a great way to boost your optimism if you are optimistic; and shift you out of pessimism if you are not.

By being grateful, you are training your subconscious to guide you into getting more of what you want. An estimated 90 per cent of our mental activity (and hence power) is subconscious; this is the reason hypnotism is so powerful. It goes straight into the subconscious. (Why do you think hypno-therapists can charge so much?)

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My Gratitude List

1. Being surrounded by really great and support ppl. When you consciously decide what to let into your life and realize you have the control to get rid of things that are negative you make a lot more room for the things that you want. Even tho this is very true I also find myself very very blessed to be born into this world already having those type of ppl in my life. My childhood friends were there since we were babies bcos our parents are friends & I am lucky to have more than a handful of these ppl.

. My family that is always so patient with me when Im being less than patient.

. My childhood. Of course everone has a few memories that are tramatizing but overall I loved my childhood and being able to share that with my sister. I am also thankful for the fact that my mom had video taped so much of it for us to remember.

. My opportunities to travel. This year Ive been quite a few places. In April we had a week in Mexico to check out some resorts for my sister's wedding, then I went b I back to Van at least 4 times, my big trips to Cali and NY and then I have another trip to Mexico next month for my gf's wedding. hmmm I wonder how many more I can fit in before the year ends. Back to NY for my bday perhaps?? hehe i would love that.

. My love for reading. I dont know what I would do if I didnt like to read or found it hard to.

....there is soo much more. definitely so much more. But im gonna leave it here for now.

What are some of the things you are grateful for you in life?


  1. Happy thanksgiving beautiful!! I soo can't wait for thanksgiving here so I can eat all day!! lol

    Post pics of your thanksgiving celebration ;)

  2. haha yes i love to eat too Kimmie. If i was one of the 7 deadliest sins I would definitely be Gluttony. Hands down.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving girl !! love love those photos of you posted up here :))

    Do hope you'll find the perfect biker jacket soon. Love love your list of things to be thankful for. I think I'll post my own list toooo.

    Ohhh yes for sure,I'll be posting up what I got from my packages ! Can't wait to get them sooonnn <3 <3

  4. hehe, i'm the same, i love my food!
    we don't celebrate thanksgiving here in oz but happy thanksgiving to you cindee!
    i'm most grateful for the people that are in my life too, my family, my wonderful group of friends & especially my partner. i couldn't ask for any more cos when you're surrounded by loved ones, you can pretty much get through everything else in life.

  5. Heyy Cin Gluttony! HAHA! ur cute! You should post up some food porn!

    But thanks for helping me choose the bracelet! I got the Soft sunset i'll think of you when I wear it! lol kiddin. sounds soooo cheesy =P


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