Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Vintage Summer

{ Venice Beach, Cali }

How i miss the pink sky and the salty wind. They had become my best friends. My summer was filled with silly laughter, adventures and the smell of suntan lotion. But now it is the end...yet strangely enough I cant complain. There is something in the autumn air that I've always loved & found comfort in. The evident change in season reminds me of how everything in nature is impermanent & always changing and with life and what's inside me


  1. welcome back cindee!
    hope you had a grand time on your holiday hun. :)
    i love the new facelift you've given your blog.
    isn't summer the best, we're in spring now in oz but it's still cold and rainy at times. i can't wait for the summer to come!
    btw, i decided to start up a blog of my own, it's nothing as fancy as yours though but would love for you to drop by when you have the time. xOx

  2. Glad you had an awesome summer babe!

  3. Ohhhh girl !! You're back,missed you a whole lot :)

    I love the 1st photo of you at the beach,so beautiful !Plus the flowers :)) Everything ! Ohhh,do give an update soon <3

  4. well thank you lovies. i had a great trip. I dont even know how to post everything bcos im still a bit overwhelmed by what i experienced. but i always appreciate all ur comments. It encourages me esp when my mind is still on vacation. lol.


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