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Some of you may not know that I am an introvert. I may seem like a social butterfly (well...more so in my younger years) but Id very much prefer being in solitude than being surrounded by ppl at a party. It doesnt mean introverts are anti-social. It just means we prefer our own company than the company of others. Unlike extroverts who find being around ppl energizing, we introverts find it exhausting being around ppl for too long. So what does it mean to be introverted? I've culled a few things from the book Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe and made a list below. See if it applies to you:

♥ We prefer to look at life from the inside out
♥ We gain energy and power thru inner reflection rather than external things
♥ Writing appeals to us because we can express ourselves without intrusion & interruption
♥ Time to think & reflect is not only a luxury for introverts; its a necessity
♥ We do not hate small talk bcos we dislike ppl. We hate small talk bcos we hate the barrier it creates between ppl. We want less talk, more understanding. We want to establish a deeper connection
♥ We like conversations that are generally about ideas and concepts, not about other ppl, trivial matters or social small talk
♥ For extroverts, who enjoy associating, getting to know a lot of ppl is not a problem. It is part of the fun. But for introverts, who have limited energy for interaction, we need to be more thoughtful & deliberate about who we meet
♥ Comfort in relationships is key for introverts. That's why family relationships can be important. Siblings already share a history so a lot of grondwork has been taken care of.
♥ For us, being "talked to death" is very much like being beaten over the head. It gives some of us migraines or feel drained of life energy

Example of a conversation between an extrovert and introvert

Extrovert: How are you?
Introvert: (pauses. taking in the question, thinking)
Extrovert: I had the craziest day starting with.....
Introvert: (thinking) Wait a minute! WHAT R U DOING?? Dont fill the void. i LIKE the void! I need the void to make room for my thoughts. So if you really want to know how I am leave the void alone until I come up with something. If you dont want to wait, thats cool-just find someone else to talk to.

LOL* I found this funny cos its so true.

TOP 10 LIST "Extroverts at their Most Annoying"

10. When everything has to be a party
9. When E(Extrovert) calls too often, talks too much and says too little
8. When an E that you DONT know asks "Are you ok?" just bcos you are quiet
7. When E brings someone along to your "one on one" as a surprise
6. When E assumes every silence is an invitation to TALK
5. When E talks at length without a single pause
4. When the above behavior requires you to interrupt in order to speak
3. When you finally get to speak and your words remind E of something else to share
2. When E calls to respond to the email you sent bcos you didnt want to talk
1. When E is oblivious to all attempts to end the conversation including "goodbye" or "i've really got to go now"

So to all my extrovert friends, dont take it personally if I go MIA here and there. It only means I need ME time to recharge my batteries or maybe it actually means u're exhausting me. LOL just kidding. you know i love you =)

Sorry if I offend any extroverts out there. This entry was written light heartedly.


  1. omg babe! until i read your post, i never thought of myself as an introvert but i can completely relate to all of the above, lol. as much as i love partying with my friends and spending time with them, there's a limit to it and i need my "quiet" time. i also find small talk a bit superficial and prefer to have a meaningful conversation with someone, rather then a gossip or bitch session, although those are ok too just not all the time, hehe.

    i think my boyfriend is a bit of an extrovert though because he always seems to enjoy being surrounded by his friends every single minute of the day, even if it's only 1 or 2 of them, and he doesn't seem to like being on his own, lol.

    whereas, i'm the complete opposite and find it tiring constantly having someone around (apart from my bf 'cause i'm used to him & can just ignore him if i choose to, haha). i savour every moment that i'm alone & i love it when i have the house to myself and i can do the things that i enjoy. even if it's just doing laundry, or lounging around watching tv & pigging out, reading a book, or cleaning the house etc.
    in fact, my house/bedroom is like my escape haven from the rest of the world 'cause it's where i can have some peace & quiet, if that makes any sense?

    sometimes people (including my bf) misunderstand me and think that i'm being unsociable or a "snob" because they may have caught me at a time where i just don't feel like being around people.

    sorry luv, for taking up your comments page, i think i've written a whole essay here, hehehe. but i just can't get over how much i can relate to this post, thanks for posting it up cindee. at least now i have an explanation for the next time that my bf tells me off for being unsociable! lol xOx

  2. hey first comment :D
    thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment <3

    you're such a gorgeous girl . it's great to find someone feeling the same.. i'm also kinda of a introvert..but many people say that I'm a very sociable person..

    its fine to need "me" times..

  3. I'm an introvert too and it's nothing to be ashamed of. I cherish my "alone" time more than anything and although I like going out with my girlfriends and partying once in a while, I'd rather stay and chill at home most of the time. I have lots of stuff to do anyway to keep me busy so I never get bored at home. I also solve all my problems by myself and don't need to rant to anybody about it.. but that's also why I have my blog.

    I don't mind silence... there was a quote that says that you know how close you are with someone if you can sit with them alone in comfortable silence.

  4. this is so true, lol @ conversation! I am kind of an introvert as well, but a party at a time is very nice as well ^^
    you are pretty!

  5. Wowww,I really didnt know you were an introvert ! It does seem to me you were the extrovert .

    I'm an extrovert ! But my really close friend is introvert . But I guess its a good balance cos she always gives me better advice than myself. heeeee

    Beautiful photos of you toooo !

  6. Hey! Yes hehe, thank you for comment my booming inspiration about dating!

    hehe, you´re so pretty anyways.
    And I agree with you, your top 10 list.
    POINT 7 arghh.. I feel you hahahaha

  7. thx ladies for the comments. its nice to know im not the only introvert out there. ppl always mistaken my to be extrovert. but i guess you can say i am 30% of the time =P there always has to be some kind of balance right? hehe


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