Monday, October 26, 2009

It's coming up!!

Remember I was telling you guys about my Halloween Project? Well here is my progress...

{ Here I am trying to do cat woman's head piece. I had to buy a Styrofoam head to use as a guide bcos I had no idea where to start. Im happy with the results tho. I thought it would have been more difficult }

{ I guess this one is obvious...Wonder Woman }

{ Pheonix. I had fun doing this one. I think the gold emblem looks good on top of the black instead of having it just on the red like how some of the versions look}

♥ Here are some of the final pieces. Ill get clearer pictures later ♥


  1. good job cins! how come i didn't see the Phoenix costume in a poster?
    I like ur poster and your lightening hands.. i can see about makin the bottom of my dress into that hero style so ur not alone in the feelin 'exposed' on sat! heheh =) anyways just wanted to say you did a really good job on these costumes, i know what you had to go thru and this is a pretty cool project for you, ur hard work shows.. so I'm proud. be ready to rock out on sat! <3

  2. im glad to see thesse works in progress !
    you're such a creative person .
    i like the hat very much . ehehe

  3. Wow,beautiful video done !!

    And you made all those costumes in the photos ?!! That's so amazing and you're talented girl !

    Make me a Halloween costume tooo:) Ohhh and is that you on one of the photos too ?! heeeee

    Awwww,thanks for your well wishes and hope we both get well soon! Yeaa,I tend to do things slower when I'm sick and don't feel much like talking.

    And your comments are not repeating at all. heeee I always love to read comments,makes me smile all the time <3

  4. So glad to have discovered your blog today, LOVE IT!!!!

  5. thanks for the comment on my blog =). I've been following you for awhile lol. you're so creative and i love seeing your sewing creations! beautiful everytime =).

  6. You are super talented!!! The costumes are soooo hott!! BTW, that's you in the bottom second picture right? Ur sooo pretty hun ;)

  7. those costumes are really cool! love them.. did you really make them all? how amazing is that!!


  8. very creative & talented miss cindee! xOx


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