Thursday, October 8, 2009


"Who are we not to shine?" This theme seems to be popping up in my life lately...tugging at my sleeve for full attention. I was watching Ellen today and thought to myself how successful her show has become. She's such a wonderful person and you can tell she loves to bring joy & laughter into ppl's lives. That thought lead to the thought of talk shows in general. There are not many successful ones out there. The only 2 that stand out for me is Oprah's show and Ellen's. Why is that? I know there's probly many reasons to contribute to their success but I also think a main reason is bcos they both give something meaningful to the life of others in 2 totally different ways. maybe that's the secret. They stay true to who they are and grow and cultivate it. When I think Oprah the words that come to me are spiritual, strong, inspirational. When I think Ellen I think laughter, fun, dancing, joy and that seems to be their basic foundation to grow upon. All the other talk shows like Tyra Banks, Rachel Ray...etc seem to be so average in comparison. They seem to follow the typical kind of talk show.

So what can we do to be less average and more of who we really are? Let go of fear and instead of focusing so much on our weaknesses we should learn how to develop our strengths. In order to make a difference in other ppl's lives we need to find our unique expression in this world and to be ourselves as fully and as intensely as possible. Trust me, Im not there yet but like i always say, life is a journey not a destination. The first step is awareness


  1. I agree... Oprah and Ellen is inspiration. Oprah has gone through so much and touched the lives of so many people with her charity and donations, and Ellen the same except I think her sense of humor is what makes her shine the most.

    Tyra is garbage! Rachael Ray is okay but you're right, just the average talk show.

  2. Hi sweetheart.

    This is so funny, I met you @ Canvas with Pi when you came down to Van to visit for your costume designing! We went to eat at Tsui Hangs after... but I'm not sure if you remember much.. if you know what I mean ;) I've dropped by your page a few times! Nice update BTW. Love the shoes! How are the Halloween costumes coming along? Do you have any creative ideas for me? Haha I'm stumped!
    What you've said is so true. I can feel the tug on my sleeve. I'm just trying to figure out how to fulfill it!


  3. hey sweetie.. thanks for the cmnt! U have such a positive mindset.. I dig.. I dig!!!

    Once I got my monroe done.. it felt like every girl had it lol but now I don't see that many around.. I wish I could get my dimples pierced.. i don't know how my fam would feel about that haha


  4. I agree too, it's amazing how much Oprah has given to others & how big her heart is. It's completely inspiring to me and Ellen is also quite a character. She definitely knows how to make people laugh, which is always one of the best medicines in life. :)

    Oh, & thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie! I guess now you can put a face to the name right, lol. I always enjoy reading your blogs. ^_^

  5. Yeaaa,I both love love Oprah and Ellen. They both have their own unique personality:) Both are such huge huge life inspirations to me and the way I think:)

    Awww,and thanks for your nice feedback you gave on my blog ! Woooooo,do head down to vintage or thrift stores for the biker jacket :)

  6. Positive Direction Cin, Glad to see you writing more :)

  7. hi Kimmie,

    Thanks for your sweet comment =) I find life runs a lot smoother when positivity is added to the mix. and I totally agree, when I got my monroe it seemed like everyone else got it. a dimple piercing? that's too cute!! >_<

  8. Ligia you are too cute for words. You will find me creepin on our blog now. Im so excited you decided to create one! =)

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Roz. =) Havent seen you for so long. why is that? hehe

  10. hehehe, creep all you want cindee! you're always welcome on my blog. ;)


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