Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreamer's Remorse

Intoxicated from the previous night's dreams she wakes up & automatically reaches for her berry to check the time. The digital numbers read 8:17 am. 3 more minutes she tells herself. She had her alarm set for 8:20am but the past few mornings she had awaken always a few minutes before it sets off. Maybe its by instinct she wakes up a few mins earlier to avoid the panic she feels when the alarm cuts short her sweet dreams. By the time she shakes away the cobwebs, the memories of her dreams have begun to dissipate.

*sigh* time to start the day. Lately I've been feeling less than enthusiastic to do anything but roll around in my bed with my new baby unicorn that I got as a gift on Valentines. Save me from myself.


  1. I hate waking up from dreams too. This morning as I was snoozing my alarm clock, I was dreaming of waiting for that huge, juicy hot dog I ordered (thinking of DT-Van's hot dogs) and I never got it despite how long I was waiting because the damn alarm rang again. LOL.

  2. Hi Cindee, aw thank you for checking out my blog. You are the one that actually inspired me to start blogging again. Your blogs are so creative and insightful =) I stumbled on your blog a while back on Galoomba when they posted you as a new member, which lead me to your blog. That’s funny, I do the exact same thing. I always wake up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off. Whether it’s a good or bad dream, I try so hard to go back to sleep to see the ending, unfortunately never happens. Oh and songs that make me smile, Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning and I also love Marc Broussard’s Gavin’s Song, they are oldies but always brings back memories. Keep doing what you are doing, you are so talented and have a great taste in style <3

  3. Love your blog and you<3

    Miss. P

  4. katy: interesting dream you had. have you been craving big juicy hot dogs? lol* maybe your dream is telling you that you have been depriving yourself =P hehe how bout them Japadogs. I could definitely bite into one right now mmm*

  5. Hi Chan,

    Wow you are super sweet. Im very happy that I had a lil part in inspiring you to start blogging again. Its such a good outlet for creative expression and also to connect with like-minded ppl. What ever happened to Galoomba? It just disappeared.

    Haha, ya i guess we have an internal alarm clock. Sometimes I really wonder why I still set my alarm. I'll definitely have to check out those songs you listed. Im sure ive heard them before but Im not good at keeping track of song titles.

  6. that happens to me as well sometime :D

    many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  7. Aww.....we all have those days. I especially go thru them a lot. Then again, it's always nice to just roll around in bed for an entire morning's worth just to soak it all in. Hearing the alarm for a day I'm not really looking forward to is balony!

    :) Hope you find more enthusiasm soon!


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