Tuesday, February 9, 2010

je ne sais quoi...

photo credit: { Wildfox }

For Valentines Day, why don't you choose one of your favorite features and play it up, accentuate it...love it!
Love your cute small ears? Adorn it with something that sparkles. Or do you have big dolly eyes? Try on a new pair of lashes to accentuate them or a bold new shade of eyeshadow in your favorite color. Have you always been told you had luscious lips? Apply some lip venom and dabble on your favorite lip gloss on top to make them extra juicy. The list goes on. Use your creativity & dont forget the finishing touch. Confidence.

I've been working out my back muscles a lot so I designed a dress especially for Valentines Day that will expose my backside. Stay tuned to see my creation =) It's super cute and sexy


  1. ooooooh i love those wild child leggings =]


  2. haha, can't wait to see your dress.
    And yes, I haven't updated my blog for over a year now. I guess it's time to do so from time to time.


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