Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alice in WaterLand

Photo Credit: { Elena Kalis }

Alice is not the only one falling down the rabbit hole. Lately I've been discovering new territory in my life. Im feeling a tiny bit out of control but i guess that's what happens when one is exploring new perspectives and doing things differently. Its rather exciting.


  1. Once in a while we need to explore new things, to keep life exciting. I love your post.... The pictures actually do actually speak :)

  2. i love this photoshoot. it has this very calming feeling to it!

    How are you doing!! :)


  3. Cindee,

    I always wonder how you stumble upon such beautiful pictures. I love them! Hope your exploration is yielding lots of good results and exciting experiences.

    Oh yes, thanx for dropping by my blog to leave a long long comment. So sweet. I love reading comments so don't be a stranger yourself too.

    Oh yes babe, is your blog template from blogger? I'm looking for huge white main body with minimum waste of side borders space. Can't find one. Those pretty blogskins seem to have lots of space wasted on borders.

  4. These are such dreamy, beautiful pics! It seems everyone is caught up in the Alice in Wonderland frenzy. Have you seen the Urban Decay palette that is dedicated to this? The movie looks...well, interesting. I'm not sure how good it's going to be, lol. Oh btw, I love your Lambie slippers in your previous post. I have the same! Plus, I bought the Lambie stuffed animals. :)

  5. Hey Ingman, I haven't heard from you in a while. how are things? yes i love keeping life exciting. Thx for your comment =)

  6. Hi Jo,

    Yes my template is from blogger but i tweaked it quite a bit to get it how i wanted. Took me forever. Are you familiar with coding?

  7. Yes they are such dreamy pictures. Makes me want to daydream. No I havent seen Urban Decay's palette but now you've got me curious. I honestly cant wait till Alice in Wonderland comes out. I love Tim Burton. His creations and vision is very twisted. You've got those slippers too? You know there's also a blanket?


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