Monday, February 22, 2010

Links of the Week - Illustrators

photo credit { miss van }

"Art is not about thinking something up. Its about the opposite - getting something down."

I believe that creativity is a form of energy that passes thru each individual differently. It goes thru one end the same but comes out the other end transformed. Transformed into inspiration. Transformed by the artists' perspective of the world, life experience, their passions, hopes, fears... Its one of the most interesting things in life. No matter what kind of art you create whether it be in music, design, painting, drawing, cooking, it is most important to be in tune with urself and the creative energy around you. This is when art happens. The kind of art that speaks to others and touches their spirit.

Here are a few of my favorite artists. After visiting a few of the links I think you'll catch on to a reoccurring theme. Most of these artists i love because they have a mix of 2 contrasting elements which are combined very well. Innocent yet erotic, whimsical yet twisted, mysterious yet playful. It reminds me of the contrasting characteristics I possess within myself. Ive always had inner conflict bcos of my clashing traits but its artists like the ones below that inspire me to believe that 2 can exist simultaneously. You just have to find the creativity to mix them well together to create an unusual and unique character.

❥ Im going to start off my list of links with none other than Audrey Kawasaki. I know she's not new with some of you bcos her artwork is quite popular. I would love to own one of her pieces. In 3 words I would describe her work as: Innocent, seductive and sorrowful

❥ Curiouser and curiouser...KuKula's childhood imagination was nourished by a mix of fairy tale fantasies and World War II horror stories which was a result of being neighbors to Holocaust survivors. Her work is full of symbolism and is sweetly disturbing. It's kind of like having your heart ripped out and then placing a cherry on top. What are your interpretations of her pieces? It would be interesting to hear her own. But then it would lose it's magic. It is not the job of an artist to explain their work - it's the viewers' own perspective & interpretation of what is being expressed that makes a piece more interesting & makes it art

Peter Winnett is a fashion illustrator

Danny Roberts is another illustrator but he's also a photographer & a graphic designer. He does a lot of celebrity portraits and I love his style of art

Ray Caesar. Very dark creations. His subjects look very ghostly and vampire-like. Have you ever found yourself in someplace old, dark....dusty...empty and you cant shake off the feeling that you're not alone? Like someone unseen is watching you and you cant help but feel a chill run down your spine? Well that's how I feel when I view his art. It is truly genius when the artist can conjure up feelings inside you. Another important component of art

❥ Very chic fashion illustrations created by Cassandra Rhodin. You might have seen some of her pieces floating around over the net

Aya Takano is a Japanese pop artist. Her characters are usually nude...girlie figures with raw knees. lol* I get a sense of naivete and precocious sexuality in her work as she has a very vivid imagination, painting futuristic and lively worlds


  1. You have a very unique blog page and it reflects your creativity in the greatest of ways. You seem like the person who finds life to be a journey rather than something that leads to a destination. I'm surprised I received a comment from a fellow Cow-Towner and it makes me happy that random people actually do stumble upon my page and take in my perspective on life. With that said, your comment on my blog has inspired me to keep writing and spruce up my blog page up as well. Thank you, I am definitely a follower of your work.

  2. thank you for the link...i needed this page for some...creativity that has been "blocked." I work in a very non creative environment (IT consulting) and boy..sometimes I wish we could take a fieldtrip to a museum. haha.

  3. Hey dear,

    When I clicked your link and saw the top 1 cm of the picture in this post, I thought it must be Audrey Kawasaki's painting. Alas I was wrong but here I see Audrey Kawasaki's link being featured. I just introduced a good friend to AK after seeing her use Mark Ryden as her msn profile pic and figuring she might also like AK's works. I was right... She had a hard time choosing an appropriate pic for her profile coz she says all the paintings are so beautiful. I like how the girls look so malancholic and beautiful; how they exude sexuality amidst innocence.

    I've been introduced to Aya Tanako and Ray Casear's works before and I'd spent some time clicking on the rest of your links... found myself saving some under my favourites yet again.

    A suggestion you could look into... Possible to allow links on your blog to open in a new window or enable right click? I've to open lots of your blog window to click on the links one by one. My lousy lappie hung a few times. =(

    Once again, you're inspiring me to start introducing links as a blog post. I swear I'm gonna do that. But I know I'll take a long time.

    My comments always end up so long. I'm just too long-winded. =P

  4. thx Gookie =) im really glad that you are going to continue writing. i think its important for everyone to express themselves whether it be in the form of writing, art, singing, dancing... whatever makes you feel good inside, i say - just do it! haha i didnt mean to sound like a nike ad. =P

  5. I feel you, Amy. I dont know what to do with myself when im in a environment that doesnt stimulate me. but i guess it challenges us to look closer and see ordinary things in a diff way =) thx for the comment.


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