Friday, February 26, 2010

oooh last min decision to go to vancouver tonight. Just made it for the Olympics. woo hoo. See you guys soon. muah*


  1. so with all this olympics that jus past it made realize alot of things in my life i see those people out there living there dreams or either still chasing there dreams u see the happiness that words cant express when they win that medal but u see sadness in the athletes eyes that make it so close but dont get the glory for it but it is not all over for them even when they have to go home and dont get to bring a medal at least they went out there and got to feel the experience i myself think thats is worth more then any medal .... im almost positive none of them have regrets...those will be memories that will never be forgettin.........but then thats when i started to realize i started to get jealous that those people are out living there dreams and im sittin here watchin them... my greatest dream of all would be to make a living and to be successful off my creativity whether its creating ur own clothing line,producing music or becoming a great dj or something somewhere along the lines where my creativity and passion has to be used in order for me to make writing this here in ur blog because from time to time i stop by and read ur blog it gives me inspiration..u have no fear in ur expression and i can tell u of all people u believe we should chase til we hit the stars :) but sometimes its jus not enuff to kick start my engine if u kno wat i mean but with all that has passed here in the last few weeks in Vancouver i kno now its time...i want my glory in life, i want my medal im not saying physically but watever i do i want to make it to the top....i have no regrets in my life.. where i been or wat i ve done but i feel like if i don't act now i eventually will ... whatever u do keep ur head up high and with a little hard work,drive, and most importantly PASSION i believe anyone can make it anywhere.....

  2. hello, thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. I always love to hear other ppl's perspectives and thoughts. i agree with you when you say that the experience is definitely worth more than the medal. i see life that way. as something you live and enjoy everyday - not as something or someplace you need to arrive at to be happy. sometimes we chase and chase and chase our dreams that we forget to enjoy the journey.

    I love your new found energy and your enthusiasm but I also do understand when you say that sometimes things aren't enough to jump start your engine. I've had many many MANY times where i've become discouraged or felt so stuck! When I become stagnant I know that its bcos I am overwhelming myself or that I'm putting too much pressure on myself. That's why its so important to break your goals into little steps. They are easier to digest that way. And each time you accomplish a little step you start gaining more confidence in your abilities. You start building more trust in yourself. By the time you know it you'll be LIVING your dream. Dreams are meant to be lived. Not accomplished. bcos if your dream was your true passion then you'll never stop.


hi luv. speak your mind...whisper your secrets...kiss your words as you blow them into my ears

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