Monday, June 14, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown

Exactly one month today I will be in Vegas so I've decided to put myself on a bikini bod challenge for the next 4 weeks. I already exercise regularly but for the next 4 weeks I want to turn it up a notch & eat more healthy so I can lean out and build a bit more muscle tone. I will post my progress each week & if you want you can follow along. For some of you that are inconsistent with your workouts check out my first Transform your Body series for a bit more motivation. And if you're already there and just want to read some really cool tips, check out Katy's post on Health & Wellbeing. I love it.

March 2010:
This is what I looked like 3 months ago. A lil less toned and a bit wider in the waist due to winter fat. I worked out 4 times a week ranging between 3-3.5 hrs mixing cardio and weights but didnt watch what I was eating. I indulged in a lot of comfort foods and chocolate!! mmm*

Week one:
-For the first week I started doing a lot of exercises from Body Rock tv. I love this site bcos she seems to post something new everyday. I felt a drastic change in my strength already & developing muscles in places that I didnt think could be defined
-Did 2 yoga classes this week & went to the gym 3 times. Before I would be at the gym for at least 3 hrs but now I find myself cutting down to 1.5-2 hrs. I focus on training harder rather than longer. I try not to take any breaks in between and try to make myself sweat as much as possible
-I try to keep my metabolism high through out the day by using my muscles as much as I can. If im carrying groceries I will use them as weights while I walk to my car(yes i got a few funny stares lol*) or when Im going up the stairs I would run up them or go up them by twos making sure i engage my leg muscles. I would do pushups and situps while watching know little things like that. It makes a big difference
-This week I ate more often but I made sure the portions were small and that it had some king of protien in it. Whey powder put into a smoothie or added into my oatmeal, hardboiled egg... also been eating more fruits and veggies


  1. Oh man, I am soooo copying your plan! I need to get into bikini body shape ASAP! I've been way too lazy lately - I'm definitely going to take your tips as to doing pushups and situps while watching TV!


  2. omg hun, week one and you already look like that? i wish i had your tummy. ;) i definitely need to get motivated to exercise more, it's winter here in oz, so it's even harder to find the motivation. -.- but i will try my best, so i can have a tummy like yours, just not as tanned, hehe. xOx

  3. strength training actually will do you better than cardio with less effort. Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so to convert current body weight to muscle would increase dramatically your metabolic rate. Since cardio is mainly to strengthen the heart and lungs, burning calories is more so a bi-product of that. Also, you can try by eating more meals during the day to kick your metabolic rate also :P

  4. Increase your str. training... increase amount of meals a day but same calorie intake. Cardio is great, but burning calories is a bi-product of it. Swimming is a great way to burn the calories but it also makes you feel hungry as hell >.<

  5. OMG Cindee... you are sooo my inspiration! Your have a hot bod already! I'm doing similar things in your post but I have to really train myself to be consistent. I still need to work out more but with work, I get so damn tired.

    Good luck & have a blast in Vegas! <3

  6. Holy! That girl in the Body Rock TV is soooooo super toned! She's so lucky to maintain her boobs so well though - I mean that in a good way of course ;)
    You look awesome Cindee! Oh and I wish I had a hot tub over looking the mountains :)
    I need to draw some inspiration from you. I definitely need to get more toned, drop excess weight and feel stronger. It's good mentally too - too much stress at work sometimes and it's good to combat that through workouts. I look forward to your future workout/health posts :)
    Yay for Vegas! I'm actually going to Vegas on Sunday (Father's Day) with my parents. I haven't been to Vegas and I'm 25!! LOL. I feel like I'm getting there a bit late but better late than never ;)

  7. HOLY SHIT you look AMAZING!! thanks for the website! i'm gonna start using that a a tool :) i'm dyingg over your abs, they are perfect and i've been trying really hard to get my belly like that but it seems soooo hard :S
    and 3 hours 4 times a week seems ABSURD! thats soo long! what dedication you haveee. . .

    you totally motivated me girl . thaks! <3
    and keep up the amazing work :)

  8. honey...that 1 week of working out has gotten your body in tip-top damn hot shape!!! i need to get my ass doing crunches more too and squads!

    you are going to have so much fun in Vegas! what clubs are ya going to hit up? i know the newest/hottest one is XS!

  9. cindy you're body seems perfect enough to me !
    i guess reading ur post totally motivated me to work out more effectively . i work out around 3-4 times a week as well but I only do them for health.. some strength training and cardio.. i love spinning very much :)

    the only i cant resist when on a diet is, the GOOD FOOD ! i dont mind excercising for a long time, but i cant skip the nice dinner and stuff :/

    looking forward for more health stuffs from you :)

    re; as for my lens, my maid accidentally knocked my camera off the table, so yeah :( lucky nothing happened to teh camera body..

  10. oh and i haven't quite finished eat pray love. i was onto indonesia when my school's librarian grabbed it back.. being last day of school and every thing lol, can't wait to finish it though! i am loving certain parts a lot, others are a LITTLE hard to read through :)
    hope to hear you soon! :)

  11. wow you look great!!! i really need to tone up for the summer as well

  12. WOw your body looks freakin amazing! ;D
    I love it!! & am totally jealous.

    Looking very HOT hun!

  13. loely post looks really nice i like it its awesome

  14. wow great progress already!!!


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