Monday, June 7, 2010


  1. what a lovely video cindee !
    ps . i love ur photo edits on the previous post ! you look absolutely divine !

  2. what a lovely video !
    say ur pics on the prev post.. you look sooo divine ! i love the way you edit them !

  3. The artist is Donjuki at DeviantArt. I love the picture, something so simple can say many things.

    My definition of happiness is that you have to truly feel happy. Laughing till your insides hurt, something that makes you truly smile, and feeling content with life and knowing that everything is fine. A lot of people sugar coat happiness. I agree with the quote, its either you are or not.
    What is your definition of happiness?

    Loveee Christina Aguilera <3


hi luv. speak your mind...whisper your secrets...kiss your words as you blow them into my ears

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