Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corsetry & the tightening of life

Some moments in life you feel yourself expanding, exhaling and growing. Other times you feel yourself contracting like you're inhaling and holding your breath. Recently I've been feeling the latter - like someone getting a grip on you and squeezing tighter and tighter. You feel your insides squish and there's no room to move. When this happens I realize that I've become closed & have prob'ly come across a fear. All it takes in these moments is the acknowledgment that what you need now is courage and an openness to let life unfold.

A few years ago I took a course on Corsetry and learned how to make one. It was a very long BUT fun and interesting process. All the steps taught were very important to creating an actually corset, fully boned to give it structure. We took precise measurements from our own bodies and adapted it to our corset for the perfect fit & added a waist stay to ensure that it would give full support to accentuate our waists. Oh my god, was it ever structured!

The fun part was putting it on until I realized I couldnt breathe. lol*

To put on a corset you clasp it from the front & then from there you tighten it in the back with the strings. The back edge pieces are stabilized with metal bones(they used to use WHALE BONES back in the day yikes!) so you can pull as much as you want without worrying about wear and tear. Just when I thought it couldnt go any tighter, it did. I started off with a 25" waist which became 22". I honestly dont know how they did this everyday. I couldnt last 5 mins in it & doesnt it look a bit wrong to see how tiny my waist got?

I am intriged by corsets bcos of how they are made. Some corsets are soo beautiful & the craftmenship is just something to see - so intricate and elaborate! If you ever get a hold of a well made corset you'll know what Im talking about. Besides that I am not a supporter of the body being deformed and altered into such an uncomfortable, very unhealthy and disturbing way.

Corset vs Bustier
A lot of ppl get corsets and bustiers confused so FYI, the difference between a corset and a bustier is that a corset is more structured and made from heavier material. It alters & transforms your body drastically while a bustier just shapes it. A corset accentuates the waist and hips while a bustier accentuates the bust. Got it? hehe well im no expert but those are the major differences.

I love these 2 embellished corsets. Sooo beautiful.


  1. Oh gosh Hun, you should have been there when I had my last trip to Florida with my older sister. We got into an argument a few times and she conveniently decided to forget to take a snoring pill on those couple of nights we had arguments. It was soooo mean of her because I couldn't sleep those nights! I totally know what you mean.
    I loved watching hockey live too :)
    That must have been so neat to take a course on how to make a corset. I haven't ever tried a corset - I can imagine it wouldn't come into use for me since I wouldn't stand not breathing properly for looks LOL. You're very talanted and the corset you made looks great like you bought it in store!
    I love bustiers and the frills on the back of the bustier in the bottom right picture is pretty - I love frills on the bottom edges of lingerie or's so girly I love it :)

  2. did you make that corset yourself ? its simple but yet so stunning! and i found this post very informative LOLS. i wish i could sew as pro as you do =/

  3. love this post those corsets are so pretty! I know the diff between corsets and bustiers now =P I was one of those ppl who just bundled them up together. Anyway nice blog =)

  4. Wow! Very pretty! And I love your necklace

  5. I'm feeling the latter too. Mine is coz of the new changes at work and I'm heading this major overhaul project. How about you? Is it due to some project? Remember to give yourself a break coz sometimes rather than external forces, we ourselves are the ones pulling the corsets too tightly. I hope you manage to loosen your corset and slowly attain that ideal body... figuratively speaking of course.

    The corset you make is so beautiful! I love the combination of pink and white and since it's fitted to your measurements, it really accentuates your to-die-for body. I've tried on corset style wedding dresses and I could not breathe and could not even last a minute. I wonder how those victorian ladies do this every day. I think I've to invest in a bustier. they really lift the busts unlike strapless bras. I really love the corset on the right with the frilly layers. It looks just like the style of mini skirts I'm searching for.

    On the going nude post, I've got nude shoes too! But they dun look half as good as loubbies pumps in nude. LoLz... And when I first knew of kim kardashian from a US gossip magazine, I thought she was one of the most beautiful, stylish woman ever.

    Oh just in case you didn't check back, I've actually pasted my reply to your comment here but it makes the whole comment look longer than long. I hope I don't distort your page. *crosses fingers*

    My dear... it's always a joy reading your comments. The joy and anticipation is the same as that of receiving a snail mail from that distant pen pal. You spend time reading my words, forming your thoughts and you're always so sincere in your words even when we're only acquainted on the internet realm. *virtual hugz* Recently, I've got the habit of blog hopping whenever time permits. Rather than just glossing over their posts and leaving surface compliments, I read their words too and sincerely leave my comments coz I'm sure a blogger always gets all warm inside when they read a comment from a random stranger. I really hope to live by one of my mantra-- brighten up people's day by random small little things. =)

    Haha... Thanx. You're so cute. Kh is such a dear, I need not shout at him. I'm losing my voice often not only coz I'm constantly teaching but also when I'm hit by the throat infection, I really have no control over it. That's why I tend to get angry and upset when plagued by infection coz it's not about me not taking care of myself. =(

    "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." And that's why I believe destiny can be shaped.

    You listen to Elva too? S.H.E are your fave? Who's your favourite? I don't have a favourite but they're all cute aren't they?

    Thanx for your wishes. No need to be sorry darl. May your wishes come true too. I know they will. ;)

  6. I love love love corsets, I got a few, but they're not the "Real" corsets in a way that it's not tied in the back! I wore a real corset a while back and I was having issues breathing at the end of the day! regardless they're quite classy and sexy looking!

  7. ahh i'm guilty of the bustier and corset confusion :( although it was so simple all along... thanks for clearing that up :)

    and jeez what can you NOT do? the corset looks so beautiful, and the craftsmanship is so amazing! You really are such a talented person... not to mention inspiring! Have you considered being a life coach or motivational speaker... or a wedding designer or a fashion designer or blah blah blah the list can go on forever! I know if you were some kind of motivational speaker though, people would seriously listen to you. You definitely have a way with words.. and the analogies you come up with are incredible!

    anyways, I hope the strings loosen and everything works out for you. I always enjoy reading your posts (really really really) so keep them coming! I'll be sitting here in my spare time reading them hahaha.


  8. by the way, I used to have a facebook some 2-3 years ago.. and I could've sworn you friended me back then? I just remembered you had a jumbled-letter name and I thought "wow, she is so gorgeous!" hahaha, maybe it was you?

    very random... sorry!

  9. WOW!!! you guys leave amazing comments! Im really appreciative of the time you put into your thoughts & opinions =) i will get back to you guys individually. muah muah muah! hehe

  10. I can't imagine having to wear a corset everyday like they did back then. It does give amazing shape though. Beautiful selection of pictures too!


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