Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes yes I know Im a little late posting Halloween pictures but here they are. This year I was Pyslocke from Xmen. Im quite pleased with how my costume turned out. The leg part was a bit finicky at first but there's nothing fashion tape can't fix. It definitely held it in place most of the night. By the end of the night I was a messy mess mess.


  1. i LOVE your costume! so upset i didn't get to dress up this year! this costume is soo creative yet still hot/sexy but not plain ole' slutty!

  2. Wow, ur outfit does really look like the Xmen Character ;) So cute! :D

    Just passing by and wanted to say a quick hello ;)

    cheers!! xxx

  3. You look just like the real Psylocke.

    Now the only thing that's lacking are those pscho-electric laser that you generate.

    Pew pew!

  4. cin wow that looks sweet!!! too bad you didn't get to party in van...maybe next year ;) awesome work on the costume ... it suits you!


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