Friday, February 27, 2009

February: Fairytale Friday - Red Riding Hood

This is my very first post doing Fairytale Friday. I will post one every month. I have this obsession with the world of fairytales. They are so fascinating and enticing....yes I like to day dream a lot so enjoy what I've created. Once again, these sets were created at Polyvore. This week we've got little Red Riding Hood.

...there was a little lady named Red Riding hood. Every Sunday she would make her way to her grandmother's house to bring her some yummy cherries because her grandmother loved cherry martinis. Yes, her grandmother was a wild one which could explain Little Red's free-spirited nature. She loved living on the edge. Her life was impulse driven which made her quite reckless. Her overspending on Chanel...Givenchy(oooh gotta love them multi-strand necklaces) Gucci left her wallet in poor condition. She didnt care though because she would rely on the handsome Woodsman to support her lifestyle. They shared a secret love affair. It all began years ago when he saved her life and also the life of her grandmother. And because her grandmother is the only family she's got, she felt in debt to the Woodsman. This turned very quickly into lust. They couldn't keep their hands of each other. The only problem was that The Woodsman was married. But Lil Red didnt mind. She loved the excitment and wild desire it created.

Years ago when she was a baby, her parents were attacked brutally by Mr. Wolf. This gave birth to a revengeful passion deep inside her heart. Even when the Woodsman killed Mr. Wolf that one frosty afternoon her Grandmother was attacked, she couldnt rid herself of the wild desire of vengeance. This turned into her career... her fashion career...designing fur jackets and accessories. The Woodsman would do her dirty work of hunting wolf while she sewed and worked on her creations.

Lil Red painting the town Red with her girlfriends

Me: So Red, what do you like to do when you are out with your girls?
Red: This isnt going to take long is it? (she looks impatiently at her watch)
Me: No, just a few questions... so tell me about girls night out
Red: Dancing. Im usually the one who gets up on the dance floor first(she winks). For some reason I always end up on tabletops. I love the attention. I love everyone's eyes on ME! (she scowls coyly)

Me: What is your choice of poison?
Red: I love my cherry martinis... BUT (she raises one of her perfectly polished fingers) only a splash of cherry flavor. I like my drinks strong!
Me: (laughs) to match your personality?
Red: No! Id rather see myself as a passionate individual (she flicks her lighter and puts a cigg between her dangerously red lips) I live on impulse

Me: Im sure you get alot of attention from the opposite sex.
Red: (blows out a swirling cloud of smoke through her lips as she looks at me with her black rimmed eyes) of course ( she grins. This question seems to excite her. Maybe its perfect timing to move on to questions about The Woodsman)

Lil Red on a secret rendezvous

Me: So tell me about The Woodsman? How did you first meet?
Red: He came to my rescue a few years ago while I was about to be ripped up my Mr. Wolf. It was such an exciting experience to he rescued.
Me: (chuckles) you kids.
Red: If it wasnt for The Woodsman my grandma and I wouldn't be here today.
Me: im glad that he got to you 2 in time. Where do you guys usually meet when you get him all to yourself?
Red: (chuckles) oh, my, wouldnt you like to know? Its called a secret for a reason. I love secrets. It's like we are living in our own little world. A world that only exists to us. If I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it?

Lil Red goes shopping

Me: Describe your style
Red: I love accents of red. Sexy Louboutin heels... my red gucci Satchel, lace lingerie (winks) and wearing accents of gold too. I love girlie silhouette like skirts, dresses, ruffles, lace... but paring it with grown up colors and texutres.
Me: What about your spending habits?
Red: I am a dangerous spender
Me: Any fashion advice?
Red: Find a signature style. Something simple but that you can call your own. Chanel's signature was a Gardenia, 2 toned spectator heels, hardware and quilted details on her accessories. My signature would be accents of red.


  1. I love reading your blog!! You've always got such interesting things to blog about! I'm loving Fairytale Fridays :) Keep up the good work hun! :)

  2. thx for taking the time to leave me this sweet msg. if you ever have any suggestions dont be a stranger.

  3. Wow, the clothes looks so pretty! I especially love the dress on the last picture :)

  4. very fun and creative!

    looking forward to more fairytale friday's!


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