Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Defining your personal values & goals in the way you dress

Dig a little deeper and ask yourself these questions. How do you define beauty? How do you describe attractiveness in another woman? Do you determine this by physical attributes like her figure or the attractiveness of her face? a certain feature (tiny waist, full chest, perky bum, big eyes...)? Is it something harder to point out? Her poise, charm, personality? Is it her individual style that you notice? her immaculate grooming? Prob'ly not one, but a few of these factors influence your opinion of her and also tells you something about your own desires and standards for yourself. Now let's examine your own goals by going thru the following list. Rate them in order of their importance. Be honest!! Would you rather be:

♥ Dressed in the trendiest outfits?
♥ Appropriately dressed?
♥ Uniquely and distinctively dress, emphasizing on your individuality?
♥ Modest and unnoticed in your choice of clothing. Conformity?
♥ Luxuriously, richly or expensively dressed?
♥ Dressed to flatter your figure
♥ Startling and shocking in your choice of clothing?
♥ Comfortably and simply dressed?
♥ Well groomed, neat & attention focused on detail?
♥ Charming first, and well dressed second?

They say that those who woud like to be distinctive and unique in appearance are prob'ly the most secure and creative.
Different ppl will place diff value and emphasis on what they want and look for in clothing. Where do you fall?


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