Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Developing good taste

credit: Patric Shaw

Although taste is influenced by society it is very personal because it involves emotional experiences. Some ppl say that taste is only a matter of personal opinion and others say that there are guides one can follow. But it is more difficult to understand and apply principles than it is to follow a set of rules. I think that taste is acquired through observation and sensitivity to what is artistic. The power of media and fashion is that it can make outdated styles appear ugly & current ones look beautiful regardless of its artistic quality. So try to be more aware of that.

♥ Stop looking to magazines as a guide. It can be used as a source for inspiration but shouldn't be used to influence your taste. Do you really like that plaid shirt? Or do you like it just because your favorite celebrity is wearing it?

♥ Keep an open mind. A simple exercise you can do is go shopping and choose articles of clothing that you would never wear. Try different things...have fun with accessories, things that you think wouldn't match. Just because you think brown and yellow don't look good together, try it anyway. You'll be surprised what will happen.The point of the exercise is to open your mind, not to go home with an armful of shopping bags. So what's the harm?

♥ Hold your judgments. Do you think that something is ugly because of a personal association with it? (ew i hate leggings bcos they remind me of the 80s) Do you think a design is ugly because you dont understand it? Try to look at it in a different perspective. Question yourself.

♥ Be more observant of the world around you. You can achieve this by going for walks. Pay attention to details... the shape of a flower petal, the diff colors and textures of sand, the swirls made from the cream in your coffee. Thru association with beautiful things you can develop more sensitivity to line, color, texture allowing you to acquire an awareness of harmony and what goes together

♥ Try taking an art class. Painting, sketching, sculpting? Get in touch with your creative side. Dont give me you're not creative. Everyone is in their own way.

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  1. aww thanks so much girl! you are too gorgeous for words! and your blog is so professional! <3


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