Monday, February 16, 2009

Interview with the miss...

♥ On Style ♥

describe your personal style. I'm still trying to find it. I feel that it will always be evolving bcos i love experimenting and trying new looks.
what are the staples in your wardrobe?
My black leggings, jeans, my black stilettos, my black pumps, a ring I got from Thailand that I wear on my left middle finger, my lace camisoles that i love to layer under other pieces, my denim booty shorts(in the summer i cant live without them)!
what’s your signature look? I dont know if I have a distinct look bcos i dress depending on my mood. On an ordinary day i like to lounge in comfy pants, a cute tank top under a cozy hoodie. Winter weather makes me lazy to dress up. I just want to be comfy and warm
what inspires you?
As a designer, I find inspiration in almost everything. Nature, books, magazines, colors, moods, music, the way chocolate tastes ... its a combination of everything.
ho is your fashion muse?
I like Amanda's style on the show Ugly Betty & I used to like Victoria Beckham's style prior to her move to the states
biggest splurge?
what’s your beauty routine?
I dont spend too much time getting ready unless im going out to the club. I dont use tons of products... but my hair is a different story tho. I love volume so to achieve this i use a voluminizing sp ray at the roots when its still wet, apply serum on the ends, blow dry upside down, section my hair at the crown & put in velcro rollers, then i spray with hairspray while heating it with the blowdryer. I leave it in while doing my makeup. I repeat by spraying with hairspray and heating it 3 more times... about 5-10mins inbetween. Take out rollers, backcomb and then either straighten it or curl it.
what jewelry do you never take off?
My Tiffany's drop heart pendant necklace & my ring
what are you wishing for?
Where do I start??
what are your obsessions?
Lipsticks in different shades of pink, chocolate, reading all types of book s to expand my brain, spending the day at the library(when i was in Vancouver), charm bracelets, working out, Japanese fusion food, unicorns, bunnies, travelling, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, taking pictures
what kind of fashion mistakes have you made? i wore panties with a tight pair of pants once and you could see my underwear line. hehe. umm...what else...? ive made many. But you only learn from them.
what is your favorite color to wear? I love wearing black.. It may sound boring but if you play around with different textures and fabrics it could create something quite interesting.
Fashion/style goals? I want to experiment more with textures and add more details to my wardrobe. Spend on accessories instead of pieces of clothing. I mean, I can always just design and sew up stuff =P The perks of being a designer.

♥ 5 WISHES ♥

1. I wish I could see my mom again. I would want to see what my life would be like if she was still with us. We were too young to take her shopping or go for lunch dates. I wonder what we would talk about and what our relationship would be like now that we are older and more mature...
2. I love food. It is my biggest weakness. So my second wish I would wish that I could eat anything and as much as I want without it effecting my health and without causing weight gain
3. I wish that I had an unlimited source of money
4. I wish we had the ability to heal the earth over night. I wish that our lives could work in harmony with the earth and not cause so much damage to it.
5. Can I wish for more wishes...? Yes I know I can be quite greedy.

Just a random thought.... we are always wishing for things that we dont have. But the one thing most of us are blessed with is our health yet it is one of the things we take most for granted and abuse. ah, something to think about.


  1. hey hun!
    Thanks for the comment on xanga.
    I was starting to worry about you since I didnt see you using your blog there as much. Yet sadly i started giving up there too and got a facebook account. Do you facebook? I hope all is well.
    I just adore your stylish blogs! XoXo
    Amy aka mz_swt

  2. Hey Amy,
    yea i kinda died off there for a bit. Got too busy with life i guess. But I always feel urges to express myself so i had to restart another blog. Learning how to balance everything out. yes i do have FB. what is your name on there. you wont be able to search me so i'd have to add you.

  3. Aw don't we all wish for those things. =P I love food too! The trick is to work out regularly and eat out as much as you want... well that's how I do it since I don't care too much about being super skinny. Hehe.

    Do you have any hair roller recommendations? What are your experiences with hot rollers?


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