Friday, October 14, 2011

A little sparkle here, a little sparkle there

I want to go over a few new things that I added to my blog just recently and maybe not so recently

♥ Related posts: I want to make my older posts more accessible esp to new visitors so I added the related posts at the bottom of each entry. Easier to navigate and prevents entries from being buried
♥ This goes hand in hand with the Labels I added to my right side column. Same concept but in word form. Here's a baby description of each.

-Beauty: posts on makeup, hair, skin care
-Cindee: personal thoughts, a lil about me, tags
-Creativity: art, projects, creative ppl, artists, ideas
-Daydreaming: my thoughts, inspirational photos
-DIY: do it yourself projects
-Fashion: designs I've created, style tips, fashion elements & design
-Fitness: weight loss, workout tips, gym music, motivation
-Health: posts on living a healthy lifestyle, nutrition
-How to: a mini guide to life
-Links: features links i've collected, loved and want to share
-Outfits: my outfit posts
-Personal Growth: articles regarding personal growth
-Quotes: just like it says. quotes =)
-Spirituality: ideas on how to connect with ur inner essence, holistic systems, authentic living
-Wanderlust: Anything & everything to do with exploring & traveling the world
-Yoga: my insights on yoga, philosophy, practice tips

♥ I have also included a menu underneath my banner. Home, Once Upon A Time, Cindee-rella & Contact Me. Its pretty much an introduction to who I am and what my blog is all about. I plan to add more to this menu later on
♥ Facebook like: I always have fun "liking" things that are posted on FB so I decided to add it to my entries as well. They are at the very bottom of each post
Share: Share posts on ur twitter, FB...etc. Sharing is caring right? hehe. Who remembers the Care Bears?
Made in Calgary/ Made in Vancouver: I have been collecting a list of local bloggers that I enjoy visiting. Some of them are friends and some I have been developing a friendship with. I love it bcos it makes us all more connected.
Links: On my other list of links on the right side column I have collected links that I absolutely adore and think my readers would love too! If your blog/website should be on this list I would be delighted to exchange links with you.


  1. Great new features. I've been lurking your blog for a while now and love that you have a label for fitness, my favorite thing.

    This reminds me to redo and organize my blog categories. They're all screwed up. =P

  2. Lovely post! You're so beautiful!



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