Friday, October 14, 2011

White Blackberry Bold 9700 for sale


This was my cute white blackberry with Hello Kitty posing as the Statue of Liberty. Goes so well with the white. Unfortunately it stopped working so I sent it in to get it replaced. In the process of waiting for my new blackberry I impulsively went and bought an iPhone instead. At first i was a lil iffy about it bcos I was addicted to bbm. But now that I have an iPhone I wont ever switch back to berry.
Anyways...long story short. After a week my new berry arrived. Its been un touched...still in its case with the plastic sticker still stuck to the screen(i like to test myself & see how long I can keep my fingers from peeling it off). So if anyone is interested pls contact me.
Model: Blackberry Bold 9700
Color: White
Includes: charger, white case, battery & SD card
Provider: Rogers but you can get it unlocked
Price: $250

1 comment:

  1. Cute! Girl, I’m attracted to your Hello Kitty theme. I’m a big fan. Haha! How long have you been having this BB bold? You know, my friend also has this model. It’s too bad though that it’s already been sold.

    Kelly Brueggemann


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