Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween. Here is my creation.
We stayed in tonight and carved pumpkins.
Our plan was to hand out candy but only one group of kids showed. How sad is that? lol*
What did you do for Halloween this year? I'd love to see your costumes.
Comment with a link =)
╚══`. unicorns


  1. so cute! you love you unicorns. one of my girlfriends actually dressed up as a unicorn for halloween. she looked like and amazing my little pony. did you dress up at all doll? i loved your wolf costume from a few years back

  2. Hey Cin, that's such a nice unicorn! I just blogged about my halloween, dessert, costume and pumpkin as well :D xo did you dress up this year?

  3. same here! i feel like not a lot of kids go trick or treating anymore, which is kinda sad because i feel like the newer generation aren't going to have a fun, eventful childhood like we all did, you know?

  4. You carved a unicorn? I dunno how you do it. Truthfully cindee babe, you're always one who breaks tradition in the most fabulous way.

    My halloween this year was more unique coz it was celebrated twice. It was rather last minute and my usual gang and me still had no ideas so I announced on my FB status that 2011 Halloween was off. In the end, an old friend of mine was inspired by my status and threw a private one at her home on the actual day. On the other hand, my usual gang decided to continue so even though everything was last minute, we hit the clubs on Saturday (halloween in sg is celebrated on the Saturday closest to the actual day). So that's the story of how I celebrated it twice.

    I've blogged about Saturday but not yet about Monday though I've got a preview look.

    Kiss your lovely words and blow them into my ears. I always love hearing from you! Been missing your comments lately.

    PS: Your package has finally reached me!!! THANK YOU! I'll blog about it and will let you know when I do so!


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