Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day

A few more hours before Valentines day! This post is a little early but I can never wait. lol* Valentines is my fave holiday. Surprise, surprise. im sure you guys can tell im the hopeless romantic type =P

First of all I'd like to take this opportunity to send some love to all my readers. It has been very awesome getting to connect with you guys and share opinions and interests with each other. To my new readers I hope we can become better acquainted this year. Its always so interesting to get to know new ppl. I get to gain more insight and learn more about the world around me. So pls dont be shy =)

One thing that Im grateful for is being able to build relationships with these ppl from all around the world. Some of you have been there since day one. And i'd like to mention a special shoutout to a few that have always encouraged me to keep going and always been so generous with their kind words that help keep me inspired and motivated.

Sylvia: I know you've gone thru a lot but you've grown to be such a strong woman these past few yrs. You are one of the sweetest girls I know. thank u for bringing out the good in me & always believing in me
Jo: All the way from fellow hokkien lang. i always look forward to ur comments & hearing ur opinions. Our communication has always been pretty consistant and I hope our friendship will continue to florish =)
Ligia: I havent talked to you in a while but I always remember your kind words and the connection we've built in the past few yrs. Just wanted to send some sweetness your way oxo

If you ladies can send me an email with your mailing address I'd love to send a little something your way

Also, a shout out to these lovely ladies: koOty, MizzJ, Miss P., Jimin, bunnie, christine, Betty

And now...from the heart of Valentines day, I want to do a Giveaway. I will be giving away a Lise Watier glitter liner. I am in love with this product. There are a lot of different ways you can use it and its only limited to your creativity. In the following video I show you how I use it. I've tried a few other glitter liners and find that the sparkles dont always stay in one place. When it gets loose it ends up on your cheeks or on ur clothes or even on your hunnie's face. But this one here stays put! Once it dries it's very obedient and remains only where you apply it.

It comes in a variety of colors but I think the gold and the silver work best for the way I used it in my tutorial below. In the video its harder to see. it's more apparent at night under any kind of lighting. esp candle light...oohhh how romantic. hehe

So to enter, pls choose a color: silver or gold and read the instructions below.
Besides the usual, follow me rule I also want to know what makes you fabulous...what is it that makes you so lovable to others? =)
Contest ends March 01 2011

♥ Love Toast ♥
And here's a little idea you can use to make that special someone some breakfast.
Hope you guys enjoy your Valentines Day. Much love oxoxoxoxoxoxox

So here are the basics you'll need. Everything else you can add your own creativity and ingredients.
Egg, Bread and a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Use the cookie cutter and press down on the piece of bread to cut out the shape

If you're like me and eat more on the healthy side skip the butter and use a bit of oil and heat up the pan.
Place the bread on the pan but make sure the heat is on low so that your toast doesnt burn while your egg is cooking.
Crack the egg in the hole but make sure you dont let it leak out from the bottom.
You can see it leaking a bit in this photo.
Now you can add some flavor to the egg but sprinkling on some cheese or spices like oregano.

Cook the egg until its the way you like. Its so yummy when you have it a lil undone. When you bite into it or cut it with your fork the yolk leaks out and absorbs into the bread. You can customize this anyway you like.
Make it into an open faced sandwich or eat it with scrambled eggs and ham. Be creative =)


  1. awwww that's such as cute idea to make the toast! You are so pretty as well! Same here I glad that I met so many sweet ppl around the world and you as well! Keep posting!

  2. omg... I did this before! I didn't do it for Valentines Day.. just out the blue for my family. hehe.

  3. you are freakin creative!!!! I am going to do this! thank youu soo much for posting this!! i love it!

  4. great toast idea! i thought you were gonna make little heart sandwiches i was like omg im gonna need SO MANY of those to fill the bf up haha but then you totally did something different! love it =) and thanks for hosting the giveaway! i love those liners too =) i have both they are gorgeous! =) && love those bunny flats so cuuuute lol

  5. wah your valentines toast looks so good and cute!

  6. Imagine my surprise when I saw this post. Thank you hun for your shout out. It just made my day! More words here:
    Plus, I gave you an award! It’s ok not to write a post on it though coz the main idea is to let you know that you’ve been loved. =)

    Your toast is so yummilicious and ooooh... imagine the yolk oozing onto the bread. I’m so hungry now! Hope you had a fun Vday, with a date, with friends, with yourself it doesn’t matter as long as you feel happy. I will drop you a mail soon!

  7. omg I am so totally gonna try out that heart egg! too cute!!

  8. Love that love toast idea!!! Super cute :D

  9. The toast idea is so adorable! Def a must try the next time I cook breakfast for my BF.

  10. that sandwich is soooo cute. i'll have to try it. xo

  11. Awww thx for the shoutout lady! <3 <3 You know I love your blog :)

    Cool video, I would've had no idea how to wear this stuff, but now that I do, I would like to win the gold glitter plz thx! I follow you on Bloglovin and I am lovable b/c c'mon now, look at me! hahahha j/k...

  12. Hi Cindee =)

    Ohh Calgary weather. -30 one day of the week to 3 degrees the next day, I should be used to it by now haha. The love toast is amazing! Its so simple, I can't believe I haven't thought of it yet. I have to try it sometime =)
    I hope you had a great valentines day <3

    - Chan

  13. Your heart/egg tutorial looks DELISH....and its so easy to make.

  14. missss cindee!
    getting shout on your blog is such an honor! ^___^ you're such a sweetheart, thank you! ♥ i agree that blogging has opened up a lot of opportunities for me to connect with people with similar interests from all over the world. it's truly a blessing and a great feeling!
    hope you had a lovely v-day! i hope someone spoiled you rotten :)
    thanks for the adorable breakfast idea, so creative! hope i get to try it one day :)

  15. Hello sweetness!

    I was so surprised and touched when I saw your shout out. Thank you for thinking of me. ;)
    I know I haven't spoken to you in a while, but I still do drop by your blog every now and then just for a looksee. :)
    I love the toast idea, I think I just might try it one day. But knowing my partner, he'll probably just think I'm too soppy, cos he's not much of a romantic, lol.

    Hope you've been well hun, and keep up your blogging, cos I'm still a loyal reader. xOx

  16. Cindee! Thanks for the wonderful message, i was so happy to read your blog and see this! It really warmed my heart and i feel very grateful to have you as a friend and i am so geniunely thankful to have this great friendship with you.

    Always thinking of you,


  17. hey hun, it's been awhile for the both of us! i'm so glad you're posting (almost) again. i'm back too as so try to visit if you can. its still not fully launched butttt its a start.

    post more! i love your photos and always pretty inspiration!

  18. Hi Friend, love the toast DIY and photos! so sweet, gotta try that sometime, I didn;t know you could fry an egg inside toast, looks tasty together. Maybe even add a bit of shredded cheese!

    The silver glitter look is divine, would be great for going out. What makes me loveable... consistent loyalty and kindness to anyone who gives it back to me.

  19. hahaha..good idea. :D

  20. not only are u super talented with the makeup and can make your eyes pop so nicely, u can also make the cutest breakfast. looking at that heart shaped egg and bread makes me so hungry. on my first free day i will give it a try.

  21. cindy i made your little heart shaped toad in the hole and it was soo cute major hit at my breakfast table!

  22. Cute blog! New follower; hope you'll return the favor. Tk hun. <333 Mang


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