Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A month has passed by since I've posted anything. I am struggling to stay ontop of my blog these days. Not just my blog but a few other things in general. Has this ever happened to you? You start reading a book, put it down for a few days and when you come back to it you realize that the bookmark has fallen out and you've lost your place. Bcos you havent read it for a few days you cant remember where you left off. You flip thru pages and re-read a few paragraphs, searching for familiarity until FINALLY you find the spot. Well that's how Im feeling right now. I hate losing track of myself. Me being the "book" of course. So now, where was I?

Ah, yes. So the winner of my giveaway is Alice P. from T.O Canada who answered: What I love about myself is my courage to live life fully. Thx for the 5 other ppl who entered. 5 is a very low number *ahem*

I also want to say yay! I won a BBcream from Riya's giveaway. So thank you for that, my dear. i just received it in the mail. Speaking of mail...i got a little surprise on Valentines Day from Mr. Wonderful. I havent been surprised with a sweet gesture like that in a long time. Brings out my romantic side.

I received these eyelashes from http://www.blogger.com/www.kkcenterhk.com. They are based in HK and have a website that you can order from. I didnt have to wait long for my order so it made me happy since Im not very patient when it comes to waiting. Im sure you'll find something you like bcos they have a variety of things to choose from. The eyelashes that I ordered are: ES A021 And ES A720 .

ES A720: I liked the hairs on this one bcos they are very natural but its too sparse and I dont really like the strip. Some strips are so thick and stiff, you feel the weight when you apply them but this one was the opposite. It's more on the flimsy side which made it hard to mold into a perfect curve to fit your eye. Usually it takes me a few seconds to apply eyelashes but this one I struggled with

The other set I ordered is: ES A021 . This one is for ur under eye. I LOVE these ones. They are soo natural you can't even tell that they are fake eyelashes but it gives you extra length(esp if you're asian and have short lashes). I found them very easy to apply and you can trim them just to fit in the corners for a more natural look.

Im still waiting on one other model bcos they ran out of stock. So i will let you guys know about those when I get them.

And thank you Lisa aka CocoBallerina for this award =)


  1. How cute the package that you received and the bottom lashes looks super cute! I hope you like the BB Cream! =)

  2. oh gosh those are wonderful things you got. and those lashes suit you very well.

  3. Great annology about life and the book. For me these days I feel like i'm just going through everyday, everyday turns to weeks, to months. Just going through life. When do i feel like i'm "living" it? But sometimes I think more positively, that people are always trying to obtain goals, to be happier, but it's really all perspective. To be happy where you are is better to never be happy and always trying to be. ?

    Love the before and after with the lashes, they look so natural when u wear them! :)

    - xo Rozzie

  4. Congrats on your award and the giveaway prizes : D And I can't believe you got sponsored too! D: aughh so luckyyy!
    Thanks for your comment : D and thanks so much for following <3 Imma follow you back!

    Usually, if my lips are a bit too dark, I'll just apply my foundation over my lips as well. Just on the outer edges, cause it really blanks them out and make them not stand out so much. I head about lip primers (smlx0 on youtube uses one) but I think it looks CRAZY on.. Anyway, you should try them! : D I LOVE NYX! Definitely my favorite 'cheaper' brand!

  5. ohhh you're so lucky!! what a sweet guy love all the pink hello kitty stuff!

    and you won a giveaway lucky love all those lashes! totally opens your eyes looks really great on you!

    to answer your question yes def the food was the best part of mexico!! yummmmmmm.

  6. Omg those HK undies are sweet!!! I totally want some of those hahah

    And the lashes make such a huge difference to your eyes! It really demonstrates that emphasizing one's lashes is such a key thing to makeup.

  7. Love love the HK undies :D

    I get like that with a lot of things too. The staying on top of things. I guess a lot of it is more me being ADD about stuff. hahaha.. but I should be better about that.

    Actually you just reminded me that I have to finish a book that I started -_-.

    The lashes look great on you! <3

  8. hey love, yes I have changed the banner! teehee. Its nice and simple. Yeah, I hear you girl but its okay, warmer weathers coming soon! oh em gee, I love the lindt truffles, in the pink packaging. I got one for myself on Valentines Day 'cause I'm cool like that. Give love to myself. hahaha. That didn't sound that right... Those lashes look nice on you and its really affordable! Too bad, I still haven't gotten the hang of it so its an iffy situation for me. Kind of quit on it.

  9. Back from your little hiatus again? Your long-awaited comments never fails to put a smile on my face. Thank you for the lovely words. Haha... I used to dream of being a cool aunt to my nieces and nephews but I ended up being married first and most likely also gonna have a kid before my 2 older sisters coz they’re not even with a bf yet.

    Anyway, I’m not too sure if you saw my shout out post to you as well and check back on my replies to you left on my blog since you’re too bz to even manage yours.

    I’m always looking forward to new updates from you. You never fail to find amazing parallels to everything! This is a really great analogy. I feel like the lost book on many occasions too. The heartprints box looks really lovely and the contents too. The HK undies are really adorable. I can imagine you wearing them. Oh man, I just realised how wrong I sounded back there.

  10. Congrats on the feature, Lovely samples, my lashes are already long but with naturally long lashes comes very messed up and scattered looking ones.lol. I hate mascara so it's a lost battle to resolve this problem.lol.


  11. Love those lashes!! I just may order a few boxes from there. Definitely really natural! And aaww super cute Hello Kitty undies!

  12. thanks for your sweet comment. i love all things hello kitty! you look so familiar and i think i finally figured out why. i used to have a blog on xanga (ctoez - confessions of a shopaholic) and i think we commented back and forth through there. if not, i'm losing it!

  13. hey i have also awarded you the stylish blogger award =)

  14. vegas? lucky!! my colleague just got back from vegas/bahamas and she said the weather is amazing this time of year. you are going to have so much fun! im excited for you!
    i don't have any vacay plans anytime soon... but i am going to vancouver in july.
    hey, at least calgary's weather is warming up right now... now watch... its gonna snow tomorrow =P

    i love that you have the courage to live life fully. i still need someone to give me that extra push every now and then.

  15. I love Riya. She is the sweetest. BTW Im lovin' your Valentine goodies from the Mister. LUCKY YOU! :)

  16. congrats (: & i love your lashes they look so natural

  17. ahh i love your Hello Kitty panties <3 so cuuute !! and love those lashes, i want and need some!!

  18. omg you've put in ALOT of work to your walls!

  19. Ahhh! This post came at the right time! I'm going to be painting my future home this weekend and my fiance and i want black walls... but adding the damask totalllly spices it up!!! Thanks for the tip! :)

  20. I LOVE YOUR ROOM HOLY MOLY! *_* it looks amazing. I never bothered with decorating mine, when I moved back in 05. BUT when I move out of my parents' house, I'll definitely make an effort to make it look nice : D

    OH and the puppies are Newfoundlands : D They look short-haired, but they're really not.. hehe. The fur grows fast. They get their eyes and hearing around next week (approx.) - Ahh it's so fascinating to watch a litter grow up :"D


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