Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BB Cream

I've heard so much about BB creams but I havent had the opportunity to try yet so
I was super excited to come across this contest hosted by Riya from pinkstrawberries.
I hope I win one.

So what is BBCream?

It stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It's an all in one cosmetic/skincare product which I read, initially gained popularity in Korea. The difference between BBcream and other make-up applications is that it is a skincare product combined with make-up. I think its great for me bcos Im always on the run and traveling, so having a product that does it all saves me so much time and luggage space.

So BBCreams give you a flawless complexion by acting as a foundation or a make-up base to conceal blemishes & discoloration as well as supply ur skin with nutrients to make it feel smoother and softer. Most of them contain SPF and depending on the brand, may offer anti-wrinkle, scar healing or whitening benefits.

One thing that I noticed after trying the BBCream that I won from this contest is that the product is a little too light for my skintone. I dont have a fair complexion like most asians love back in asia so I had to experiment and mix it with my tinted moisturizer. Most BBCreams are formulated to be lighter. If you're a fellow tanned skin beauty, don't fret. Try this one: MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream NO 31


  1. I used the MISSHA's Perfect Cover BB cream before. The coverage is good but it is a little too thick for my skin. Hope you'll win!! :)


  2. oee BB cream! I hop you win!!:)
    You have a great blog! I'm really happy I ran into it!:) You 're very stylish and i like reading your blogposts:)
    So i'm going to follow you from now!
    Hope you visit me back and become a follower too!


  3. i've heard some pretty good things about these creams too... i'll cross my fingers for you! :)


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